Male alcohol use and unprotected sex with non-regular partners: evidence from wine shops in Chennai, India.


BACKGROUND:In India, heterosexual transmission accounts for approximately 80% of the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Male alcohol use and its putative association with sexual risk are explored to inform HIV prevention interventions. METHODS:A survey of 1196 male patrons of wine shops or bars was conducted from August 2002-January 2003 as part of an ongoing HIV prevention trial in Chennai city in south India. In the analysis, we explored associations between covariates related to sexual behavior and alcohol use and our outcome of unprotected sexual intercourse with non-regular partners among men. RESULTS:Nearly half (43%) of the respondents reported any unprotected sex with non-regular partners and 24% had four or more recent sexual partners. Over 85% reported using alcohol at least 10 days a month (17% reported drinking everyday). During a typical drinking day, 49% reported consuming five or more drinks. Alcohol use before sex was reported by 89% of respondents. Unprotected sex with non-regular partners was significantly higher among unmarried men (OR=3.25), those who reported irregular income (OR=1.38), who used alcohol before sex (OR=1.75) and who had higher numbers of sexual partners (OR=14.5). CONCLUSIONS:Our findings suggest that future HIV prevention interventions in India might consider discussing responsible alcohol use and its possible role in sexual risk. These interventions should particularly consider involving unmarried men and weigh the role of structural factors such as access to income in developing prevention messages.


Drug Alcohol Depend


Sivaram S,Srikrishnan AK,Latkin C,Iriondo-Perez J,Go VF,Solomon S,Celentano DD




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  • Young people who use drugs engaged in harm reduction programs in New York City: Overdose and other risks.

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  • Behavioral problems and the occurrence of tobacco, cannabis, and coca paste smoking in Chile: evidence based on multivariate response models for school survey data.

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  • Parent-based interventions on adolescent alcohol use outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

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  • Cocaine dependence modulates the effect of HIV infection on brain activation during intertemporal decision making.

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    abstract::The behavioral pharmacology of tandospirone (SM 3997), a novel anxiolytic/antidepressant pyrimidinylpiperazine compound with selective pharmacological effects at the 5-HT1A binding site, was investigated in baboons. Animals administered 50 mg/kg/day i.g. tandospirone, showed few behavioral changes (lip droop, ataxia),...

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  • Steppingstone and gateway ideas: a discussion of origins, research challenges, and promising lines of research for the future.

    abstract::In this discussion of contributed papers for the special issue of DAD, the author draws attention to early American laws concerning cannabis and to statements made about the epidemiology of cannabis smoking and other drug use between 1858 and the contemporary scene, with coverage of opium, heroin, tobacco, alcohol, co...

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  • Patterns of alcohol consumption and health-related quality of life in older adults.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is a more powerful predictor of health services use and mortality than many objective measures of health. However, in older adults the association between main alcohol drinking patterns and HRQOL is uncertain. METHODS:A prospective cohort with 2163 community-dwelling i...

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  • Neural activation during anticipation of monetary gain or loss does not associate with positive subjective response to alcohol in binge drinkers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Alcohol use disorder (AUD) remains an unresolved source of morbidity and mortality. Psychopharmacological challenge studies and neuroimaging experiments are two methods used to identify risk of problematic substance use. The present study combined these two approaches by examining associations between self-r...

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  • Non-daily smoking predicts hazardous drinking and alcohol use disorders in young adults in a longitudinal U.S. sample.

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  • A randomized controlled trial to influence client language in substance use disorder treatment.

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  • Relation among HPA and HPG neuroendocrine systems, transmissible risk and neighborhood quality on development of substance use disorder: results of a 10-year prospective study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Research has shown involvement of hormones of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis and hypothalamic pituitary gonadal (HPG) axis in the regulation of behaviors that contribute to SUD risk and its intergenerational transmission. Neighborhood environment has also been shown to relate to hormones of th...

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  • Cannabis dependence, withdrawal, and reinforcing effects among adolescents with conduct symptoms and substance use disorders.

    abstract::The prevalence of cannabis use is rising among adolescents, many of whom perceive little risk from cannabis. However, clinicians who treat adolescent substance users hear frequent reports of serious cannabis-use disorders and problems. This study asked whether cannabis produced dependence and withdrawal among such pat...

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  • DRD2 genotypes and substance use in adolescent children of alcoholics.

    abstract::Research has identified children of alcoholics (COAs) as a population at increased risk for developing substance use problems. Genetic studies support the Al allele of the D2 dopamine receptor gene (DRD2) as a risk marker for alcoholism and substance use disorders. In this study, substance use was assessed in 48 adole...

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  • The relationship between impulsivity and methamphetamine use severity in a community sample.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Abuse of psychostimulants, including methamphetamine (MA), has been linked to heightened impulsivity. While previous research has demonstrated differences in impulsivity between MA users and non-substance users, less is known about variability in impulsivity within MA users and whether the severity of MA use...

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  • Impact of ADHD and cannabis use on executive functioning in young adults.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and cannabis use are each associated with specific cognitive deficits. Few studies have investigated the neurocognitive profile of individuals with both an ADHD history and regular cannabis use. The greatest cognitive impairment is expected among ADHD Cannabis ...

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    authors: Tamm L,Epstein JN,Lisdahl KM,Molina B,Tapert S,Hinshaw SP,Arnold LE,Velanova K,Abikoff H,Swanson JM,MTA Neuroimaging Group.

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  • Drug dependence units in England and Wales. The results of a national survey.

    abstract::Drug dependence units (DDUs) form the cornerstone of government policy response to problem drug taking. Yet we know surprisingly little about the facilities that they can provide and what treatment policies they adopt. This paper constitutes a modest attempt to fill some of the gaps in our knowledge and points to the ...

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