Effect of parental growth on dynamics of conjugative plasmid transfer in the pea spermosphere.


:Plasmid transfer rates for the conjugative plasmid R388::Tn1721 from Pseudomonas cepacia (donor) to Pseudomonas fluorescens (recipient) on agar media, in broth, and in microcosms containing sterile or nonsterile soil, in the presence or absence of germinating pea seeds, were determined. Donors, recipients, and transconjugants were enumerated on selective media after 1 day on agar or in broth culture and over a 7-day period in soil or pea spermosphere microcosms. Donor and recipient growth rates and plasmid transfer rate constants [(gamma), where (gamma) = transconjugants (middot) (donors (middot) recipients)(sup-1) (middot) h(sup-1)] were calculated for three initial parental densities (10(sup4), 10(sup6), or 10(sup8) CFU/g or ml) in each system. For all initial density levels, values of (gamma) in agar and broth matings were higher than those in soil or in the pea spermosphere-rhizosphere microcosms. Values of (gamma) were not influenced by the pea spermosphere or by sterile or nonsterile conditions of the soil. However, (gamma) values in microcosm experiments were inversely related to initial parental density and were directly related to donor growth rates. Values of (gamma) averaged 4 x 10(sup-10), 4 x 10(sup-12), and 3 x 10(sup-14) when initial donor and recipient cell densities were 10(sup4), 10(sup6), and 10(sup8) CFU/g, respectively. These results suggest that the plasmid transfer rate constant is independent of parental cell density only when parental growth is not limited. In a resource-limited environment, intra- or interspecific competition may reduce the transfer rate by limiting parental growth.


Appl Environ Microbiol


Sudarshana P,Knudsen GR





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1995-08-01 00:00:00












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  • Degradation of Pyridine by Micrococcus luteus Isolated from Soil.

    abstract::An organism capable of growth on pyridine was isolated from soil by enrichment culture techniques and identified as Micrococcus luteus. The organism oxidized pyridine for energy and released N contained in the pyridine ring as ammonium. The organism could not grow on mono- or disubstituted pyridinecarboxylic acids or ...

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    abstract::A total of 442 Listeria isolates, including 234 Listeria seeligeri, 80 L. monocytogenes, 74 L. welshimeri, 50 L. innocua, and 4 L. marthii isolates, were obtained from 1,805 soil, water, and other environmental samples collected over 2 years from four urban areas and four areas representing natural environments. Liste...

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  • Purification and characterization of the Bacillus subtilis levanase produced in Escherichia coli.

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