Sonographic evaluation of apophyseal ossification of the iliac crest in forensic age diagnostics in living individuals.


:Due to the requirement to minimise exposure to radiation, it is desirable to develop non-ionising imaging procedures for the analysis of skeletal maturation for forensic age diagnostics in living individuals. The present pilot study analyses the applicability of ultrasound examinations for the evaluation of apophyseal ossification of the iliac crest. With reference to the sonographic staging of clavicular ossification, the maturation stages of the iliac crest apophysis of 23 male and 16 female subjects, aged 11-20 years, were determined. Ossification stage I occurred in the male subjects at a minimum age of 15.7 years. Ossification stage II was diagnosed in boys at a minimum age of 14.1 years and in girls at a minimum age of 11.7 years. The earliest observation of ossification stage III was at a chronological age of 16.2 years in males and 15.2 years in females. The earliest age of occurrence of ossification stage IV was at least 18.0 years in male test persons and at least 17.1 years in female test persons. The results obtained should be reassessed in a larger number of cases. It is to be expected that sonographic examination of the iliac crest apophysis will become established as a valid and efficient method for forensic age diagnostics in living individuals.


Int J Legal Med


Schmidt S,Schmeling A,Zwiesigk P,Pfeiffer H,Schulz R




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