Broadly protective influenza vaccines: design and production platforms.


:Effective vaccines are the cornerstone of our defenses against acute influenza virus infections that result in ∼500 000 annual deaths worldwide. For decades, an on-going concerted effort has been to develop a universal influenza vaccine to combat the looming threat of potentially pandemic emerging and re-emerging influenza viruses. To address the need for rapid efficacious vaccines that could mitigate the impact of seasonal and future pandemics, multiple platforms are under development and/or investigation. What is clear is that any universal vaccine must provide long-lasting cross-protective immunity that can induce both B and T cell responses. This review will explore some of the universal influenza vaccine platforms in the contexts of their ability to induce long-lasting and cross-protective T cell immunity.


Curr Opin Virol


Elbahesh H,Saletti G,Gerlach T,Rimmelzwaan GF




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  • Norovirus assembly and stability.

    abstract::Noroviruses are rapidly evolving RNA viruses and are generally known as the main cause of viral gastroenteritis worldwide. Particle stability is of special interest as transmission occurs via the faecal-oral route and virions are able to persist in the environment. Studies on norovirus capsid assembly and disassembly ...

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  • Structural and dynamic asymmetry in icosahedrally symmetric virus capsids.

    abstract::A common characteristic of virus capsids is icosahedral symmetry, yet these highly symmetric structures can display asymmetric features within their virions and undergo asymmetric dynamics. The fields of structural and computational biology have entered a new realm in the investigation of virus infection mechanisms, w...

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  • Wrapping membranes around plant virus infection.

    abstract::Positive strand RNA viruses cause membrane modifications which are microenvironments or larger intracellular compartments, also called 'viroplasms'. These compartments serve to concentrate virus and host factors needed to produce new genomes. Forming these replication sites often involves virus induced membrane synthe...

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  • Breaking the chain: Rift Valley fever virus control via livestock vaccination.

    abstract::Rift Valley fever virus is a mosquito-borne pathogen of livestock and humans that causes widespread and devastating outbreaks of severe and often fatal disease throughout Africa and portions of the Arabian Peninsula. Outbreaks can involve tens to hundreds of thousands of human cases, and millions of livestock. The sev...

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  • Antiviral drugs specific for coronaviruses in preclinical development.

    abstract::Coronaviruses are positive stranded RNA viruses that cause respiratory, enteric and central nervous system diseases in many species, including humans. Until recently, the relatively low burden of disease in humans caused by few of these viruses impeded the development of coronavirus specific therapeutics. However, the...

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  • Impacts of poultry vaccination on viruses of wild bird.

    abstract::Spillover of viruses from farmed poultry into wild birds is a relatively new area of study at the livestock-wildlife interface. These transmission events can threaten the health of wild birds. There is growing evidence of transmission of vaccine viruses from poultry to wild birds, including attenuated vaccine strains ...

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  • Merkel cell polyomavirus, a highly prevalent virus with tumorigenic potential.

    abstract::Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCPyV) is the only human polyomavirus known to be involved in tumorigenesis. Like other human polyomaviruses, MCPyV is highly prevalent in the healthy population, yet the MCPyV-associated Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a very rare disease. Although in vitro and in vivo models have provided si...

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  • Origin of the retroviruses: when, where, and how?

    abstract::Retroviruses are a virus family of considerable medical and veterinary importance. Additionally, it is now clear that endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) comprise significant portions of vertebrate genomes. Until recently, very little was known about the deep evolutionary origins of retroviruses. However, advances in genom...

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  • Challenges in the clinical development of a dengue vaccine.

    abstract::Dengue is a potentially fatal viral disease for which treatment is limited to supportive care, and prevention and control are based on mosquito vector control programs. It is the fastest growing arboviral infection and is currently endemic in more than 100 tropical and subtropical countries, placing over 40% of the wo...

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  • The depths of virus exaptation.

    abstract::Viruses are ubiquitous parasites of cellular life forms and the most abundant biological entities on earth. The relationships between viruses and their hosts involve the continuous arms race but are by no account limited to it. Growing evidence shows that, in the course of evolution, viruses and their components are r...

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    authors: Koonin EV,Krupovic M

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  • Virus particle dynamics derived from CryoEM studies.

    abstract::The direct electron detector has revolutionized electron cryo-microscopy (CryoEM). Icosahedral virus structures are routinely produced at 4Å resolution or better and the approach has largely displaced virus crystallography, as it requires less material, less purity and often produces a structure more rapidly. Largely ...

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  • Regulation of rotavirus polymerase activity by inner capsid proteins.

    abstract::Rotavirus, a cause of pediatric gastroenteritis, has a genome consisting of 11 segments of double-stranded (ds)RNA surrounded by a triple-layered protein capsid. The rotavirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, VP1, synthesizes both dsRNA and plus-strand RNA (+RNA) within subviral particles. Structural analyses of the rota...

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  • Type I interferons: diversity of sources, production pathways and effects on immune responses.

    abstract::Type I interferons (IFN-I) were first described over 50 years ago as factors produced by cells that interfere with virus replication and promote an antiviral state. Innate and adaptive immune responses to viruses are also greatly influenced by IFN-I. In this article we discuss the diversity of cellular sources of IFN-...

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  • Human papillomavirus infection and induction of neoplasia: a matter of fitness.

    abstract::The aetiologic association between infection with certain human papillomavirus (HPV) types, high-grade squamous neoplasia, and cancer at different epithelial sites is well established. In this review we briefly discuss recent breakthroughs in the regulation of squamous epithelia in homeostasis and disease, and provide...

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  • The evolution of life history trade-offs in viruses.

    abstract::Viruses can suffer 'life-history' trade-offs that prevent simultaneous improvement in fitness traits, such as improved intrahost reproduction at the expense of reduced extrahost survival. Here we examine reproduction-survival trade-offs and other trait compromises, highlighting that experimental evolution can reveal t...

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  • HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and antiviral drug resistance. Part 2.

    abstract::Structures of RT and its complexes combined with biochemical and clinical data help in illuminating the molecular mechanisms of different drug-resistance mutations. The NRTI drugs that are used in combinations have different primary mutation sites. RT mutations that confer resistance to one drug can be hypersensitive ...

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  • Rapid diagnostic tests to address challenges for global measles surveillance.

    abstract::Recently, a lateral flow rapid diagnostic test (RDT) with good accuracy has been described. This test enables measles specific IgM antibody detection in serum, capillary blood and oral fluid. RDTs have the potential to transform measles surveillance by allowing real-time case confirmation outside of central/regional l...

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  • Structural similarities in DNA packaging and delivery apparatuses in Herpesvirus and dsDNA bacteriophages.

    abstract::Structural information can inform our understanding of virus origins and evolution. The herpesviruses and tailed bacteriophages constitute two large families of dsDNA viruses which infect vertebrates and prokaryotes respectively. A relationship between these disparate groups was initially suggested by similarities in ...

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  • Rotavirus vaccination in developing countries.

    abstract::Although two oral rotavirus vaccines are licensed in many countries, multiple factors may affect decision-making regarding introduction into national immunization programs in developing countries. Financial and logistic challenges to introduction of rotavirus vaccines in countries with limited infrastructure and resou...

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  • Within host RNA virus persistence: mechanisms and consequences.

    abstract::In a prototypical response to an acute viral infection it would be expected that the adaptive immune response would eliminate all virally infected cells within a few weeks of infection. However many (non-retrovirus) RNA viruses can establish 'within host' persistent infections that occasionally lead to chronic or reac...

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  • Capsid proteins of enveloped viruses as antiviral drug targets.

    abstract::Viral proteins have enabled the design of selective and efficacious treatments for viral diseases. While focus in this area has been on viral enzymes, it appears that multifunctional viral proteins may be even more susceptible to small molecule interference. As exemplified by HIV capsid, small molecule inhibitors can ...

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    authors: Klumpp K,Crépin T

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  • Assessment of antiviral therapeutics in animal models of Lassa fever.

    abstract::Lassa virus (LASV) is an emerging zoonotic virus endemic in West Africa that can cause severe haemorrhagic Lassa fever (LF) in humans. LF recently gained international attention as a prominent infectious disease, leading to increasingly severe outbreaks in Nigeria over the past three years. Morbidity and mortality ass...

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  • Evolution of plant-virus interactions: host range and virus emergence.

    abstract::Changes in host range are central to virus emergence. Host range, together with its evolution, is determined by virus intrinsic factors, such as genetic traits determining its fitness in different hosts. Experimental analyses have shown the relevance in host range evolution of across-host fitness trade-offs. Host rang...

    journal_title:Current opinion in virology

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  • Historical discourse on the development of the live attenuated tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate TV003/TV005.

    abstract::Dengue is the most important arboviral disease world-wide with an estimated 400 million annual infections. Dengvaxia™ is a live attenuated tetravalent vaccine recently licensed for dengue seropositive individuals aged 9-45 years. There is great need for a dengue vaccine that could be given to dengue-naïve individuals ...

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    authors: Durbin AP

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  • Taming a beast: lessons from the domestication of hepatitis C virus.

    abstract::"What I cannot create, I do not understand." Richard Feynman may have championed reasoning from first principles in his famous blackboard missive, but he could just as well have been referring to the plight of a molecular virologist. What cannot be grown in a controlled laboratory setting, we cannot fully understand. ...

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    authors: Luna JM,Saeed M,Rice CM

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  • The search for meaning in virus discovery.

    abstract::The rate of new virus discovery is increasing dramatically with improvements in sequencing and other molecular diagnostic platforms, and investments in sample collection and analysis. However, progress has been more limited in identification and implication of infectious agents that pose threats to human health and we...

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    authors: Daszak P,Lipkin WI

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  • Structures of the tailed bacteriophages that infect Gram-positive bacteria.

    abstract::Productive virus infection depends upon delivery of viral genomic material into the host cell cytoplasm. The tails of bacteriophages recognize host cells and mediate host cell wall and membrane penetration. Recent cryo-electron microscopy studies have revealed near atomic-resolutions structures of the entire or almost...

    journal_title:Current opinion in virology

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    authors: Huang L,Xiang Y

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  • Persistent, circulative transmission of begomoviruses by whitefly vectors.

    abstract::Begomoviruses comprise an emerging and economically important group of plant viruses exclusively transmitted by the sweetpotato whitefly Bemisia tabaci in many regions of the world. The past twenty years have witnessed significant progress in studying the molecular interactions between members of this virus group and ...

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    authors: Rosen R,Kanakala S,Kliot A,Cathrin Pakkianathan B,Farich BA,Santana-Magal N,Elimelech M,Kontsedalov S,Lebedev G,Cilia M,Ghanim M

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  • Resistance to HIV integrase strand transfer inhibitors: in vitro findings and clinical consequences.

    abstract::Three integrase strand transfer inhibitors have now been approved for the treatment of HIV infection, raltegravir, cobicistat-boosted elvitegravir, and dolutegravir. Each of these agents selects for unique signature mutations; however, there can be significant cross resistance among all three drugs when multiple mutat...

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    authors: Grobler JA,Hazuda DJ

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  • Reverse genetic approaches for the development of Zika vaccines and therapeutics.

    abstract::In 2015-2016, the little known Zika virus (ZIKV) caused an epidemic, in which it became recognized as a unique human pathogen associated with a range of devastating congenital abnormalities collectively categorized as congenital Zika syndrome (CZS). In adults, the virus can trigger the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Bar...

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