Granulins, a novel class of peptide from leukocytes.


:We report the isolation and characterization of a novel class of leukocyte peptides with possible cytokine-like activities which we call granulins. They are cystine-rich with molecular weights of approximately 6 Kda, except for granulin D, which appears to be a dimer. We present the sequence of one member of this family, a 56 residue peptide, granulin A, and amino-terminal sequences for three other granulins from human peripheral leukocytes. A fifth related peptide was isolated and partially sequenced from rat bone marrow, suggesting that at least some of the granulin in peripheral leukocytes is preformed in the marrow. Rat granulin, and human granulin A, are closely related, showing that the granulin structures are highly conserved between species.


Bateman A,Belcourt D,Bennett H,Lazure C,Solomon S




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1990-12-31 00:00:00














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  • Growth-rate-related and hydroxysterol-induced changes in membrane fluidity of cultured hepatoma cells: correlation with 3-hydroxy-3-methyl glutaryl CoA reductase activity.

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  • Triticone A: a novel bioactive lactam with potential as a molecular probe.

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  • Stable interdomain interaction within the cytoplasmic domain of CD45 increases enzyme stability.

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    abstract::Chloride channels in the ocular ciliary epithelium are believed to play a key role in aqueous humor formation. We isolated a cDNA clone from a lambda Uni-ZAP cDNA library of human nonpigmented ciliary epithelial (NPE) cells encoding the swelling-induced chloride channel/channel regulator pICln. The human clone contain...

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  • Cathepsin Q, a novel lysosomal cysteine protease highly expressed in placenta.

    abstract::The complete nucleotide sequence of a novel cathepsin cDNA derived from rat placenta was determined and is termed cathepsin Q. The predicted protein of 343 amino acid is a member of the family C1A protease related to cathepsin L. Rat cathepsin Q and its mouse counterpart were found highly expressed in placenta, wherea...

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  • Regulation of sterol biosynthesis in sunflower by 24(R,S),25-epiminolanosterol, a novel C-24 methyl transferase inhibitor.

    abstract::Whereas sitosterol and 24(28)-methylene cycloartanol were competitive inhibitors (with Ki = 26 microM and 14 microM, respectively), 24(R,S)-25-epiminolanosterol was found to be a potent non-competitive inhibitor (Ki = 3.0 nM) of the S-adenosyl-L-methionine-C-24 methyl transferase from sunflower embryos. Because the gr...

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  • The brain-type glucose transporter mRNA is specifically expressed at the blood-brain barrier.

    abstract::The brain-type glucose transporter (bGT) is assumed to be distributed among neurons and glial cells, but to be particularly enriched in brain microvascular endothelium, which makes up the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in vivo. However, in the course of the present studies it was found that the bGT is specifically expresse...

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  • Purification and characterization of a new form of cytochrome P-450 (LM2b) from untreated male rabbit liver microsomes.

    abstract::A new form of cytochrome P-450 has been purified from untreated male rabbit liver microsomes. This form was designated P-450 LM2b on the basis of its electrophoretic mobility on SDS polyacrylamide gel, where it migrates as a polypeptide of apparent molecular weight of 50,250. This hemoprotein exhibits a maximum at 448...

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  • Expression of rat interleukin-5 and generation of neutralizing antiserum: a comparative study of rat IL-5 produced in Escherichia coli and insect cells.

    abstract::A cDNA coding for rat IL-5 was obtained by RT-PCR from total spleen RNA. With the exception of a single a.a. replacement at position 85 (L-P), it is identical to the published sequence obtained by retroviral gene transfer. This cDNA was used to express biologically active recombinant IL-5 in E. coli and in insect cell...

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    authors: Pierrot C,Cocude C,Cêtre C,Godin C,Lafitte S,Capron M,Khalife J

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  • Alpha 2-antiplasmin's carboxy-terminal lysine residue is a major site of interaction with plasmin.

    abstract::alpha 2-Antiplasmin (AP) inhibits plasmin in a two-step reaction in which AP reversibly binds to lysine-binding sites of plasmin and, then, more slowly complexes covalently with the enzyme's active site. Here, we show that the C-terminal lysine residue of AP has a key role in binding of the inhibitor to plasmin. A syn...

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    authors: Hortin GL,Gibson BL,Fok KF

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  • Expression and localization in spermatozoa of the mitochondrial porin isoform 2 in Drosophila melanogaster.

    abstract::Mitochondrial porins or VDACs (voltage-dependent anion-selective channels) are transmembrane pore-forming proteins. In eukaryotic genomes multiple genes coding for VDAC homologues have been discovered, but their function remains unknown. In Drosophila melanogaster three additional genes homologous to the gene porin ha...

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  • Persistent BDNF exon I-IX mRNA expression following the withdrawal of neuronal activity in neurons.

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