Characterization of intronic structures and alternative splicing in Phytophthora sojae by comparative analysis of expressed sequence tags and genomic sequences.


:The oomycetes, a distinct phylogenetic lineage of fungus-like microorganisms, are heterokonts (stramenopiles) belonging to the supergroup Chromalveolata. Although the complete genomic sequences of a number of oomycetes have been reported, little information regarding the introns therein is available. Here, we investigated the introns of Phytophthora sojae, a pathogen that causes soybean root and stem rot, by a comparative analysis of genomic sequences and expressed sequence tags. A total of 4013 introns were identified, of which 96.6% contained canonical splice sites. The P. sojae genome possessed features distinct from other organisms at 5' splice sites, polypyrimidine tracts, branch sites, and 3' splice sites. Diverse repeating sequences, ranging from 2 to 10 nucleotides in length, were found at more than half of the intron-exon boundaries. Furthermore, 122 genes underwent alternative splicing. These data indicate that P. sojae has unique splicing mechanisms, and recognition of those mechanisms may lead to more accurate predictions of the location of introns in P. sojae and even other oomycete species.


Can J Microbiol


Shen D,Ye W,Dong S,Wang Y,Dou D




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2011-02-01 00:00:00














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  • Immune responses of mice to inactivated rabies vaccine administered orally: potentiation by Quillaja saponin.

    abstract::Administered orally, Quillaja saponin markedly potentiated the humoral immune responses of mice fed inactivated rabies vaccine, and significantly increased their resistance to subsequent intracerebral challenge with live rabies virus. Although mean serum neutralizing antibody titres were generally 8- to 16-fold higher...

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  • The origin of fatty acids in the hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganism Mycobacterium vaccae.

    abstract::The fatty acid pattern in Mycobacterium vaccae strain JOB5 was examined after growth on n-alkanes (C14-C18), 1-alkenes (C14-C18), 2- or 3-methyl octadecane, and 8-heptadecene. It was evident that monoterminal oxidation of n-alkanes was followed by beta-oxidation and that both parent fatty acid and products of beta-oxi...

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    abstract::Yersinia pestis is a bacterium that is transmitted between fleas, which have a body temperature of 26 °C, and mammalian hosts, which have a body temperature of 37 °C. To adapt to the temperature shift, phenotype variations, including virulence, occur. In this study, an antigen microarray including 218 proteins of Y. p...

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    abstract::Southern bean mosaic virus (SBMV) protein was cleaved with cyanogen bromide and a highly basic peptide, CB-1, was isolated by ion exclusion and ion-exchange chromatography. Twelve peptides were separated from a tryptic digest of CB-1 by ion-exchange chromatography and the composition of these peptides was similar to t...

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  • Hydrogen cyanide production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa at reduced oxygen levels.

    abstract::Hydrogen cyanide production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa growing in a synthetic medium required aerobosis but operated efficiently at low dissolved oxygen concentration. Half maximum levels of cyanogenesis occurred at 0.015 microM oxygen; maximum cyanogenesis occurred over a wide range, 0.1-180 microM, of oxygen concentr...

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  • Relationship between clinical site of isolation and ability to form biofilms in vitro in nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae.

    abstract::Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) is an opportunistic pathogen associated with a range of infections, including various lower respiratory infections, otitis media, and conjunctivitis. There is some debate as to whether or not NTHi produces biofilms and, if so, whether or not this is relevant to pathogenesis. A...

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  • Nitrogen fixation in the muskeg ecosystem of the James Bay Lowlands, Northern Ontario.

    abstract::The acetylene-reduction assay was used for in situ and laboratory assessment of biological nitrogen fixation in the acidic, waterlogged, muskeg ecosystem of the southern James Bay area, in the region of Moosonee, Ontario. In situ assays and subsequent laboratory experimentation revealed that nitrogenase activity was p...

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  • Genotyping of Yersinia enterocolitica biotype 1A strains from clinical and nonclinical origins by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.

    abstract::Yersinia enterocolitica biotype 1A (B1A) strains are considered mainly nonpathogenic. However, some studies considered strains of this biotype to be the causal agents of infections in humans and animals. In South America, there are no studies that have compared clinical and nonclinical strains of B1A typed by pulsed-f...

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