Spontaneous waves in the dentate gyrus of slices from the ventral hippocampus.


:Spontaneous negative-going potentials occurring at an average frequency of 0.7 Hz were recorded from the dentate gyrus of slices prepared from the temporal hippocampus of young adult rats. These events (here termed "dentate waves") in several respects resembled the dentate spikes described for freely moving rats during immobile behaviors and slow-wave sleep. Action potentials were observed on the descending portion of the in vitro waves and, as expected from this, whole cell recordings established that the waves were composed of depolarizing currents. Dentate waves appeared to be locally generated within the granule cell layer and were greatly reduced by antagonists of AMPA-type glutamate receptors or by lesions to the entorhinal cortex. Simultaneous recordings indicated that the waves were often synchronized in the inner and outer blades of the dentate gyrus. Knife cuts through the perforant path and the commissural/associational system did not eliminate synchronization, leaving electrotonic propagation via gap junctions as its probable cause. In accord with this, cuts that separated the two blades of the dentate eliminated synchronization between them, and a compound that inhibits gap junctions reduced wave activity. Dentate waves were regularly accompanied by sharp waves in field CA3 and were reduced in size by the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, physostigmine. It is hypothesized that dentate waves occur when spontaneous glutamate release from dentate afferents produces action potentials in neighboring granule cells that then summate electrotonically into a population event; once initiated, the waves propagate, again electrotonically, and thereby engage a significant portion of the granule cell population.


J Neurophysiol


Colgin LL,Kubota D,Brucher FA,Jia Y,Branyan E,Gall CM,Lynch G




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2004-12-01 00:00:00














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