Dosimetry for infant exposures to electronic article surveillance system: posture, physical dimension and anatomy.


:The use of electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems has become popular in many public sites. As a consequence, concern has risen about infant exposure to magnetic fields (MFs) from this kind of device. To evaluate infant exposure to MFs of an EAS system (operating at 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz), we numerically compared dosimetric results among adult, child and infant models. Results revealed that postures insignificantly influenced dosimetric results if there was a similar cross-sectional area under exposure. Although safety limits are unlikely to be exceeded, the infant has higher SAR values for brain and central nervous system tissues compared with adult (1.5x at 125 kHz and 112x at 13.56 MHz), which deserve further investigation. Infant's specific anatomy (e.g., non-proportionally large head and high fat content) did not induce higher SAR values. The numerical models developed in the study (stroller and postured infant models) could be freely used for nonprofit academic research.






Li C,Wu T




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  • Contact current hypothesis: summary of results to date.

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  • Residential EMF exposure and childhood leukemia: meta-analysis and population attributable risk.

    abstract::The controversy over the possible association between magnetic field exposure and childhood leukemia has led several researchers to summarize the literature using meta-analysis. This paper reviews these previous meta-analyses and extends them by adding results from four studies published since the most recent analysis...


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