Quality control in human in vitro fertilization.


:The implementation of suitable quality control (QC) is not only required for the accreditation of a human in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory, but is also fundamental to its success. Several assays have been employed to screen culture media and contact supplies. The suitability of one assay in particular, the mouse embryo assay (MEA), has been questioned over the years. Here we discuss how the conditions of such an assay, together with the stage of embryonic development used, have a profound effect on the outcome of the assay. Furthermore, by assessing embryos at multiple time points during the preimplantation period (rather than simply determining blastocyst formation), together with quantitating key parameters such as blastocyst cell number, it is possible to identify suboptimal components of a culture system. As well as identifying those components that result in outright embryonic demise, under the appropriate conditions the MEA can detect components that lead to impaired development. It is proposed that under the appropriate conditions, the MEA is a useful adjunct to quality control in human IVF, but several assays used in concert are better than a single test.


Semin Reprod Med


Gardner DK,Reed L,Linck D,Sheehan C,Lane M





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