Confocal and multiphoton calcium imaging of the enteric nervous system in anesthetized mice.


:Most imaging studies of the enteric nervous system (ENS) that regulates the function of the gastrointestinal tract are so far performed using preparations isolated from animals, thus hindering the understanding of the ENS function in vivo. Here we report a method for imaging the ENS cellular network activity in living mice using a new transgenic mouse line that co-expresses G-CaMP6 and mCherry in the ENS combined with the suction-mediated stabilization of intestinal movements. With confocal or two-photon imaging, our method can visualize spontaneous and pharmacologically-evoked ENS network activity in living animals at cellular and subcellular resolutions, demonstrating the potential usefulness for studies of the ENS function in health and disease.


Neurosci Res


Neuroscience research


Motegi Y,Sato M,Horiguchi K,Ohkura M,Gengyo-Ando K,Ikegaya Y,Fusamae Y,Hongo Y,Suzuki M,Ogawa K,Takaki M,Nakai J




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  • Revisiting a theory of cerebellar cortex.

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  • Anisotropic functional connections between the auditory cortex and area 18a in rat cerebral slices.

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  • Long lasting activity of nociceptive muscular afferents facilitates bilateral flexion reflex pattern in the feline spinal cord.

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  • Spatial and dynamic changes in intracellular Ca2+ measured by confocal laser-scanning microscopy in bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells.

    abstract::Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) was used to record spatial and dynamic changes in the intracellular Ca2+ [(Ca2+]i) of bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells in excised tissue or in culture. A CLSM utilizing Ar ion laser (488 nm) and recording fluo-3 fluorescence yielded the sliced image of ganglion cells, while...

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  • Postsynaptic density visualized by whole mount electron microscopy.

    abstract::Detergent-unextractable structures of synaptic plasma membrane of rat cerebrum were observed by whole mount electron microscopy. The globular structures were identified as postsynaptic densities (PSDs) from several criteria and appeared to consist of folded strings, to which a number of other molecules might be attach...

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  • Bilateral intrahippocampal NAC61-95 effects on behavior and moderation with L-NAME treatment.

    abstract::Residues 61-95 of the non-amyloid component (NAC(61-95)) domain of alpha-synuclein are responsible for the aggregation and neurotoxicity of this protein. This study evaluated the effect of N((omega))-nitro-l-arginine methyl ester (l-NAME), a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, on the behavior of rats bilaterally injected...

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  • Regional distribution of substance P, neurokinin alpha and neurokinin beta in rat central nervous system.

    abstract::Recently, we have found novel mammalian tachykinins, neurokinin alpha and beta isolated from porcine spinal cord, whose chemical structures are similar to those of substance P or kassinin. In the present study, we describe a specific assay system for neurokinin alpha and beta by combining HPLC and radioimmunoassay. We...

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  • A novel balanced chromosomal translocation found in subjects with schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder: altered l-serine level associated with disruption of PSAT1 gene expression.

    abstract::l-Serine is required for the synthesis of glycine and d-serine, both of which are NMDA receptor co-agonists. Although roles for d-serine and glycine have been suggested in schizophrenia, little is known about the role of the l-serine synthesizing cascade in schizophrenia or related psychiatric conditions. Here we repo...

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  • Oligosynaptic inhibition of group I afferents between the brachioradialis and flexor carpi radialis in humans.

    abstract::Spinal reflex arcs mediated by low threshold afferents between the brachioradialis (BR) and flexor carpi radialis (FCR) were studied in eleven healthy human subjects using a post-stimulus time-histogram method. Electrical conditioning stimuli (ES) to the radial nerve branch innervating BR with the intensity below the ...

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  • Uni-directional differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into neurons by the neural stem sphere method.

    abstract::We previously showed that our neural stem sphere (NSS) method promotes the neuronal differentiation of mouse, monkey and human embryonic stem (ES) cells. Here we analyzed changes in expression of marker genes and proteins during neuronal differentiation. When cultured in astrocyte-conditioned medium (ACM) under free-f...

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  • Calcium-binding protein, secretagogin, characterizes novel groups of interneurons in the rat striatum.

    abstract::In the rat striatum numerous secretagogin (SCGN) positive neurons were scattered. They were heterogeneous in their morphological and chemical properties. We examined the colocalization of SCGN with known four interneuron markers, parvalbumin (PV), calretinin (CR), nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and choline acetyl transfe...

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  • Regional and laminar distribution of choline acetyltransferase immunoreactivity in the cat superior colliculus.

    abstract::The pattern of distribution of cholinergic fibers was examined immunohistochemically in the cat superior colliculus by using a monoclonal antibody against choline acetyltransferase (ChAT). In the superficial layers, an obvious immunoreactive zone was found in the rostral two-thirds of the outer portion of the superfic...

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  • A possible serologic biomarker for maternal immune activation-associated neurodevelopmental disorders found in the rat models.

    abstract::Epidemiological studies have shown that maternal infection during early pregnancy increases the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders (i.e., schizophrenia or autism) in offspring. Recently, diagnostic/stratification biomarkers for the maternal immune activation background in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders h...

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  • Diazepam restores the increased [3H]glutamate binding to hippocampal synaptic membranes in the amygdaloid-kindled rat.

    abstract::[3H]Glutamic acid binding to hippocampi was increased after amygdaloid kindling in rats, and diazepam inhibited this increased binding, without any effect on the enhanced binding by CaCl2 or the binding in control rats. By inducing kindling in the same way as that used in the binding experiment, the inhibiting effects...

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  • Enzymatic inactivation of tachykinin neurotransmitters in the isolated spinal cord of the newborn rat.

    abstract::A mixture of peptidase inhibitors increased the magnitude of the saphenous nerve-evoked slow depolarization of a lumbar ventral root and prolonged the similarly evoked inhibition of monosynaptic reflex (MSR) in the isolated spinal cord of the newborn rat in the presence of naloxone. The saphenous nerve-evoked MSR inhi...

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    abstract::The occurrence of multiple proteoglycan species is a characteristic of the brain. The structural features of individually characterized proteoglycans in the brain are first introduced in brief, then some examples are shown that suggest a relationship between multiple proteoglycans and the many distinct cell types and ...

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  • Zinc ion enhances the blocking potency of synthetic analogs of spider toxin (JSTX) on the glutamate receptor.

    abstract::The effect of synthetic spider toxin analogs containing aza-crown in combination with zinc and copper was studied on the lobster neuromuscular synapse. The suppressive action of N4-type spider toxin analog (N4) on excitatory postsynaptic potentials (EPSPs) was markedly enhanced in the presence of 10(-5)-10(-4) M Zn2+....

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  • DISC1 regulates synaptic vesicle transport via a lithium-sensitive pathway.

    abstract::Disrupted-in-Schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) is a susceptibility gene for major mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Although the roles of DISC1 in nervous system development and functions are increasingly recognized, pathophysiological mechanisms underlying a range of neuropsychiatric symptoms caus...

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  • Angiotensin II type-2 (AT2) receptor antagonism alters cardiovascular responses to static exercise and simultaneously changes glutamate/GABA levels within the ventrolateral medulla.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Angiotensin II receptors (Ang II), classified into AT1 and AT2 subtypes, are located in different regions of the central nervous system, including the cardiovascular control centers in the medulla oblongata. We previously reported the role of Ang II AT1 receptors within the medulla on cardiovascular response...

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  • Nitric oxide, 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyric acid and light/dark adaptation modulate short-wavelength-sensitive synaptic transmission to retinal horizontal cells.

    abstract::Light-induced changes in the input resistance (Rin) of external, luminosity (i.e. H1) type horizontal cell (HC) perikarya were studied by the bridge-balance method in light-adapted and dark-adapted retinae of carp. Changes in input resistance (delta Rin) induced by short-(460 nm) and long-wavelength (674 nm) flashes, ...

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  • Involvement of oxidative stress in the enhancement of acetylcholinesterase activity induced by amyloid beta-peptide.

    abstract::Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity is increased within and around amyloid plaques, which are present in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patient's brain. In this study, using cultured retinal cells as a neuronal model, we analyzed the effect of the synthetic peptide Abeta(25-35) on the activity of AChE, the degradation enzy...

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  • Quantitative and temporal relationship between local cerebral blood flow and neuronal activation induced by somatosensory stimulation in rats.

    abstract::In many studies on functional neuroimaging, change in local cerebral blood flow induced by sensory stimulation (evoked LCBF) is used as a marker for change in cortical neuronal activity, although a full description of the relationship between the evoked LCBF and neuronal activity has not been given. The purpose of thi...

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