The intracellular domain of Jagged-1 interacts with Notch1 intracellular domain and promotes its degradation through Fbw7 E3 ligase.


:Notch signaling involves the proteolytic cleavage of the transmembrane Notch receptor after binding to its transmembrane ligands. Jagged-1 also undergoes proteolytic cleavage by gamma-secretase and releases an intracellular fragment. In this study, we have demonstrated that the Jagged-1 intracellular domain (JICD) inhibits Notch1 signaling via a reduction in the protein stability of the Notch1 intracellular domain (Notch1-IC). The formation of the Notch1-IC-RBP-Jk-Mastermind complex is prevented in the presence of JICD, via a physical interaction. Furthermore, JICD accelerates the protein degradation of Notch1-IC via Fbw7-dependent proteasomal pathway. These results indicate that JICD functions as a negative regulator in Notch1 signaling via the promotion of Notch1-IC degradation.


Exp Cell Res


Kim MY,Jung J,Mo JS,Ann EJ,Ahn JS,Yoon JH,Park HS




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2011-10-15 00:00:00














  • The β-catenin signaling pathway induces aggressive potential in breast cancer by up-regulating the chemokine CCL5.

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  • Immunopurification of a sarcomeric junctional protein complex containing GAPDH.

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  • Developmental regulation of elongation factor-1 delta in sea urchin suggests appearance of a mechanism for alternative poly(A) site selection in gastrulae.

    abstract::Elongation factor-1 delta gene expression was analyzed during sea urchin development. EF-1 delta mRNA is present as a single 2.7-kb transcript in unfertilized eggs and in rapidly dividing cleavage stage embryos. It decreases rapidly 6 h after fertilization and then reappears at the gastrula stage as two transcripts of...

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  • A C-terminal PDZ binding domain modulates the function and localization of Kv1.3 channels.

    abstract::The voltage-gated potassium channel, Kv1.3, plays an important role in regulating membrane excitability in diverse cell types ranging from T-lymphocytes to neurons. In the present study, we test the hypothesis that the C-terminal PDZ binding domain modulates the function and localization of Kv1.3. We created a mutant ...

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    abstract::Lamins are structural proteins found in the fibrous lamina underlining the nuclear envelope. In vitro translation of polyadenylated RNA or polysomes followed by immunoprecipitation with a serum raised against BHK nuclear matrix proteins showed that lamin A (72 kD) is synthesized as a high molecular weight precursor (7...

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  • The tumor suppressor protein p16INK4a.

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  • Residues in the alternative reading frame tumor suppressor that influence its stability and p53-independent activities.

    abstract::The Alternative Reading Frame (ARF) protein suppresses tumorigenesis through p53-dependent and p53-independent pathways. Most of ARF's anti-proliferative activity is conferred by sequences in its first exon. Previous work showed specific amino acid changes occurred in that region during primate evolution, so we progra...

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  • Toxic peptides in Frazer's fraction interact with the actin cytoskeleton and affect the targeting and function of intestinal proteins.

    abstract::Celiac disease (CD) is a multisystemic autoimmune inflammation of the intestinal tract induced by wheat gluten and related cereals in HLA-DQ2/8 positive individuals. An essential role in the pathogenesis of CD is played by a fraction of the peptic-tryptic digest of gluten, Frazer's Fraction (FF). Here, we investigate ...

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  • Assembly of the nucleolar precursor bodies in human male pronuclei is correlated with an early RNA synthetic activity.

    abstract::The nucleolar precursor bodies (NPBs) are electrondense, homogeneous, and finely filamentous intranuclear structures occurring in mammalian zygotes during the early postfertilization development and subsequently transforming into nucleoli. In this study we addressed the question if the assembly of the NPBs is correlat...

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  • Gap junctional communication of primary human keratinocytes: characterization by dual voltage clamp and dye transfer.

    abstract::We have compared dye coupling in pairs of small (less than 10 microns in diameter) and large (greater than 20 microns in diameter) keratinocytes isolated from normal human epidermis, using Lucifer yellow microinjection. Under control conditions, dye coupling was found in only 1 out of the 25 small pairs tested, wherea...

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  • Towards a further understanding of the growth-inhibiting action of oxygen deficiency. Evaluation of the effect of antimycin on proliferating Ehrlich ascites tumour cells.

    abstract::The effect of 1 microM antimycin on the proliferative properties, metabolism and basic cell composition of Ehrlich ascites tumour cells cultured in the second in vitro passage was studied. Continuous drug exposure of asynchronous cells caused rapid cessation of cell growth, characterized by the cell number and DNA, RN...

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