Effect of chronic alcoholism on the human hippocampus.


:The effect of chronic alcoholism on the human hippocampus was studied in 21 patients, divided in 4 groups: Group A under 45 years, group B 46-59 years, group C 60-69, and Group D over 70 years; and compared with age-matched control patients who died without neurological complications. The gyrus dentatus and the ammonic fields CA1 through CA4 were analyzed by counting the number of neurons and the size of the nuclear area. Both parameters were evaluated statistically. The most important findings were a high neuronal loss in alcoholics in the first age group. In addition, the hippocampal neurons failed to display a vicarious reaction, since the nuclei did not show any increase in size despite the intense neuronal loss. Our results point out an early neuronal loss in the hippocampus of alcoholic patients higher than age-matched controls, as well as a lack of reaction to the neuronal insult.


Histol Histopathol


Bengochea O,Gonzalo LM


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1990-07-01 00:00:00












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  • Oncocytic adenoma of the nasal cavity. A case report.

    abstract::The authors present a case of benign oncocytoma (oxyphil cell adenoma) of the nasal cavity in a young woman. This is the fifth case reported in that region. Immunohistochemical stains revealed positivity only for cytokeratin. ...

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    abstract::Epidermal proliferation, inflammatory changes and microvascular augmentation are prominent features of chronic cutaneous psoriatic lesions. The objective of this study was the investigation of blood and lymphatic microvascular changes in relation to epidermal changes and inflammatory infiltration in dermis. Immunohist...

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  • Histology and ultrastructure of the pineal organ in the domestic goose.

    abstract::The pineal organs of 14-week-old domestic geese were investigated with light and electron microscopy. The pineals consisted of a wide distal part and a narrow middle-proximal one. The glands were attached to the intercommissural region via the choroid plexus. The pineal parenchyma was formed by round or elongated foll...

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  • Distribution and pathophysiologic role of molybdenum-containing enzymes.

    abstract::The importance of molybdenum-containing enzymes in the pathophysiology of a number of clinical disorders necessitates a comprehensive understanding of their histological localization and expression. The objectives of this review are to cover such enzymes so far reported and their enzyme- and immunohistochemical locali...

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  • Nitric oxide, a biological double-faced janus--is this good or bad?

    abstract::Nitric oxide (NO) is a biological messenger molecule produced by one of the essential amino acids L-arginine by the catalytic action of the enzyme NO synthase (NOS). The dual role of NO as a protective or toxic molecule is due to several factors, such as; the isoform of NOS involved, concentration of NO and the type o...

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