Reconstitution of dna synthetic capacity in senescent normal human fibroblasts by expressing cellular factors E2F and Mdm2.


:Unraveling the mechanisms underlying cellular senescence will contribute to the understanding of processes involved in aging and cancer. We sought to determine whether expression of cellular factors in senescent WI-38 human fibroblasts was sufficient to induce nuclear DNA synthesis. Expression by recombinant adenovirus of E2F1, E2F2, E2F3, cyclin E/cdk2, and Mdm2 individually resulted in DNA synthesis in 10-30% of cells. However, combination of Mdm2 with E2F or cyclin E/cdk2 resulted in 50 to 75% of cells synthesizing DNA. DNA synthesis occurred approximately 30 h following infection. We conclude that expression of normal cellular factors is sufficient to induce DNA synthesis in senescent normal human fibroblasts.


Exp Cell Res


Sarraj S,Farb R,Martell RE





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2001-11-01 00:00:00














  • Steroid hormone-induced changes in secreted proteins in the filamentous fungus Achlya.

    abstract::In the fungus Achlya, sexual development in the male strain E87 is mediated by the steroid hormone antheridiol. Treatment of vegetatively growing cells of E87 with antheridiol resulted in changes in the [35S]methionine labeling of several secreted proteins. The most heavily labeled group of proteins observed in the se...

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  • Cytokeratin 19 regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress and inhibits ERp29 expression via p38 MAPK/XBP-1 signaling in breast cancer cells.

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  • High glucose increases glomerular filtration barrier permeability by activating protein kinase G type Iα subunits in a Nox4-dependent manner.

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  • Melanogenesis stimulation in B16-F10 melanoma cells induces cell cycle alterations, increased ROS levels and a differential expression of proteins as revealed by proteomic analysis.

    abstract::Considering that stimulation of melanogenesis may lead to alterations of cellular responses, besides melanin production, our main goal was to study the cellular effects of melanogenesis stimulation of B16-F10 melanoma cells. Our results show increased levels of the reactive oxygen species after 15 h of melanogenesis s...

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  • Adriamycin promotes neurite outgrowth in the "neurite-minus" N1A-103 mouse neuroblastoma cell line.

    abstract::Adriamycin, an anticancer agent acting on topoisomerase II, promotes the arrest of cell division and neurite extension in a "neurite-minus" murine neuroblastoma cell line, N1A-103. This morphological differentiation is accompanied by a blockade in the S phase of the cell cycle, modification of the amount of peripherin...

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  • Critical roles of CTP synthase N-terminal in cytoophidium assembly.

    abstract::Several metabolic enzymes assemble into distinct intracellular structures in prokaryotes and eukaryotes suggesting an important functional role in cell physiology. The CTP-generating enzyme CTP synthase forms long filamentous structures termed cytoophidia in bacteria, yeast, fruit flies and human cells independent of ...

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  • Enhanced expression of heat shock proteins in gradually dying cells and their release from necrotically dead cells.

    abstract::Heat shock proteins (HSPs) have molecular chaperone functions in protein biogenesis as well as cytoprotective functions against deleterious environmental stresses, and they work mainly inside of the cells. HSPs are usually induced in living cells that have been exposed to mild stresses or have recovered from severe st...

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  • Restoration of daunomycin retention in multidrug-resistant P388 cells by submicromolar concentrations of SDZ PSC 833, a nonimmunosuppressive cyclosporin derivative.

    abstract::Overexpression of P-glycoprotein may cause increased efflux of a variety of anticancer drugs (ACD) leading to multidrug resistance (MDR) of tumor cells. Two sublines of murine monocytic leukemia P388 cells were used, one parental (Par-P388) and one multidrug resistant (MDR-P388). In cell growth inhibition assays in vi...

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  • Endothelial nitric oxide synthase is segregated from caveolin-1 and localizes to the leading edge of migrating cells.

    abstract::The enzyme endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) is involved in key physiological and pathological processes, including cell motility and apoptosis. It is widely believed that at the cell surface eNOS is localized in caveolae, where caveolin-1 negatively regulates its activity, however, there are still uncertaintie...

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  • Induction of tyrosinase in human melanoma cells by L-tyrosine phosphate and cytochalasin D.

    abstract::Pigmentation of RVH 421 human melanoma cells is induced when cell division is inhibited by cytochalasin D or L-tyrosine phosphate. Increased pigmentation correlates with increased tyrosinase activity when this is monitored over a time-course. Parallel measurements show that the amount of tyrosinase mRNA correlates wit...

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  • Cdc6 is a rate-limiting factor for proliferative capacity during HL60 cell differentiation.

    abstract::The DNA replication (or origin) licensing pathway represents a critical step in cell proliferation control downstream of growth signalling pathways. Repression of origin licensing through down-regulation of the MCM licensing factors (Mcm2-7) is emerging as a ubiquitous route for lowering proliferative capacity as meta...

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  • A mutant allele of BARA/LIN-9 rescues the cdk4-/- phenotype by releasing the repression on E2F-regulated genes.

    abstract::It has been proposed that C. elegans LIN-9 functions downstream of CDK4 in a pathway that regulates cell proliferation. Here, we report that mammalian BARA/LIN-9 is a predominantly nuclear protein that inhibits cell proliferation. More importantly, we demonstrate that BARA/LIN-9 also acts downstream of cyclin D/CDK4 i...

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    authors: Sandoval R,Xue J,Tian X,Barrett K,Pilkinton M,Ucker DS,Raychaudhuri P,Kineman RD,Luque RM,Baida G,Zou X,Valli VE,Cook JL,Kiyokawa H,Colamonici OR

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  • Effects of colchicine on cardiac cell function indicate possible role for membrane surface tubulin.

    abstract::The effects of the tubulin-binding drug colchicine on cultured neonate cardiac cell function were investigated. Application of low doses of colchicine (but not lumicolchicine) caused an early reversible increase in beating rate with a concomitant decrease in amplitude. Treatment of the cells with trypsin at a dose tha...

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  • Nucleolin is an Ag-NOR protein; this property is determined by its amino-terminal domain independently of its phosphorylation state.

    abstract::The Ag-NOR proteins are defined as markers of "active" ribosomal genes. They correspond to a set of proteins specifically located in the nucleolar organizer regions (NORs), but have not yet been clearly identified. We adapted the specific detection method of the Ag-NOR proteins to Western blots in order to identify th...

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  • Variations in signal-mediated nuclear transport during the cell cycle in BALB/c 3T3 cells.

    abstract::Signal-mediated nuclear import was investigated in proliferating BALB/c 3T3 cells 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, and 21 h after the onset of anaphase. Using nucleoplasmin-coated colloidal gold particles to assay transport capacity, it was found that import was greatest at 1 h postanaphase (after complete reformation of the nu...

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  • Concomitant alterations of desmosomes, adhesiveness, and diffusion through gap junction channels in a rat ovarian transformation model system.

    abstract::Gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC), desmosomes, and cell movement were evaluated in a rat ovarian epithelial cell model system which consisted of an immortalized clonal cell line (SIGC), a pSV3neotransfected clonal derivative (SV-SIGC), and a nude mouse SV-SIGC-tumor-derived cell line (T-SV-SIGC). Compl...

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  • Secreted collagen induced by ascorbic acid in L5 cloned muscle cultures does not affect acetylcholine receptor expression.

    abstract::Previous studies have shown that ascorbic acid increases both the total surface acetylcholine receptor (AChR) expression and the mRNA for the alpha-subunit of this receptor in myotubes of cloned L5 muscle cultures. Since ascorbic acid increases collagen synthesis in fibroblasts, we studied the effect of ascorbic acid ...

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  • Insulin suppresses distal-less homeobox 5 expression through the up-regulation of microRNA-124 in 3T3-L1 cells.

    abstract::Distal-less homeobox 5 (Dlx5) is a pro-osteogenic but anti-adipogenic transcription factor that regulates lineage commitment in mesenchymal stem cells. Although the expression of Dlx5 is known to be decreased by adipogenic stimuli, the mechanism of Dlx5 down-regulation has not yet been clarified. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) ar...

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    authors: Qadir AS,Woo KM,Ryoo HM,Baek JH

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  • Differential effects of bcl-2 on cell death triggered under ATP-depleting conditions.

    abstract::The intracellular ATP concentration decides on the onset of either apoptosis or necrosis in Jurkat cells exposed to death stimuli. Bcl-2 can block apoptotic demise, which occurs preferably under conditions of high cellular ATP levels. Here, we investigated the effects of Bcl-2 on the necrotic type of cell demise that ...

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    authors: Single B,Leist M,Nicotera P

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  • Long-term cultivation of amphibian melanophores. In vitro ageing and spontaneous transformation to a continuous cell line.

    abstract::Pure melanophore populations isolated from the tail skin of the tadpole, Rana catesbeiana, were mass cultured for a period of 2-3 years. All cell lines of amphibian melanophores studied exhibited growth crisis (in vitro ageing) followed by spontaneous transformation to a continuous cell line, as shown by changes in gr...

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  • C-banding of Peromyscus constitutive heterochromatin persists following histone hyperacetylation.

    abstract::Approx. 35% of the DNA of cultured cells from the cactus mouse, Peromuscus eremicus, is contained in highly condensed constitutive heterochromatin which can be visualized in metaphase chromosomes stained by the C-band technique. Previous studies have shown this constitutive heterochromatin to contain a large proportio...

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  • Conjugation in the ciliate Euplotes octocarinatus: comparison of ciliary and cell body-associated glycoconjugates of non-mating-competent, mating-competent, and conjugating cells.

    abstract::Pair formation in the hypotrichous ciliate Euplotes octocarinatus is a poorly understood phenomenon. In order to obtain information about the molecules involved in this process, we compared ciliary and cell body-associated glycoconjugates of non-mating-competent, mating-competent, and conjugating cells. Detection of g...

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  • Inhibition of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter prevents IL-13 and allergen-mediated airway epithelial apoptosis and loss of barrier function.

    abstract::Mitochondria are increasingly recognized as key mediators of acute cellular stress responses in asthma. However, the distinct roles of regulators of mitochondrial physiology on allergic asthma phenotypes are currently unknown. The mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter (MCU) resides in the inner mitochondrial membrane and contr...

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  • Hispidulin inhibits proliferation and enhances chemosensitivity of gallbladder cancer cells by targeting HIF-1α.

    abstract::Gallbladder cancer (GBC) is an aggressive malignancy of the bile duct, which is associated with a low (5-year) survival and poor prognosis. The transcription factor HIF-1α is implicated in the angiogenesis, cell survival, epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) and invasiveness of GBC. In this study, we have investiga...

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  • Accumulation of autolysosomes after receptor-mediated introduction of Ep459-asialofetuin conjugate into lysosomes in rat hepatocytes.

    abstract::Administration of Ep459-asialofetuin conjugate (Ep459-AF) and pepstatin-asialofetuin conjugate (Ps-AF) to rats effectively inhibited lysosomal BANA hydrolase and cathepsin D in the liver, respectively, at a very low dose. Ep459-AF treatment also led to an accumulation of autolysosomes in rat liver. There was a close c...

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    authors: Furuno K,Miwa N,Ishikawa T,Kato K

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  • Hepatocyte growth factor enhances adhesion of breast cancer cells to endothelial cells in vitro through up-regulation of CD44.

    abstract::For cancer metastasis, tumor cells present in the circulation must first adhere to the endothelium. Integrins play a central role in leukocyte adhesion to the endothelium and subsequent migration into tissues. The majority of tumor cells derived from solid cancers, including breast cancer, do not express integrins. We...

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    authors: Mine S,Fujisaki T,Kawahara C,Tabata T,Iida T,Yasuda M,Yoneda T,Tanaka Y

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  • The LIM-homeodomain transcription factor LMX1B regulates expression of NF-kappa B target genes.

    abstract::LMX1B is a LIM-homeodomain transcription factor essential for development. Putative LMX1B target genes have been identified through mouse gene targeting studies, but their identity as direct LMX1B targets remains hypothetical. We describe here the first molecular characterization of LMX1B target gene regulation. Micro...

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    authors: Rascle A,Neumann T,Raschta AS,Neumann A,Heining E,Kastner J,Witzgall R

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  • Identification of sequence determinants of human nuclear dUTPase isoform localization.

    abstract::dUTP nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) catalyzes the hydrolysis of dUTP to dUMP and pyrophosphate and is the central regulator of cellular dUTP pools. Nuclear (DUT-N) and mitochondrial (DUT-M) isoforms of the protein have been identified in humans and arise from the same gene by the alternative use of 5' exons. Recently, ...

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    authors: Tinkelenberg BA,Fazzone W,Lynch FJ,Ladner RD

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  • A study of the effect of ultraviolet light on the division potential of human diploid fibroblasts.

    abstract::Culture and UV (254 nm) irradiation conditions that are suggested as appropriate for a study of the effect of UV on the limited in vitro lifespan of a normal human diploid fibroblast (HDF) strain are first described. An inoculation density at each subcultivation of 1.8 x 10(4) viable cells/cm-2 permits the decline in ...

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    authors: Kantor GJ,Mulkie JR,Hull DR

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  • Four casein kinase I isoforms are differentially partitioned between nucleus and cytoplasm.

    abstract::The casein kinase I (CKI) family consists of at least seven vertebrate genes, some of which can be alternatively spliced. Previously, we have studied the four splice variants of the chicken CKIalpha gene. The four proteins differ only by the presence or absence of two peptides, a 28-amino-acid "L" insert in the cataly...

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