Conjugal transfer of antibiotic resistance factors in Bacteroides fragilis: the btgA and btgB genes of plasmid pBFTM10 are required for its transfer from Bacteroides fragilis and for its mobilization by IncP beta plasmid R751 in Escherichia coli.


:Transferable plasmids play an important role in the dissemination of clindamycin-erythromycin resistance in Bacteroides fragilis. We previously described the isolation and properties of pBFTM10, a 14.9-kb ClnR transfer factor from B. fragilis TMP10. We also reported the isolation of a transfer-deficient deletion derivative of pBFTM10 contained in the B. fragilis-Escherichia coli shuttle vector pGAT400. In the present study we used pGAT400 and a similar shuttle vector, pGAT550, to characterize and sequence a region of pBFTM10 required for its transfer from B. fragilis to B. fragilis or E. coli recipients and for its mobilization by the broad-host-range plasmid R751 from E. coli donors to E. coli recipients. Deletion of certain BglII restriction fragments from pBFTM10 resulted in partial or complete loss of transfer ability. Tn1000 insertions into this same region also resulted in altered transfer properties. We used the sites of Tn1000 insertions to determine the DNA sequence of the transfer region. Two potential open reading frames encoding proteins of 23.2 and 33.8 kDa, corresponding to two genes, btgA or btgB, were identified in the sequence. Tn1000 insertions within btgA or btgB or deletion of all or portions of btgA or btgB resulted in either a transfer deficiency or greatly reduced transfer from B. fragilis donors and alterations in mobilization by R751 in E. coli. A potential oriT sequence showing similarity in organization to the oriT regions of the IncP plasmids was also detected. Thus, pBFTM10 encodes and requires at least two proteins necessary for efficient transfer from B. fragilis. These same functions are expressed in E. coli and are required for mobilization by R751.


J Bacteriol


Journal of bacteriology


Hecht DW,Jagielo TJ,Malamy MH





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