Recovery of novel alkaline phosphatase-encoding genes (phoX) from eutrophic Lake Taihu.


:To expand current knowledge on the molecular aspects of alkaline phosphatase PhoX in shallow eutrophic freshwaters, we investigated the genetic diversity and abundance of the PhoX-encoding gene (phoX) in 4 ecological regions in Lake Taihu, China, following a gradient in total phosphorus concentrations ranging from hypereutrophic to mesotrophic. Bacterial phoX was heterogeneously distributed with the highest diversity in the eutrophic regions and the highest abundance in the mesotrophic Xukou Bay. The concentrations of total phosphorus and enzymatically hydrolyzable phosphorus determined the distribution of bacterial phoX in Lake Taihu. Most (70.8%) of the phoX-translated proteins had <90% similarity to the PhoX proteins in the GenBank database, suggesting the presence of novel phoX genotypes in Lake Taihu. The low overlap in phoX genotypes (15.8%) between Lake Taihu and some marine ecosystems, and the dominance of the translated proteins most similar to the Alphaproteobacteria-affiliated PhoX, demonstrate the uniqueness of PhoX in eutrophic freshwaters.


Can J Microbiol


Dai J,Chen D,Gao G,Tang X,Wu S,Wu X,Zhou J




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2014-03-01 00:00:00












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  • Yeast-like growth of Mucor alternans (van Tieghem) in tissue-culture medium 199.

    abstract::Mucor alternans(van Tieghem) was found to be a diphasic species in that it grew exclusively in the yeast-like budding phase under anaerobic conditions in the complex medium yeast extract-peptone-glucose broth and in tissue-culture medium 199. In the latter medium this growth form occurred also at 37C, at an initial pH...

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  • A single-bottle blood culture system: evaluation and comparison with two other systems.

    abstract::A commercially available single-bottle blood culture system was evaluated at Ben Taub General Hospital, a Harris County District Hospital. Blood cultures from 1010 patients were examined with the Lederle Diagnostics one-bottle blood culture medium-SPS, Columbia broth (E-Vac, Pfizer), and an in-house-prepared brain hea...

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  • The growth of Mycobacterium convolutum on solid n-alkane substrates: effect on cellular lipid composition.

    abstract::Growth rates and cell yields of Mycobacterium convolutum strain R22 grown on a wide range of both odd- and even-numbered carbon solid n-alkanes decreased as the substrate carbon number increased. Cellular lipid was 2.5 times higher following growth on the hydrocarbon substrates. The amount of polar lipid was found to ...

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