Ectopic chromosome around centrosome in metaphase cells as a marker of high-risk human papillomavirus-associated cervical intraepithelial neoplasias.


:This report describes the appearance of ectopic chromosome around centrosome (ECAC) in metaphase cell nuclei of high-risk HPV-associated cervical neoplasms. ECAC are clearly visible on HE-stained sections as a tiny (approx. 0.7 micro), round, dark structure or an aggregate of filamentous chromosome, often symmetrical at bilateral centrosomes. They appear in CINs from an early stage (CIN I), with the highest incidence in HPV16-associated CIN II-III (75%), and are less common in HPV-related invasive carcinomas (21%) and in lesions associated with high-risk HPV types other than 16. Rates for ECAC-positive nuclei in metaphase preparations (ECAC rate) for each lesion ranged 3.6-30%, the average being 14.5%. ECAC appeared very rarely in CINs associated with intermediate-risk HPVs and was never encountered in HPV6/11-induced condylomas or HPV-unrelated neoplasms in other organs. ECAC may be morphologic evidence of HPV-induced chromosomal instability working as a background mechanism in cervical carcinogenesis and also a useful marker for the histopathologic differentiation of high-risk CINs.


Int J Cancer


Furuta R,Hirai Y,Katase K,Tate S,Kawaguchi T,Akiyama F,Kato Y,Kumada K,Iwasaka T,Yaegashi N,Kanazawa K,Yoshikawa H,Kitagawa T





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  • Expression of sperm protein 17 (Sp17) in ovarian cancer.

    abstract::Sperm protein 17 (Sp17) is an antigenic protein highly expressed in spermatozoa. Sp17 expression was demonstrated recently in multiple myeloma, suggesting that it may be a novel cancer-testis antigen. Expression of Sp17 mRNA and protein was examined in human ovarian tumors. Sp17 mRNA was evaluated by reverse transcrip...

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  • Knockout of the tetraspanin Cd9 in the TRAMP model of de novo prostate cancer increases spontaneous metastases in an organ-specific manner.

    abstract::Prostate cancer is an extremely heterogeneous disease; patients that do progress to late-stage metastatic prostate cancer have limited treatment options, mostly palliative. Molecules involved in the metastatic cascade may prove beneficial in stratifying patients to assign appropriate treatment modalities and may also ...

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  • CpG island methylator phenotype association with upregulated telomerase activity in hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract::CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP) involves the targeting of multiple genes by promoter hypermethylation. Telomerase plays an important role in the development of cellular immortality and oncogenesis. To gain insight into the role of epigenetic aberration of telomerase-related genes in hepatocarcinogenesis, we det...

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  • Analysis of acute-phase proteins, AHSG, C3, CLI, HP and SAA, reveals distinctive expression patterns associated with breast, colorectal and lung cancer.

    abstract::Early detection, clinical management and disease recurrence monitoring are critical areas in cancer treatment in which specific biomarker panels are likely to be very important in each of these key areas. We have previously demonstrated that levels of alpha-2-heremans-schmid-glycoprotein (AHSG), complement component C...

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