Membrane platforms for biological nanopore sensing and sequencing.


:In the past two decades, biological nanopores have been developed and explored for use in sensing applications as a result of their exquisite sensitivity and easily engineered, reproducible, and economically manufactured structures. Nanopore sensing has been shown to differentiate between highly similar analytes, measure polymer size, detect the presence of specific genes, and rapidly sequence nucleic acids translocating through the pore. Devices featuring protein nanopores have been limited in part by the membrane support containing the nanopore, the shortcomings of which have been addressed in recent work developing new materials, approaches, and apparatus resulting in membrane platforms featuring automatability and increased robustness, lifetime, and measurement throughput.


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  • Use of cell wall-less bacteria (L-forms) for efficient expression and secretion of heterologous gene products.

    abstract::In spite of many efforts and achievements to optimize the prokaryotic expression systems, there are still general and specific problems in obtaining sufficient yields of the functionally active gene products. The main problems concern the formation of inclusion bodies, incorrect folding, toxicity for the producer cell...

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    authors: Gumpert J,Hoischen C

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  • Recombinant proteins for medical use: the attractions and challenges.

    abstract::Recombinant proteins that have survived the challenges of process development and clinical trials are becoming blockbuster medical products. Growth factors, enzymes and antibodies are being improved by mutational approaches, fused with other proteins, and even chemically modified in vitro. Drug development and testing...

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  • Origin and analysis of microbial population heterogeneity in bioprocesses.

    abstract::Heterogeneity of industrial production cultures is accepted to a certain degree; however, the underlying mechanisms are seldom perceived or included in the development of new bioprocess control strategies. Population heterogeneity and its basics, perceptible in the diverse proficiency of cells, begins with asymmetric ...

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  • DNA analysis in forensics, disease and animal/plant identification.

    abstract::During 1993, significant advances have been achieved in applications of DNA analysis to forensic science, disease assessment, and animal/plant identification. These advances include the development of simple and high sample-throughput techniques for highly informative personal identification, rapid screening for patho...

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  • Metabolic flux analysis in eukaryotes.

    abstract::Metabolic flux analysis (MFA) represents a powerful tool for systems biology research on eukaryotic cells. This review describes recent advances, the challenges as well as applications of metabolic flux analysis comprising fungi, mammalian cells and plants. While MFA is widely established and applied in microorganisms...

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    authors: Niklas J,Schneider K,Heinzle E

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  • Genetic alphabet expansion biotechnology by creating unnatural base pairs.

    abstract::Recent studies have made it possible to expand the genetic alphabet of DNA, which is originally composed of the four-letter alphabet with A-T and G-C pairs, by introducing an unnatural base pair (UBP). Several types of UBPs function as a third base pair in replication, transcription, and/or translation. Through the UB...

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  • In situ vadose zone bioremediation.

    abstract::Contamination of the vadose zone with various pollutants is a world-wide problem, and often technical or economic constraints impose remediation without excavation. In situ bioremediation in the vadose zone by bioventing has become a standard remediation technology for light spilled petroleum products. In this review,...

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    authors: Höhener P,Ponsin V

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  • Protein secretion in bacteria.

    abstract::Most secretory proteins are synthesized as precursors with an amino-terminal signal peptide. Genetic identification of proteins essential for signal peptide dependent translocation to the Escherichia coli periplasm has led to the biochemical dissection of the secretion pathway. Additional mechanisms exist in Gram-nega...

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  • Selection of biologically active peptides by phage display of random peptide libraries.

    abstract::Random peptide libraries displayed on phage are used as a source of peptides for epitope mapping, for the identification of critical amino acids responsible for protein-protein interactions and as leads for the discovery of new therapeutics. Efficient and simple procedures have been devised to select peptides binding ...

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    authors: Cortese R,Monaci P,Luzzago A,Santini C,Bartoli F,Cortese I,Fortugno P,Galfrè G,Nicosia A,Felici F

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  • Peptide ligation and semisynthesis.

    abstract::Semisynthesis is used to create defined analogues of proteins by the chemical manipulation of peptide fragments largely derived from the natural protein and the subsequent reassembly of those fragments into a near-native conformation. In common with the total synthesis of proteins, it requires efficient and non-destru...

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    authors: Wallace CJ

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  • Biological hydrogen production by dark fermentation: challenges and prospects towards scaled-up production.

    abstract::Among different technologies of hydrogen production, bio-hydrogen production exhibits perhaps the greatest potential to replace fossil fuels. Based on recent research on dark fermentative hydrogen production, this article reviews the following aspects towards scaled-up application of this technology: bioreactor develo...

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  • Combinatorial biocatalysis: taking the lead from nature.

    abstract::Combinatorial biocatalysis is an emerging technology in the field of drug discovery. The biocatalytic approach to combinatorial chemistry uses enzymatic, chemoenzymatic, and microbial transformations to generate libraries from lead compounds. Important recent advances in combinatorial biocatalysis include iterative de...

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    authors: Altreuter DH,Clark DS

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  • Microbial production of value-added nutraceuticals.

    abstract::Nutraceuticals are important natural bioactive compounds that confer health-promoting and medical benefits to humans. Globally growing demands for value-added nutraceuticals for prevention and treatment of human diseases have rendered nutraceuticals a multi-billion dollar market. However, supply limitations and extrac...

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    authors: Wang J,Guleria S,Koffas MA,Yan Y

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  • RNA-based dynamic genetic controllers: development strategies and applications.

    abstract::Dynamic regulation of gene expression in response to various molecules is crucial for both basic science and practical applications. RNA is considered an attractive material for creating dynamic genetic controllers because of its specific binding to ligands, structural flexibility, programmability, and small size. Her...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Jang S,Jang S,Yang J,Seo SW,Jung GY

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  • Transcription factor-based biosensors and inducible systems in non-model bacteria: current progress and future directions.

    abstract::Genetic diversity within the geobiosphere encompasses enormous sensing capabilities and many non-model bacteria are of biotechnological interest. Biosensing, or more generally inducible, systems are a vital component of metabolic engineering, as they allow tight control of gene expression as well as the basis for high...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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  • Constructing immortalized human cell lines.

    abstract::Obtaining an abundant supply of human cells with specific differentiated properties is a key issue in many research studies and biotechnology applications. Recent advances in this area include the finding that forced expression of the enzyme telomerase can greatly increase the proliferative potential of at least some ...

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    authors: Yeager TR,Reddel RR

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  • Stem cell niche engineering through droplet microfluidics.

    abstract::Stem cells reside in complex niches in which their behaviour is tightly regulated by various biochemical and biophysical signals. In order to unveil some of the crucial stem cell-niche interactions and expedite the implementation of stem cells in clinical and pharmaceutical applications, in vitro methodologies are bei...

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    authors: Allazetta S,Lutolf MP

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  • Systems biology of yeast: enabling technology for development of cell factories for production of advanced biofuels.

    abstract::Transportation fuels will gradually shift from oil based fuels towards alternative fuel resources like biofuels. Current bioethanol and biodiesel can, however, not cover the increasing demand for biofuels and there is therefore a need for advanced biofuels with superior fuel properties. Novel cell factories will provi...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: de Jong B,Siewers V,Nielsen J

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  • Engineering and application of polymerases for synthetic genetics.

    abstract::Organic chemistry has systematically probed the chemical determinants of function in nucleic acids by variation to the nucleobase, sugar ring and backbone moieties to build synthetic genetic polymers. Concomitantly, protein engineering has advanced to allow the discovery of polymerases capable of utilizing modified nu...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Houlihan G,Arangundy-Franklin S,Holliger P

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  • Engineering the spatial organization of metabolic enzymes: mimicking nature's synergy.

    abstract::A growing body of evidence indicates that many cellular reactions within metabolic pathways are catalyzed not by free-floating 'soluble' enzymes, but via one or more membrane-associated multienzyme complexes. This type of macromolecular organization has important implications for the overall efficiency, specificity, a...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Conrado RJ,Varner JD,DeLisa MP

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  • Protein fragment complementation strategies for biochemical network mapping.

    abstract::The organization of biochemical networks that make up the living cell can be defined by studying the dynamics of protein-protein interactions. To this end, experimental strategies based on protein fragment complementation assays (PCAs) have been used to map biochemical networks and to identify novel components of thes...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Michnick SW

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  • Novel biotechnological approaches to produce biological compounds: challenges and opportunities for science communication.

    abstract::Novel biotechnological approaches such as Metabolic Engineering (ME) and New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) are currently being developed to produce biological compounds for food and non-food products. NPBTs span a range of methods for in vivo production in crops, some of which are classified as GMOs while others a...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Pei L,Schmidt M

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  • Will combinatorial chemistry deliver real medicines?

    abstract::Over the next decade, the impact of library synthesis will play a major role in shortening the lead optimization phase of drug discovery. The prognosis for combinatorial chemistry to discover fundamentally different new classes of therapeutically active small molecules against some of the more difficult biological tar...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Myers PL

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  • Imaging approach for monitoring cellular metabolites and ions using genetically encoded biosensors.

    abstract::The spatiotemporal patterns of ion and metabolite levels in living cells are important in understanding signal transduction and metabolite flux. Imaging approaches using genetically encoded sensors are ideal for detecting such molecule dynamics, which are hard to capture otherwise. Recent years have seen iterative imp...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Okumoto S

    更新日期:2010-02-01 00:00:00

  • The interplay between microevolution and community structure in microbial populations.

    abstract::The structure of microbial communities is key to their functionality. However, this structure is likely to be influenced by adaptive genetic change in members of the community, which can occur over a matter of days. Changes in community structure can in turn influence the evolutionary trajectories of species within th...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: O'Brien S,Hodgson DJ,Buckling A

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  • Directed evolution: new parts and optimized function.

    abstract::Constructing novel biological systems that function in a robust and predictable manner requires better methods for discovering new functional molecules and for optimizing their assembly in novel biological contexts. By enabling functional diversification and optimization in the absence of detailed mechanistic understa...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Dougherty MJ,Arnold FH

    更新日期:2009-08-01 00:00:00

  • Microbial production of extremolytes - high-value active ingredients for nutrition, health care, and well-being.

    abstract::Extremolytes are small organic molecules, which protect cells under extreme, virtually inhabitable conditions. Their exceptional properties can be translated into health-promoting and therapeutic activities, which open an avenue of opportunities for the cosmetic, medical, and food industries. Supported by powerful app...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Becker J,Wittmann C

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  • Top value platform chemicals: bio-based production of organic acids.

    abstract::Driven by the quest for sustainability, recent years have seen a tremendous progress in bio-based production routes from renewable raw materials to commercial goods. Particularly, the production of organic acids has crystallized as a competitive and fast-evolving field, related to the broad applicability of organic ac...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Becker J,Lange A,Fabarius J,Wittmann C

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  • The Silicon Cell initiative: working towards a detailed kinetic description at the cellular level.

    abstract::The Silicon Cell initiative aims to understand cellular systems on the basis of the characteristics of their components. As a tool to achieve this, detailed kinetic models at the network reaction level are being constructed. Such detailed kinetic models are extremely useful for medical and biotechnological application...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Snoep JL

    更新日期:2005-06-01 00:00:00

  • Stable-isotope probing of DNA: insights into the function of uncultivated microorganisms from isotopically labeled metagenomes.

    abstract::Stable-isotope probing (SIP) of environmental genomic DNA allows populations in a natural microbial community to be identified through the incorporation of (13)C- or (15)N-labeled substrates into biomass. The isotopically labeled DNA is retrieved by density gradient centrifugation, and active microorganisms identified...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Friedrich MW

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