Performance tests of two portable mini gamma cameras for medical applications.


:We have developed two prototypes of portable gamma cameras for medical applications based on a previous prototype designed and tested by our group. These cameras use a CsI(Na) continuous scintillation crystal coupled to the new flat-panel-type multianode position-sensitive photomultiplier tube, H8500 from Hamamatsu Photonics. One of the prototypes, mainly intended for intrasurgical use, has a field of view of 44 x 44 mm2, and weighs 1.2 kg. Its intrinsic resolution is better than 1.5 mm and its energy resolution is about 13% at 140 keV. The second prototype, mainly intended for osteological, renal, mammary, and endocrine (thyroid, parathyroid, and suprarenal) scintigraphies, weighs a total of 2 kg. Its average spatial resolution is 2 mm; it has a field of view of 95 x 95 mm2, with an energy resolution of about 15% at 140 keV. The main advantages of these gamma camera prototypes with respect to those previously reported in the literature are high portability and low weight, with no significant loss of sensitivity and spatial resolution. All the electronic components are packed inside the mini gamma cameras, and no external electronic devices are required. The cameras are only connected through the universal serial bus port to a portable PC. In this paper, we present the design of the cameras and describe the procedures that have led us to choose their configuration together with the most important performance features of the cameras. For one of the prototypes, clinical tests on melanoma patients are presented and images are compared with those obtained with a conventional camera.


Med Phys


Medical physics


Sánchez F,Fernández MM,Giménez M,Benlloch JM,Rodríguez-Alvarez MJ,García de Quirós F,Lerche Ch,Pavón N,Palazón JA,Martínez J,Sebastiá A




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  • Poster - Thurs Eve-32: Dose errors related to the treatment couch.

    abstract::Modern radiotherapy linacs often use carbon fibre for their couch tops due to its radio translucent properties. Beam attenuation by the couches is often ignored during planning and MU calculation. This work examines beam attenuation and loss of "skin sparing" (dose build up region) when various photon beams transit ei...

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