Spontaneous eye blink rate in winter seasonal affective disorder.


:We investigated spontaneous eye-blink rates in 19 drug-free patients with winter seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and 18 normal control subjects. At baseline, there were no significant differences between the two groups (mean +/- SD blink rate: 15/minute +/- 8 vs. 15/minute +/- 7). Light therapy (10,000 lux: 1 hour each morning for 1 week) produced no significant change in mean (+/- SD) blink rates either in 10 SAD patients (13/minute +/- 8 vs. 10/minute +/- 7) or in 12 normal control subjects (15/minute +/- 6 vs. 14/minute +/- 6). A post hoc exploratory analysis of the effect of light therapy on premenopausal female subjects (5 patients and 9 control subjects) showed a significant decrease in mean (+/- SD) blink rate in the patients after treatment (17 +/- 6 vs. 12 +/- 8 compared with 15 +/- 7 vs. 16 +/- 5). These results do not support the idea that an elevated blink rate may be a general biological marker in SAD, but they suggest a possible link between light treatment and mechanisms that regulate blink rate in premenopausal SAD patients.


Psychiatry Res


Psychiatry research


Barbato G,Moul DE,Schwartz P,Rosenthal NE,Oren DA




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1993-04-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::The present paper describes the development of the National Stressful Events Survey for PTSD-Short Scale (NSESSS-PTSD), a new self-report scale for PTSD that is brief (9 items), free of copyright restrictions, and consistent with DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Study 1 describes the development of the NSESSS-PTSD scale ite...

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