Effects on the growth of damaged ganglion cell axons after peripheral nerve transplantation in adult hamsters.


:After transplantation of autologous sciatic nerve segments into the retina of adult hamsters for 1-2 months, retrograde labelling with horseradish peroxidase demonstrated a population of ganglion cells situated peripheral to the graft. If an additional lesion was placed between the insertion of the graft and the optic disc at the same time as transplantation, in addition to labelled cells situated peripheral to the graft, retrograde labelling with horseradish peroxidase demonstrated a population of labelled neurons located between the graft and the optic disc which was not observed in animals without the additional lesion. Since the axons of this population of cells would have to turn around away from their normal course towards the optic disc and travel for about 1.5 mm in order to grow into the graft, it suggests that the peripheral nerve graft might play an active role in attracting and/or guiding damaged ganglion cell axons to grow into it.


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So KF,Xiao YM,Diao YC




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    abstract::In pentobarbitone-anesthetized cats breathing spontaneously, we studied whether excision of one petrosal ganglion would modify the reflex efficacy of the remaining carotid and aortic chemoafferences in ventilatory control. Resting ventilation was not affected shortly after the ganglionectomy, but decreased sensitiviti...

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    abstract::Postnatal development of the K+-stimulated release of [3H]GABA in rat cortex slices was compared to the density of Gray type 2 synapses (which correlate with GABAergic synapses in rat cortex). The [3H]GABA release system develops earlier than the inhibitory synapses which suggests that, at least in the young cortical ...

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