Geropsychology: the gender gap in human aging--a mini-review.


:Differences between women and men in terms of gender gaps at late stages of their lives are the focus of this mini-review. We approach the matter by taking up the position of complex yet promising standpoints, the bio-psycho-social perspective on the one hand and approaches of developmental psychology on the other. Lifespan perspectives and the brain-behavior relationship are integrated and applied to geropsychological models. Research on gender differences is presented and examined, particularly regarding physiological and psychological differences between aging men and women; additionally, gender discrepancies in psychopathology are discussed. Prevailing concepts of 'active aging' are introduced and their implications for the review of divergent gender differences are considered.






Kryspin-Exner I,Lamplmayr E,Felnhofer A




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  • Composite Aging Markers Can Be Used for Quantitative Profiling of Aging.

    abstract::In the absence of a single marker that reliably reflects biological aging, or even an exact definition of biological age, compound aging scores that combine multiple aging biomarkers into a single composite aging score can quantitatively reflect the age-related changes over time. If aging is viewed as the broad accumu...


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  • Oxidative modification of proteins: age-related changes.

    abstract::Aging is a complex biological phenomenon which involves progressive loss of different physiological functions of various tissues of living organisms. It is the inevitable fate of life and is a major risk factor for death and different pathological disorders. Based on a wide variety of studies performed in humans as we...


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  • Aging and decision-making: a neurocognitive perspective.

    abstract::Neuropsychological research contributes to a better understanding of cognitive mechanisms involved in making advantageous decisions, which is important for everyday life. Using laboratory gambling tasks, it has been demonstrated that both structural and functional brain changes can result in disadvantageous decision-m...


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    authors: Brand M,Markowitsch HJ

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  • Principles of control and selection in mammalian aging.

    abstract::Acquisition of immunologic self-tolerance by clonal deletion in the thymus is concluded to be a critical process in immune aging and is found to be transiently protected from genetic instability by means of a feedback surveillance which functions at the expense of chronic thymic involution. In the immune control of ma...


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  • Development of a Home Health Patient Assessment Tool for Disaster Planning.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Historically, older adults have been disproportionately affected by disasters. In particular, homebound adults are especially at risk. As one facet of bolstering community resilience, home health agencies have been tasked with improving their patients' disaster preparedness. However, home health practitioner...


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  • Electrolytes and free amino acids in leg skeletal muscle of young and elderly women.

    abstract::Electrolytes and/or amino acids were determined in leg skeletal muscle biopsies from elderly (age range 57-75 years) and young (age range 20-35 years) apparently healthy women. When compared to the young group, the elderly one was characterized by increased levels of muscular Na+ and Cl-, while the calculated intracel...


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  • Induction of sister chromatid exchanges by mitomycin C in lymphocytes of young and old human donors.

    abstract::The kinetics of cell proliferation and sister chromatid exchanges (SCE) were studied in blood lymphocytes treated by mitomycin C (MMC) in young and old human donors. In both the young and old donors MMC inhibited cell proliferation. Spontaneous SCE frequency was not age-dependent. In young donors, MMC induced a dose-r...


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  • A novel mutation in a patient with Werner's syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Werner's syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive disorder, is characterized by features of premature aging. Seventy-five percent of the alleles of Japanese patients with Werner's syndrome have one of three major mutations. OBJECTIVE:To determine the genotype of a patient with Werner's syndrome. METHODS:We dia...


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  • Nerve cell loss in the myenteric plexus of the human esophagus in relation to age: a preliminary investigation.

    abstract::Morphometric measurements have been carried out on the human myenteric esophageal neurons at the ages of 20-40 and more than 70 years. The number of neurons decreases after 70 years of age, which is accompanied by an increase in the sizes of the neurons. In percentage terms the decrease in the number of neurons in the...


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  • Characteristics of colorectal cancer in elderly patients.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to examine the characteristics of colorectal cancer in elderly patients. The medical histories of 178 consecutive patients (79 men and 99 women) with colorectal cancer were studied from hospital records. The studied parameters were compared between three age groups: under 65 years old, 65-80 y...


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    authors: Kemppainen M,Räihä I,Rajala T,Sourander L

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  • Changes in brain glucose metabolism as a key to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::The article discusses some aspects demonstrating that a decrease in acetylcholine synthesis in senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (SDAT) is a consequence of the strong decline in glucose turnover in the brain. This becomes obvious by the fact that acetylcoenzyme A, the key substrate of acetylcholine synthesis, is e...


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    authors: Meier-Ruge W,Bertoni-Freddari C,Iwangoff P

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  • Aging is without effect on the pituitary-adrenal axis in men.

    abstract::The effects of ovine corticotropin releasing factor (o-CRF) on the secretions of ACTH, cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) were studied in the healthy young and elderly male individuals. o-CRF caused significant elevations of plasma ACTH, cortisol and DHEA concentrations...


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  • No neuron loss from hypothalamic nuclei of old male rats.

    abstract::Neuron density, volume of the area and total neuron number were measured in the medial preoptic area, supraoptic nucleus, paraventricular nucleus, anterior hypothalamic area, ventromedial nucleus, dorsomedial nucleus and arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus in young adult male rats (3.5-5 months old) and in old male ra...


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    authors: Peng MT,Hsü HK

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  • The Longitudinal Relationship of Perceived Stress Predicting Subsequent Decline in Executive Functioning in Old Age Is Attenuated in Individuals with Greater Cognitive Reserve.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cognitively stimulating activities contribute to the accumulation of cognitive reserve that is proposed to be instrumental for maintaining cognitive functioning in aging. Adopting a novel, more general conceptual perspective including models of vulnerability, we argue that cognitive reserve may modify the lo...


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    authors: Ihle A,Rimmele U,Oris M,Maurer J,Kliegel M

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  • Walking habits and health-related factors in a 70-year-old population.

    abstract::Walking and other physical activities were studied in a representative population sample of 619 70-year-old people in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Walking was the most common physical activity declared, and two thirds of those without an obvious disability walked 30 min or more every day. Subjects who took a daily ...


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    authors: Frändin K,Grimby G,Mellström D,Svanborg A

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  • Splenic function in old age.

    abstract::Hyposplenism has been reported in elderly people. However, from previous studies, it was not clear whether the observed alterations in splenic function were a physiologic effect of advanced age itself or a consequence of age-related diseases. As hyposplenism is believed to predispose to infections, autoimmune phenomen...


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    authors: Ravaglia G,Forti P,Biagi F,Maioli F,Boschi F,Corazza GR

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  • Robot therapy: a new approach for mental healthcare of the elderly - a mini-review.

    abstract::Mental healthcare of elderly people is a common problem in advanced countries. Recently, high technology has developed robots for use not only in factories but also for our living environment. In particular, human-interactive robots for psychological enrichment, which provide services by interacting with humans while ...


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    authors: Shibata T,Wada K

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  • Age-associated decrease in vasopressin-induced renal water transport: a role for adenylate cyclase and G protein malfunction.

    abstract::Aging is associated with a decline in renal concentrating ability in response to dehydration-induced arginine vasopressin (AVP) release. To examine target tissue sensitivity, cortical collecting tubules (CCT) were individually microdissected from young (3 months), middle-aged (2-3 years) and old (4-5.5 years) rabbits ...


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    authors: Wilson PD,Dillingham MA

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  • Cost-Effectiveness of a Multifaceted Podiatry Intervention for the Prevention of Falls in Older People: The REducing Falls with Orthoses and a Multifaceted Podiatry Intervention Trial Findings.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Falls are a major cause of morbidity among older people. Multifaceted interventions may be effective in preventing falls and related fractures. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the cost-effectiveness alongside the REducing Falls with Orthoses and a Multifaceted podiatry intervention (REFORM) trial. METHODS:REFORM was...


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    authors: Corbacho B,Cockayne S,Fairhurst C,Hewitt CE,Hicks K,Kenan AM,Lamb SE,MacIntosh C,Menz HB,Redmond AC,Rodgers S,Scantlebury A,Watson J,Torgerson DJ,on behalf of the REFORM study.

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  • Overactivity of tumor necrosis factor-alpha but not interleukin 6 is associated with low natural killer cytotoxic activity in the elderly.

    abstract::In this paper we asked whether the increased production of two proinflammatory cytokines-tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF alpha) and interleukin-6 (IL6) in the absence of the inflammatory stimulus, a phenomenon frequently occurring in the elderly, may contribute to the decrease of natural killer (NK) cytotoxic activit...


    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


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  • Placebo-controlled clinical trial of use of 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening strips for medication-induced xerostomia.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of peroxide-containing strip-based tooth whitening among subjects with medication-induced hyposalivation. METHODS:Eligibility for this tooth whitening study was limited to dentate adults takin...


    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Papas AS,Kugel G,Singh M,Barker ML,Gerlach RW

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  • Zika Virus Infection in the Elderly: Possible Relationship with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

    abstract::The Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreak in French Polynesia, in 2013, and in Brazil, in 2015, was correlated with neurological complications, which comprised, among others, congenital microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), which includes a group of acute autoimmune neuropathies generally reported after respiratory or ...


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    authors: Savino W,Messias CV,Mendes-da-Cruz DA,Passos P,Ferreira AC,Nascimento OJ

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  • Examination of the common cause account in a population-based longitudinal study with narrow age cohort design.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The common cause account suggests that there is a third factor causing aging effects in both sensory and cognitive functioning, hypothesized to be the integrity of the central nervous system [Lindenberger and Baltes; Psychol Aging 1994;9:339-355]. Importantly, the common cause account was developed based on ...


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    authors: Sternäng O,Jonsson B,Wahlin A,Nyberg L,Nilsson LG

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  • Difference in the age-related accumulation of lipopigments in the adrenergic and nonadrenergic peripheral neurons in the male rat.

    abstract::The age-related accumulation of lipopigments was determined in the adrenergic and nonadrenergic peripheral neurons of the rat using a microspectrofluorometric method and electron microscopy, 3-, 12- and 30-month-old rats were used. The rate of lipopigment accumulation was greater in nonadrenergic than adrenergic neuro...


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    authors: Koistinaho J

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  • Effect of cell-bound proteins on the in vivo survival of circulating blood cells.

    abstract::Normal circulating red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets have been shown to have small amounts of IgG on their membranes. The cell-bound IgG may be cytophilic (IgG nonspecifically adsorbed from the plasma) and/or IgG autoantibody. It has been suggested that most of the RBC-bound IgG is on older RBCs and is an autoantib...


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  • Relationship among activities of daily living, apathy, and subjective well-being in elderly people living alone in a rural town.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There are limited psychological data on the quality of life and activities of daily living among elderly Japanese who live alone. OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to examine the frequency of apathy and its correlation with activities of daily living and with subjective well-being in elderly people living...


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  • Foot Function, Foot Pain, and Falls in Older Adults: The Framingham Foot Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although foot pain has been linked to fall risk, contributions of pain severity, foot posture, or foot function are unclear. These factors were examined in a cohort of older adults. OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to examine the associations of foot pain, severity of foot pain, and measures of foot ...


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  • Effect of smoking on regional cerebral blood flow in the normal aged volunteers.

    abstract::The effects of long-term cigarette smoking on regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) were studied in 67 normal male volunteers. All subjects were healthy volunteers without any past history of cerebral and pulmonary disease. rCBF decreased significantly with advancing age. Although there was no significant difference in ...


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    authors: Yamashita K,Kobayashi S,Yamaguchi S,Kitani M,Tsunematsu T

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  • Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome; a case report with analysis of auto-fluorescent ceroid-like pigments.

    abstract::The Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome (HPS) is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by a triad of oculocutaneous albinism, accumulation of auto-fluorescent ceroid-like pigments within macrophages, and bleeding tendency due to a storage pool disease of the platelets. We report an autopsy case (39y, male), who died of p...


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    authors: Ohbayashi C,Kanomata N,Imai Y,Ito H,Shimasaki H

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  • Physiological and psychological predictors of walking speed in older community-dwelling people.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Six-metre walking speed (SMWS) is a commonly used test for measuring functional performance in older people. However, apart from lower limb strength, few studies have examined the range of physiological and psychological factors that influence performance in this test. OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relative ...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Tiedemann A,Sherrington C,Lord SR

    更新日期:2005-11-01 00:00:00