Conditioned cyclosporine effects but not conditioned taste aversion in immunized rats.


:In 2 experiments, the development of adjuvant arthritis (an experimental autoimmune disease) was inhibited by exposing rats to a flavored solution that had previously been paired with injections of cyclosporine (an immunodepressive drug) compared with rats with the same history but exposed to a flavored solution that had previously not been paired with drug injections. In contrast to earlier experiments on conditioned cyclophosphamide effects, rats did not avoid the taste that had previously been paired with drug administration. Thus, conditioned immunopharmacologic effects were not confounded with taste aversion. These observations are interpreted as reflecting an associative learning process that affected the development of an autoimmune disease.


Behav Neurosci


Behavioral neuroscience


Klosterhalfen S,Klosterhalfen W




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  • Functional consequences of embryonic neocortex transplanted to rats with prefrontal cortex lesions.

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  • Dissociation of conditioned locomotion and Fos induction in response to stimuli formerly paired with cocaine.

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  • Memory stages and brain asymmetry in chick learning.

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  • Neonatal chorda tympani transection alters adult preference for ammonium chloride in the rat.

    abstract::The immature gustatory system of the neonatal rat is characterized by sensitivity to disruption by early interventions such as receptor or nerve damage. The present studies examined the effect of chorda tympani transection (neoCTX) of neonates on adult preference for salt and nonsalt stimuli. NeoCTX at 10 days of age ...

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  • Trigeminal lesions and maternal behavior in Norway rats: I. Effects of cutaneous rostral snout denervation on maintenance of nurturance and maternal aggression.

    abstract::Cutaneous desensitization of the upper, rostral snout by bilateral section of the infraorbital nerves in lactating Norway rat dams markedly, but transiently, disrupted retrieval and licking of pups, nursing behavior, and fighting with a strange male intruder. Removal of the mystacial vibrissae, which provide major inp...

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  • Delayed spontaneous alternation in intact and cerebellectomized control and lurcher mutant mice: differential role of cerebellar cortex and deep cerebellar nuclei.

    abstract::Lurcher mutant (+/Lc) mice exhibit a massive loss of neurons in the cerebellar cortex and in the inferior olivary nucleus while deep cerebellar nuclei are essentially intact. To discriminate the respective participation of the cerebellar cortex and deep structures in learning and memory, the authors subjected 3- to 6-...

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  • Increased anxiety-like behavior in neuropsin (kallikrein-related peptidase 8) gene-deficient mice.

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  • Spatial problem solving in a dual runway task by normal and septal rats.

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  • What does a pigeon (Columba livia) brain look like during homing? selective examination of ZENK expression.

    abstract::Lesion studies have shown that the avian hippocampus plays a crucial role in homing pigeon (Columba livia) navigation. Using the expression of the immediate early gene protein ZENK in intact pigeons, the authors found regional variation in hippocampal activation as a consequence of homing and, necessarily, the behavio...

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  • Cholinergic mechanisms of the context preexposure facilitation effect in adolescent rats.

    abstract::The context preexposure facilitation effect (CPFE) is a variant of contextual fear conditioning in which context learning, context-shock association, and expression of context conditioning occur in 3 separate phases-preexposure, training, and testing. During the preexposure phase, the CPFE is disrupted by hippocampal ...

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  • Habituation of the acoustic and the tactile startle responses in mice: two independent sensory processes.

    abstract::To test whether habituation is specific to the stimulus modality, the authors analyzed cross-habituation between the tactile startle response' (TSR) and the acoustic startle response (ASR). The acoustic artifacts of airpuffs used to elicit the TSR were reduced by using a silencer and were effectively masked by backgro...

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  • Food reinforcement, the dopamine D2 receptor genotype, and energy intake in obese and nonobese humans.

    abstract::The authors measured food reinforcement, polymorphisms of the dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) and dopamine transporter (DAT1) genes, and laboratory energy intake in 29 obese and 45 nonobese humans 18-40 years old. Food reinforcement was greater in obese than in nonobese individuals, especially in obese individuals with th...

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  • Role of instrumental learning in tolerance to cathinone hypophagia.

    abstract::The effects of dl-cathinone on milk intake and motor activity were investigated in bottle- and cannula-fed rats. Acute injections of cathinone produced dose-dependent increases in activity in both groups but only produced decreased intake in bottle-fed rats. With chronic injections, tolerance to the suppression of int...

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  • Air-stepping in neonatal rats: A comparison of L-dopa injection and olfactory stimulation.

    abstract::The kinematic parameters of air-stepping induced by 2 methods known to elicit locomotion (olfactory stimulation vs. L-dopa injection) were compared in 3-day-old rats. In the 1st stage, suspended pups were induced to step with an olfactory stimulus of soiled shavings from the nest. In the 2nd stage, they received a sub...

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  • One-trial odor-reward association: a form of event memory not dependent on hippocampal function.

    abstract::To examine whether the hippocampus is required for memory for unique experiences independent of their spatial or temporal context, the authors devised a novel task that requires rats to remember odor-reward associations formed within a single training trial. Unlike previous tests of 1-trial memory, in this task new as...

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  • Double dissociation of fornix and caudate nucleus lesions on acquisition of two water maze tasks: further evidence for multiple memory systems.

    abstract::The present study examined the effect of lesions of the caudate nucleus or fimbria-fornix on the acquisition of two water maze tasks. In both tasks, two rubber balls with different visual patterns were used as platforms (i.e., cues). The "correct" cue was attached to a submerged rectangular platform and could be mount...

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  • Influence of opioid peptides on learning and memory processes in the chick.

    abstract::Several experiments were conducted to examine the effects of intracranial injection of opioid peptides and antagonists on learning and memory in the chick. Pretraining injection of [leu5]enkephalin and the selective delta receptor agonist [D-Pen2,L-Pen5]enkephalin (DPLPE) into the intermediate medial hyperstriatum ven...

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  • Bilateral lesions of the interpositus nucleus completely prevent eyeblink conditioning in Purkinje cell-degeneration mutant mice.

    abstract::The authors have previously demonstrated that Purkinje cell-degeneration (pcd) mutant mice are impaired in eyeblink conditioning (L. Chen et al., 1996a). The present study addresses the following 3 questions: (a) whether pcd mice perceive the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli as well as the wild-type mice, (b) whe...

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  • Specificity of the cardiac response to conspecific vocalization in chimpanzees.

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  • Nucleus accumbens acetylcholine regulates appetitive learning and motivation for food via activation of muscarinic receptors.

    abstract::These experiments tested whether nucleus accumbens muscarinic or nicotinic acetylcholine receptor activation is required for rats to learn to lever press for sucrose. Muscarinic blockade with scopolamine (1.0 microg/side or 10.0 microg/side), but not nicotinic antagonism with mecamylamine (10.0 microg/side), inhibited...

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  • Working memory is more sensitive than declarative memory to the acute effects of corticosteroids: a dose-response study in humans.

    abstract::The effects of various doses (40 microg/kg/hr, 300 microg/kg/hr, 600 microg/kg/hr or placebo) of hydrocortisone on tasks assessing working and declarative memory function were measured in 4 groups of 10 young men. During the infusion, participants were given an item-recognition working memory task, a paired-associate ...

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    authors: Lupien SJ,Gillin CJ,Hauger RL

    更新日期:1999-06-01 00:00:00

  • Place navigation in rats with unilateral tetrodotoxin inactivation of the dorsal hippocampus: place but not procedural learning can be lateralized to one hippocampus.

    abstract::Lateralization of the Morris water maze task was examined by injecting 5 ng of tetrodotoxin (TTX) into one dorsal hippocampus (HPC) of chronically cannulated rats (n = 20). The task, acquired (A) during unilateral HPC block, was retrieved (R) during TTX blockade of the ipsi- (I) or contralateral (C) HPC. Escape latenc...

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    authors: Fenton AA,Bures J

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  • Chronic nicotine exposure in preadolescence enhances later spontaneous recovery of fear memory.

    abstract::Preadolescent mice have been shown to be differentially susceptible to the effects of both acute and chronic nicotine exposure on contextual fear learning relative to adults. For this study, we tested the effects of chronic nicotine exposure in preadolescence on adulthood extinction and spontaneous recovery of fear me...

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