The relationship between HIV infection and atopic dermatitis.


:Patients with HIV infection exhibit a wide range of skin pathology, including bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, skin tumors, inflammatory and eczematous eruptions, and drug rashes. HIV-infected adults commonly develop a condition that strongly resembles atopic dermatitis and is sometimes called "atopic-like dermatitis"; moreover, atopic dermatitis and other atopic disorders have been described as common manifestations of pediatric HIV infection. Conditions such as sinusitis, asthma, and hyper-IgE syndrome, and laboratory abnormalities, eg, elevated IgE levels, eosinophilia, and possible Th1-Th2 imbalances, suggest a predilection for atopic disorders in these patients. It is of interest to examine the immune perturbations intrinsic to HIV infection, and their possible role in triggering atopic dermatitis, and to consider whether other abnormalities, such as xerosis, bacterial or viral superantigens, or epidermal barrier disruption with altered presentation of cutaneous aeroallergens, might play a significant role.


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