Grafting alters tomato transcriptome and enhances tolerance to an airborne virus infection.


:Grafting of commercial tomato varieties and hybrids on the tomato ecotype Manduria resulted in high levels of tolerance to the infection of Sw5 resistance-breaking strains of tomato spotted wilt virus and of severe cucumber mosaic virus strains supporting hypervirulent satellite RNAs that co-determine stunting and necrotic phenotypes in tomato. To decipher the basis of such tolerance, here we used a RNAseq analysis to study the transcriptome profiles of the Manduria ecotype and of the susceptible variety UC82, and of their graft combinations, exposed or not to infection of the potato virus Y recombinant strain PVYC-to. The analysis identified graft- and virus-responsive mRNAs differentially expressed in UC82 and Manduria, which led to an overall suitable level of tolerance to viral infection confirmed by the appearance of a recovery phenotype in Manduria and in all graft combinations. The transcriptome analysis suggested that graft wounding and viral infection had diverging effects on tomato transcriptome and that the Manduria ecotype was less responsive than the UC82 to both graft wounding and potyviral infection. We propose that the differential response to the two types of stress could account for the tolerance to viral infection observed in the Manduria ecotype as well as in the susceptible tomato variety UC82 self-grafted or grafted on the Manduria ecotype.


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Spanò R,Ferrara M,Montemurro C,Mulè G,Gallitelli D,Mascia T




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2020-02-13 00:00:00












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