The sequential exposure to jasmonate, salicylic acid and yeast extract promotes sanguinarine accumulation in Argemone mexicana cell cultures.


:The effects of the sequential application of methyl jasmonate (MeJa), salicylic acid (SA) and yeast extract (YE) to Argemone mexicana cell cultures were compared to either the sole application of each elicitor, or to the three-partite mixture. The highest sanguinarine accumulation occurred using the sequential treatment (ninefold over unexposed control cultures), followed by the single application of YE (fivefold). The elicitor mixture produced less sanguinarine than sole exposure to YE but higher than MeJa alone. SA did not produce any effect. Transcripts corresponding to tyrosine decarboxylase and berberine bridge enzyme accumulated in treated cells, but did not correlate with alkaloid accumulation. Discrete epifluorescence foci, surrounding the nucleus and scattered throughout the cytoplasm of elicited cells, suggested the presence of alkaloid-accumulating vesicles which could participate in a mechanism to avoid sanguinarine toxicity.


Biotechnol Lett


Biotechnology letters


Trujillo-Villanueva K,Rubio-Piña J,Monforte-González M,Ramírez-Benítez E,Vázquez-Flota F




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