Pulsatile flow and simple flow control method during weaning period in centrifugal pump: toward more expanded usage in open heart surgery.


:To expand the usage of the centrifugal pump (CP) in open heart surgery, we performed two studies. In the first, we evaluated pulsatile flow in the CP. In vitro pump performance of the Terumo Capiox pump (TCP) and the Sarns Delphin pump (SDP) and increase of free hemoglobin (mg/dl) after driving 6 h were investigated using bovine blood. A roller pump (RP) was used as a comparison. Equally effective pulsatile flow was obtained in both CPs. Hemolysis was less severe in TCP (120 mg/dl) than SDP (210 mg/dl) and RP (320 mg/dl). In the second study, we evaluated a simple flow control method. Flow rate was easily controlled with step-wise clamping of 3-pronged tubing (Triple-flow) without changing rotational speed, regardless of afterload. Fluctuation of flow was much less with this method than with the rotational speed change method. The use of pulsatile flow of TCP, with its minimum increase of hemolysis and the easier flow control method during the weaning process, may expand the usage of CP in open heart surgery.


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Artificial organs


Nishida H,Koyanagi H,Endo M,Suzuki S,Oshiyama H,Nojiri C,Fukasawa H,Akutsu T




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1994-09-01 00:00:00












  • Estimation of theophylline clearance during continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration.

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  • Application of a pressure-relieving air compliance chamber in a single-pulsatile extracorporeal life support system: an experimental study.

    abstract::Nonpulsatile blood pumps are mainly used in extracorporeal life support systems. Although pulsating blood flow is known to be physiological, a pulsatile pump is not commonly applied in a circuit with a membrane oxygenator because of damage to the blood cells. The hypothesis that the placement of a pressure-relieving c...

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  • Is the dog a useful model for accelerated calcification study of cardiovascular bioprostheses?

    abstract::Chitosan posttreatment has been shown to be effective in prevention of calcification of the glutaraldehyde treated bovine pericardium when implanted subdermally in rats for 12 weeks. The efficacy of chitosan posttreatment in complete calcium mitigation of the glutaraldehyde treated porcine aortic valves implanted in t...

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  • The accurate control of ultrafiltration.

    abstract::An apparatus has been contructed to regulate ultrafiltration accurately during dialysis. The principle of the apparatus is that, per unit of time, exactly the same amount of dialysate is introduced into the dialyzer as is discharged from it. The apparatus consists of two isovolumetric pumps connected in line. The four...

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