Effect of thiomersal on dissociation of intact (146S) foot-and-mouth disease virions into 12S particles as assessed by novel ELISAs specific for either 146S or 12S particles.


:Intact (146S) foot-and-mouth disease virions (FMDVs) can dissociate into specific (12S) viral capsid degradation products. Using two single-domain antibody fragments that bind specifically to either 146S or 12S particles we developed two ELISAs for the quantification of these particles in FMDV antigen preparations used for vaccine manufacturing. Only O serotype strains are detected in the 146S specific ELISA whereas strains of most serotypes are detected in the 12S specific ELISA. However, the 146S concentration of A and Asia 1 serotype strains could be measured indirectly using the 12S specific ELISA by prior conversion of 146S into 12S particles by heat treatment. This allowed us to demonstrate that addition of the preservative thiomersal to FMDV antigens stimulates the dissociation into 12S particles of O, A and Asia 1 serotype strains upon prolonged storage at 4°C. FMDV dissociation is known to result in a strongly reduced immunogenicity, which was experimentally confirmed here. Therefore, we recommend to omit thiomersal from FMD vaccines to increase its shelf life.






Harmsen MM,Fijten HP,Westra DF,Coco-Martin JM




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2011-03-24 00:00:00
















  • An improved Pythium insidiosum-vaccine formulation with enhanced immunotherapeutic properties in horses and dogs with pythiosis.

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  • TLR-based immune adjuvants.

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    abstract::A new 13-valent conjugated polysaccharide vaccine (PCV13) against Streptococcus pneumoniae infections, which replaced the 7-valent vaccine (PCV7) in the regional immunization programmes for newborns and children who started but not completed the 3 doses schedule of PCV7, is available in Italy since 2010. The opportuni...


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  • Recombinant CP40 from Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis confers protection in mice after challenge with a virulent strain.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Caseous Lymphadenitis (CLA) is a contagious, infectious, chronic disease caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, which affects mainly sheep and goats. The clinical prevalence of CLA in Brazil is 30%, resulting in decreased milk production, weight loss, and unusable meat and leather. Prophylaxis is base...


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  • Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a novel foot-and-mouth disease virus empty-capsid-like particle with improved acid stability.

    abstract::Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) is the etiological agent of a highly contagious disease that affects cloven-hoofed animal species. The FMDV capsid is highly acid labile and viral particles lose their immunogenicity when they disassemble at mildly acidic pHs. The viral capsid of FMDV serotype O is more sensitive th...


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  • Safety, immunogenicity and shedding of LAIV4 in HIV-infected and uninfected children.

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  • Phylogenetic and antigenic analyses of coxsackievirus A6 isolates in Yamagata, Japan between 2001 and 2017.

    abstract::Although coxsackievirus A6 (CV-A6) is generally recognized as a causative agent of herpangina in children, CV-A6 infections globally emerged as a new and major cause of epidemic hand-foot-and-mouth-diseases (HFMDs) around 2008. To clarify the longitudinal epidemiology of CV-A6, we carried out sequence and phylogenetic...


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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine (9vHPV) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2014. 9vHPV is not recommended during pregnancy, but some women of childbearing age may be inadvertently exposed. This study aims to evaluate reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Repor...


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    abstract::We previously developed a dengue tetravalent DNA vaccine that can induce neutralizing antibodies against four dengue viruses in mice. Here, we demonstrated that immunogenicity of our tetravalent vaccine is synergistically increased in mice by co-immunization with dengue type 2 virus (DENV2) subviral extracellular part...


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  • Ag85B-ESAT-6 adjuvanted with IC31 promotes strong and long-lived Mycobacterium tuberculosis specific T cell responses in naïve human volunteers.

    abstract::Though widely used, the BCG vaccine has had little apparent effect on rates of adult pulmonary tuberculosis. Moreover, the risk of disseminated BCG disease in immunocompromised individuals means that improved TB vaccines ideally need to be able to efficiently prime mycobacterially-naïve individuals as well as boost in...


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  • Non PC liposome entrapped promastigote antigens elicit parasite specific CD8+ and CD4+ T-cell immune response and protect hamsters against visceral leishmaniasis.

    abstract::Leishmania donovani promastigote soluble antigens (sLAg) were encapsulated in non-phosphatidylcholine (non-PC) liposomes (escheriosomes) prepared from E. coli lipids. The escheriosome-based vaccine was investigated for its potential to elicit a protective immune response against experimental visceral leishmaniasis. Th...


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  • Effectiveness of Lanzhou lamb rotavirus vaccine against rotavirus gastroenteritis requiring hospitalization: a matched case-control study.

    abstract::We sought to determine the vaccine effectiveness (VE) of Lanzhou lamb rotavirus (LLR) vaccine against rotavirus gastroenteritis in children <5 requiring hospitalization. Children hospitalized 2002-2004 with rotavirus gastroenteritis were matched by gender, age and community to 838 controls. VE was calculated for one o...


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  • Meningitis epidemics in Africa: a brief overview.

    abstract::Every year, meningococcal meningitis causes thousands of deaths within the meningitis belt in sub-Saharan African countries. Large epidemic waves occur with a periodicity of 5-12 years. The waves do correspond to molecular changes in the expression of capsular or subcapsular antigens, which allow the bug to spread in ...


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  • Systemic immunization with CCL27/CTACK modulates immune responses at mucosal sites in mice and macaques.

    abstract::Plasmid DNA is a promising vaccine platform that has been shown to be safe and able to be administered repeatedly without vector interference. Enhancing the potency of DNA vaccination through co-delivery of molecular adjuvants is one strategy currently under investigation. Here we describe the use of the novel chemoki...


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