Sequentially hetero-functional, topological polymers by step-growth thiol-yne approach.


:Sequence-controlled polymers (SCPs) such as DNA and proteins play an important role in biology. Many efforts have been devoted to synthesize SCPs in the past half a century. However, to our knowledge, the artificial sequences containing independently functional groups have never been reported. Here, we present a facile and scalable approach based on radical-initiated step-growth polymerization to synthesize sequence-controlled functional polymers (SCFPs) with various topologies, covering from linear to random and hyperbranched polymers. The functional groups, such as OH/NH2, OH/COOH, and NH2/N3, alternately arranged along the chain, which were further selectively functionalized to achieve DNA-mimic and hetero-multifunctional SCPs. This user-friendly strategy exhibits advantages of commercially available monomers, catalyst-free process, fast reaction, high yield and water solvent, opening a general approach to facile and scalable synthesis of SCFPs.


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Han J,Zheng Y,Zhao B,Li S,Zhang Y,Gao C




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2014-03-17 00:00:00










  • Cognitive and Microbiome Impacts of Experimental Ancylostoma ceylanicum Hookworm Infections in Hamsters.

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  • Ocular toxoplasmosis: susceptibility in respect to the genes encoding the KIR receptors and their HLA class I ligands.

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  • Rapid and reversible lithiation of doped biogenous iron oxide nanoparticles.

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  • Clean Power Generation from the Intractable Natural Coalfield Fires: Turn Harm into Benefit.

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  • Glycine triggers a non-ionotropic activity of GluN2A-containing NMDA receptors to confer neuroprotection.

    abstract::Ionotropic activation of NMDA receptors (NMDARs) requires agonist glutamate and co-agonist glycine. Here we show that glycine enhances the activation of cell survival-promoting kinase Akt in cultured cortical neurons in which both the channel activity of NMDARs and the glycine receptors are pre-inhibited. The effect o...

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  • 56 nm Wide-Band Tunable Q-Switched Erbium Doped Fiber Laser with Tungsten Ditelluride (WTe2) Saturable Absorber.

    abstract::A wide-band and tunable Q-switched erbium-doped fiber (EDF) laser operating at 1560.5 nm with a tungsten ditelluride (WTe2) saturable absorber (SA) is demonstrated. The semi-metallic nature of WTe2 as well as its small band gap and excellent nonlinear optical properties make it an excellent SA material. The laser cavi...

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  • Magnetically controlled ferromagnetic swimmers.

    abstract::Microscopic swimming devices hold promise for radically new applications in lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic technology, diagnostics and drug delivery etc. In this paper, we demonstrate the experimental verification of a new class of autonomous ferromagnetic swimming devices, actuated and controlled solely by an oscilla...

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  • Reassignment of scattered emission photons in multifocal multiphoton microscopy.

    abstract::Multifocal multiphoton microscopy (MMM) achieves fast imaging by simultaneously scanning multiple foci across different regions of specimen. The use of imaging detectors in MMM, such as CCD or CMOS, results in degradation of image signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) due to the scattering of emitted photons. SNR can be partly ...

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  • A Clinical Risk Prediction Tool for Peritonitis-Associated Treatment Failure in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients.

    abstract::A tool to predict peritonitis-associated treatment failure among peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients has not yet been established. We conducted a multicentre, retrospective cohort study among 1,025 PD patients between 2006 and 2016 in Thailand to develop and internally validate such a tool. Treatment failure was defined...

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    authors: Nochaiwong S,Ruengorn C,Koyratkoson K,Thavorn K,Awiphan R,Chaisai C,Phatthanasobhon S,Noppakun K,Suteeka Y,Panyathong S,Dandecha P,Chongruksut W,Nanta S,Thai Renal Outcomes Research (THOR) Investigators.

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  • ADAM15 mediates upregulation of Claudin-1 expression in breast cancer cells.

    abstract::A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase-15 (ADAM15) is a transmembrane protein involved in protein ectodomain shedding, cell adhesion and signalling. We previously cloned and characterised alternatively spliced variants of ADAM15 that differ in their intracellular domains and demonstrated correlation of the expression of ...

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  • Understanding tie strength in social networks using a local "bow tie" framework.

    abstract::Understanding factors associated with tie strength in social networks is essential in a wide variety of settings. With the internet and cellular phones providing additional avenues of communication, measuring and inferring tie strength has become much more complex. We introduce the social bow tie framework, which cons...

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  • High-efficiency exfoliation of large-area mono-layer graphene oxide with controlled dimension.

    abstract::In this work, we introduce a novel and facile method of exfoliating large-area, single-layer graphene oxide using a shearing stress. The shearing stress reactor consists of two concentric cylinders, where the inner cylinder rotates at controlled speed while the outer cylinder is kept stationary. We found that the form...

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  • Publisher Correction: Comparison of Alterations in miRNA Expression in Matched Tissue and Blood Samples during Spinal Cord Glioma Progression.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

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    authors: An T,Fan T,Zhang XQ,Liu YF,Huang J,Liang C,Lv BH,Wang YQ,Zhao XG,Liu JX,Fu YH,Jiang GJ

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  • Ultra-low activities of a common radioisotope for permission-free tracking of a drosophilid fly in its natural habitat.

    abstract::Knowledge of a species' ecology, including its movement in time and space, is key for many questions in biology and conservation. While numerous tools for tracking larger animals are available, millimetre-sized insects are averse to standard tracking and labelling procedures. Here, we evaluated the applicability of ul...

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  • Skin Carotenoid Index in a large Japanese population sample.

    abstract::Carotenoids are anti-oxidative agents. Human skin and eyes contain specific carotenoid species known to prevent various pathologies caused by oxidative stress. We quantified skin and eye carotenoid levels and investigated their potential correlation in a population including 985 Japanese patients and staff members of ...

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  • Bridging may help young female Tibetan macaques Macaca thibetana learn to be a mother.

    abstract::Attraction to infants is a common feature of non-human primates. Frequent affiliative male-infant interactions have been observed in many multimale, multifemale groups of macaques, including a behaviour termed 'bridging' in which two male macaques simultaneously lift an infant. This behaviour has been suggested to ser...

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  • Development of hydroxybenzoic-based platforms as a solution to deliver dietary antioxidants to mitochondria.

    abstract::Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction have been associated with metabolic and age-related diseases. Thus, the prevention of mitochondrial oxidative damage is nowadays a recognized pharmacological strategy to delay disease progression. Epidemiological studies suggested an association between the consumption of...

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  • Controllable Phase Transformation and Mid-infrared Emission from Er(3+)-Doped Hexagonal-/Cubic-NaYF4 Nanocrystals.

    abstract::The morphology of hexagonal phase NaYF4:Er(3+) nanorods synthesized by hydrothermal method changed greatly after a continuing calcination, along with a phase transformation to cubic phase. Photoluminescence (PL) spectra indicated that mid-infrared (MIR) emission was obtained in both hexagonal and cubic phase NaYF4:Er(...

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    authors: Yang D,Chen D,He H,Pan Q,Xiao Q,Qiu J,Dong G

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  • Development of a human vasopressin V1a-receptor antagonist from an evolutionary-related insect neuropeptide.

    abstract::Characterisation of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) relies on the availability of a toolbox of ligands that selectively modulate different functional states of the receptors. To uncover such molecules, we explored a unique strategy for ligand discovery that takes advantage of the evolutionary conservation of the 60...

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    authors: Di Giglio MG,Muttenthaler M,Harpsøe K,Liutkeviciute Z,Keov P,Eder T,Rattei T,Arrowsmith S,Wray S,Marek A,Elbert T,Alewood PF,Gloriam DE,Gruber CW

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  • Origin and evolution of MIR1444 genes in Salicaceae.

    abstract::miR1444s are functionally significant miRNAs targeting polyphenol oxidase (PPO) genes for cleavage. MIR1444 genes were reported only in Populus trichocarpa. Through the computational analysis of 215 RNA-seq data, four whole genome sequences of Salicaceae species and deep sequencing of six P. trichocarpa small RNA libr...

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  • Acupuncture elicits neuroprotective effect by inhibiting NAPDH oxidase-mediated reactive oxygen species production in cerebral ischaemia.

    abstract::In the current study, we aimed to investigate whether NADPH oxidase, a major ROS-producing enzyme, was involved in the antioxidant effect of acupuncture on cognitive impairment after cerebral ischaemia. The cognitive function, infract size, neuron cell loss, level of superoxide anion and expression of NADPH oxidase su...

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  • MDCK cells expressing constitutively active Yes-associated protein (YAP) undergo apical extrusion depending on neighboring cell status.

    abstract::Cell competition is a cell-cell interaction by which a cell compares its fitness to that of neighboring cells. The cell with the relatively lower fitness level is the "loser" and actively eliminated, while the cell with the relatively higher fitness level is the "winner" and survives. Recent studies have shown that ce...

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  • Staphylococcal enterotoxins modulate the effector CD4+ T cell response by reshaping the gene expression profile in adults with atopic dermatitis.

    abstract::Staphylococcus aureus colonizes the skin of atopic dermatitis (AD) individuals, but the impact of its enterotoxins on the chronic activation of CD4+ T cells demands further analysis. We aimed to analyze the CD4+ T cell anergy profile and their phenotypic and functional features through differential expression of cellu...

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  • The effect of lattice disorder on the low-temperature heat capacity of (U1-yThy)O2 and 238Pu-doped UO2.

    abstract::The low-temperature heat capacity of (U1-yThy)O2 and 238Pu-doped UO2 samples were determined using hybrid adiabatic relaxation calorimetry. Results of the investigated systems revealed the presence of the magnetic transition specific for UO2 in all three intermediate compositions of the uranium-thorium dioxide (y = 0....

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  • Uncovering the sources of DNA found on the Turin Shroud.

    abstract::The Turin Shroud is traditionally considered to be the burial cloth in which the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped after his death approximately 2000 years ago. Here, we report the main findings from the analysis of genomic DNA extracted from dust particles vacuumed from parts of the body image and the lateral edge use...

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  • Computational Simulations of Provisional Stenting of a Diseased Coronary Artery Bifurcation Model.

    abstract::Although stenting of non-branched arterial segments has acceptable clinical outcomes, in-stent restenosis (ISR) and stent thrombosis remain clinically significant issues for vascular bifurcations (15-28% restenosis). Local fluid and solid stresses appear to play an important role in restenosis and thrombosis. The comb...

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    authors: Chen HY,Chatzizisis YS,Louvard Y,Kassab GS

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  • Discrete states and carrier-phonon scattering in quantum dot population dynamics.

    abstract::The influence of the growth conditions of multilayer CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots (QDs) on Si substrate upon their carrier dynamics is studied using intensity integration and broadening photoluminescence. The unusual temperature dependence of the line broadening is explained using a model for interband transitions that invo...

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    authors: Man MT,Lee HS

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  • Chromatic Mechanical Response in 2-D Layered Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMDs) based Nanocomposites.

    abstract::The ability to convert photons of different wavelengths directly into mechanical motion is of significant interest in many energy conversion and reconfigurable technologies. Here, using few layer 2H-MoS2 nanosheets, layer by layer process of nanocomposite fabrication, and strain engineering, we demonstrate a reversibl...

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    authors: Rahneshin V,Khosravi F,Ziolkowska DA,Jasinski JB,Panchapakesan B

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  • Author Correction: Effect of Amoxicillin in combination with Imipenem-Relebactam against Mycobacterium abscessus.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Lopeman RC,Harrison J,Rathbone DL,Desai M,Lambert PA,Cox JAG

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  • Structural properties of Sb2S3 under pressure: evidence of an electronic topological transition.

    abstract::High-pressure Raman spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction of Sb2S3 up to 53 GPa reveals two phase transitions at 5 GPa and 15 GPa. The first transition is evidenced by noticeable compressibility changes in distinct Raman-active modes, in the lattice parameter axial ratios, the unit cell volume, as well as in specific int...

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