Insulin-heparin infusions peritransplant substantially improve single-donor clinical islet transplant success.


BACKGROUND:Successful islet transplantation can result in insulin independence in many patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, but it often requires more than one islet infusion. The ability to achieve insulin independence with a single donor is an important goal in clinical islet transplantation due to the limited organ supply. METHODS:We examined factors that may be associated with insulin independence after islet transplantation with islets from a single donor, using univariate and multivariate analysis. RESULTS:Thirteen of 85 (15.3%) achieved insulin independence after single-donor islet transplantation. Using multivariate analysis, only the use of insulin and heparin infusions peritransplant was a significant factor associated with insulin independence, with an adjusted odds ratio of 8.6 (95% confidence interval 2.0-37.0). Patients who had received insulin and heparin infusions peritransplant had greater indices of islet engraftment and a greater reduction in insulin use (80.1% + or - 4.3% vs. 54.2% + or - 2.8%, P<0.001) even if insulin independence was not achieved. CONCLUSIONS:Peritransplant intensive insulin and heparin enhances islet transplantation outcomes likely related in part to mitigation of the effects of the instant blood-mediated inflammatory reaction, combined with islet rest and avoidance of inflammation. It would be important to further investigate the effects of peritransplant insulin and heparin infusions on islet engraftment.






Koh A,Senior P,Salam A,Kin T,Imes S,Dinyari P,Malcolm A,Toso C,Nilsson B,Korsgren O,Shapiro AM




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