CB1 modulation of temporally distinct synaptic facilitation among local circuit interneurons mediated by N-type calcium channels in CA1.


:One of the critical factors in determining network behavior of neurons is the influence of local circuit connections among interneurons. The short-term synaptic plasticity and the subtype of presynaptic calcium channels used at local circuit connections of inhibitory interneurons in CA1 were investigated using dual whole-cell recordings combined with biocytin and double immunofluorescence labeling in acute slices of P18- to 21-day-old rat stratum radiatum (SR) and stratum lacunosum molecular (SLM). Two forms of temporally distinct synaptic facilitation were observed among interneuron connections involving presynaptic cholecystokinin (CCK)-positive cells in SR, frequency-dependent facilitation, and a delayed onset of release (45-80 ms) with subsequent facilitation (DORF). Inhibition at both these synapses was under tonic cannabinoid-type 1 (CB1) receptor activity. DORF synapses did not display conventional release-dependent properties; however, blocking CB1 receptors with antagonist AM-251 (10 μM) altered the synaptic transmission to frequency-dependent depression with a fast onset of release (2-4 ms). Presynaptic CCK-negative interneurons in SLM elicited inhibitory postsynaptic potentials (IPSPs) insensitive to CB1 receptor pharmacology displayed frequency-dependent depression. Release of GABA at facilitating synapses was solely mediated via N-type presynaptic calcium channels, whereas depressing synapses utilized P/Q-type channels. These data reveal two distinct models of neurotransmitter release patterns among interneuron circuits that correlate with the subtype of presynaptic calcium channel. These data suggest that endocannabinoids act via CB1 receptors to selectively modulate N-type calcium channels to alter signal transmission.


J Neurophysiol


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  • Large-scale organization of preferred directions in the motor cortex. II. Analysis of local distributions.

    abstract::The spatial arrangement of preferred directions (PDs) in the primary motor cortex has revealed evidence for columnar organization and short-range order. We investigated the large-scale properties of this arrangement. We recorded neural activity at sites on a grid covering a large region of the arm area of the motor co...

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  • Hippocampal interneurons are excited via serotonin-gated ion channels.

    abstract::Hippocampal interneurons are excited via serotonin-gated ion channels. J. Neurophysiol. 78: 2493-2502, 1997. Serotonergic neurons of the median raphe nucleus heavily innervate hippocampal GABAergic interneurons located in stratum radiatum of area CA1, suggesting that this strong subcortical projection may modulate int...

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    abstract::1. A generalized three-dimensional state space model of visual vestibular interaction was developed. Matrix and dynamical system operators associated with inputs from the semicircular canals, otolith velocity estimator, and the visual system have been incorporated into the model, which focus on their relationship to t...

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  • beta-NAAG rescues LTP from blockade by NAAG in rat dentate gyrus via the type 3 metabotropic glutamate receptor.

    abstract::N-Acetylaspartylglutamate (NAAG) is an agonist at the type 3 metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR3), which is coupled to a Gi/o protein. When activated, the mGluR3 receptor inhibits adenylyl cyclase and reduces the cAMP-mediated second-messenger cascade. Long-term potentiation (LTP) in the medial perforant path (MPP...

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    abstract::Ankle inversions have been studied extensively during standing conditions. However, inversion traumas occur during more dynamic conditions, like walking. Therefore in this study sudden ankle inversions were elicited in 12 healthy subjects who stepped on a trap door while walking on a treadmill. First, 10 control trial...

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    abstract::The ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO) is a key nucleus involved in the homeostatic regulation of sleep-wakefulness. Little is known, however, about the cellular mechanisms underlying its role in sleep regulation and how the neurotransmitters, such as GABA and noradrenaline (NA), are involved. In the present study ...

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  • Movement speed effects on beta-band oscillations in sensorimotor cortex during voluntary activity.

    abstract::Beta-band oscillations are a dominant feature in the sensorimotor system, which includes movement-related beta desynchronization (MRBD) during the preparation and execution phases of movement and postmovement beta synchronization (PMBS) on movement cessation. Many studies have linked this rhythm to motor functions. Ho...

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  • Ocular responses to translation and their dependence on viewing distance. I. Motion of the observer.

    abstract::1. The horizontal eye movements induced by acceleration along the interaural axis were recorded from five monkeys (Macaca mulatta) by the use of the electromagnetic search-coil technique. Animals sat on a sled that was moved briefly in darkness along a linear track (bell-shaped acceleration profile: peak, 400 mm/s2; d...

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  • Responses of spinothalamic lamina I neurons to repeated brief contact heat stimulation in the cat.

    abstract::It was recently shown that repeated heat stimulation, using brief contacts (<1 s) with a preheated thermode at sufficiently short interstimulus intervals (ISIs <5 s) and high temperatures (> or =51 degrees C), will elicit in humans a sensation of rapidly augmenting "second" (burning) pain with only a weak "first" (sha...

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