Residual time of sinusoidal metachronal ciliary flow of non-Newtonian fluid through ciliated walls: fertilization and implantation.


:The monitoring of the ciliated walls in the uterine tube has supreme importance in enhancing the sperm to reach the egg (capacitation processes), and at peristaltic ciliary flow has a more favorable residual time along the canal when compared to the peristaltic flow. Based on the importance of this study, a mathematical simulation of this process has been carried out by studying the behavior of a non-Newtonian magnetized fluid with a Darcy flow model with an oscillating wall having an internal ciliated surface. The governing equation is formed with Eyring-Powell fluid (tubal fallopian fluid) without using any approximations and solved using the Adomian analysis method. Using the vorticity formula, the components of the velocity function, pressure gradient, and stream function are obtained. The influence of relevant parameters is explained through diagramming and discussion. We also analyzed the residue time effects on the flow parameters. The results indicate that peristaltic ciliary flow has a more favorable residual time along the canal when compared to peristaltic flow.


Zaher AZ,Moawad AMA,Mekheimer KS,Bhatti MM




Has Abstract


2021-01-03 00:00:00








  • Injury risk prediction from computational simulations of ocular blast loading.

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  • A simulation study on the significant nanomechanical heterogeneous properties of collagen.

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  • On the mechanics of myopia and its influence on retinal detachment.

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  • The influence of load repetition in bone mechanotransduction using poroelastic finite-element models: the impact of permeability.

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  • A computational model that predicts reverse growth in response to mechanical unloading.

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  • Study of the combined effects of PTH treatment and mechanical loading in postmenopausal osteoporosis using a new mechanistic PK-PD model.

    abstract::One of only a few approved and available anabolic treatments for severe osteoporosis is daily injections of PTH (1-34). This drug has a specific dual action which can act either anabolically or catabolically depending on the type of administration, i.e. intermittent or continuous, respectively. In this paper, we prese...

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  • A novel method for non-invasively detecting the severity and location of aortic aneurysms.

    abstract::The influence of an aortic aneurysm on blood flow waveforms is well established, but how to exploit this link for diagnostic purposes still remains challenging. This work uses a combination of experimental and computational modelling to study how aneurysms of various size affect the waveforms. Experimental studies are...

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  • Comparison of HR-pQCT- and microCT-based finite element models for the estimation of the mechanical properties of the calcaneus trabecular bone.

    abstract::The calcaneus bone is formed of extensive trabecular bone and is therefore well suited to be used as an example of loaded bone to establish the ability of combining microfinite element (microFE) technique with high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT) in determining its mechanical propertie...

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  • Influence of power-law rheology on cell injury during microbubble flows.

    abstract::The reopening of fluid-occluded pulmonary airways generates microbubble flows which impart complex hydrodynamic stresses to the epithelial cells lining airway walls. In this study we used boundary element solutions and finite element techniques to investigate how cell rheology influences the deformation and injury of ...

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  • Effects of pH on transport properties of articular cartilages.

    abstract::Articular cartilages swell and shrink depending on the ionic strength of the electrolyte they are in contact with. This electro-chemo-mechanical coupling is due to the presence of fixed electrical charges on proteoglycans (PGs). In addition, at nonphysiological pH, collagen fibers become charged. Therefore, variation ...

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  • Peristaltic biofluids flow through vertical porous human vessels using third-grade non-Newtonian fluids model.

    abstract::In this paper, the heat and flow characteristic of third-grade non-Newtonian biofluids flow through a vertical porous human vessel due to peristaltic wall motion are studied. The third-grade model can describe shear thinning (or shear thickening) and normal stress differences, which is acceptable for biofluids modelin...

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  • Material model of pelvic bone based on modal analysis: a study on the composite bone.

    abstract::Digital models based on finite element (FE) analysis are widely used in orthopaedics to predict the stress or strain in the bone due to bone-implant interaction. The usability of the model depends strongly on the bone material description. The material model that is most commonly used is based on a constant Young's mo...

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  • Homogenized stiffness matrices for mineralized collagen fibrils and lamellar bone using unit cell finite element models.

    abstract::Mineralized collagen fibrils have been usually analyzed like a two-phase composite material where crystals are considered as platelets that constitute the reinforcement phase. Different models have been used to describe the elastic behavior of the material. In this work, it is shown that when Halpin-Tsai equations are...

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  • A resolved two-way coupled CFD/6-DOF approach for predicting embolus transport and the embolus-trapping efficiency of IVC filters.

    abstract::Inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are medical devices designed to provide a mechanical barrier to the passage of emboli from the deep veins of the legs to the heart and lungs. Despite decades of development and clinical use, IVC filters still fail to prevent the passage of all hazardous emboli. The objective of this st...

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  • The importance of the pericardium for cardiac biomechanics: from physiology to computational modeling.

    abstract::The human heart is enclosed in the pericardial cavity. The pericardium consists of a layered thin sac and is separated from the myocardium by a thin film of fluid. It provides a fixture in space and frictionless sliding of the myocardium. The influence of the pericardium is essential for predictive mechanical simulati...

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  • Wing cross veins: an efficient biomechanical strategy to mitigate fatigue failure of insect cuticle.

    abstract::Locust wings are able to sustain millions of cycles of mechanical loading during the lifetime of the insect. Previous studies have shown that cross veins play an important role in delaying crack propagation in the wings. Do cross veins thus also influence the fatigue behaviour of the wings? Since many important fatigu...

    journal_title:Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology

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    authors: Rajabi H,Bazargan P,Pourbabaei A,Eshghi S,Darvizeh A,Gorb SN,Taylor D,Dirks JH

    更新日期:2017-12-01 00:00:00

  • The mechanical behaviour of chondrocytes predicted with a micro-structural model of articular cartilage.

    abstract::The integrity of articular cartilage depends on the proper functioning and mechanical stimulation of chondrocytes, the cells that synthesize extracellular matrix and maintain tissue health. The biosynthetic activity of chondrocytes is influenced by genetic factors, environmental influences, extracellular matrix compos...

    journal_title:Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology

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    authors: Han SK,Federico S,Grillo A,Giaquinta G,Herzog W

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  • Computational neurotrauma--design, simulation, and analysis of controlled cortical impact model.

    abstract::The controlled cortical impact (CCI) model is widely used in many laboratories to study traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although external impact parameters during CCI tests could be clearly defined, little is known about the internal tissue-level mechanical responses of the rat brain. Furthermore, the external impact pa...

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    authors: Mao H,Yang KH,King AI,Yang K

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