Cardioprotective effect of calcineurin inhibition in an animal model of renal disease.


AIMS:Chronic kidney disease is directly associated with cardiovascular complications. Heart remodelling, including fibrosis, hypertrophy, and decreased vascularization, is frequently present in renal diseases. Our objective was to investigate the impact of calcineurin inhibitors (CNI) on cardiac remodelling and function in a rat model of renal disease. METHODS AND RESULTS:Male Sprague Dawley rats were divided into six groups: sham-operated rats, 5/6 nephrectomized rats (Nx) treated with vehicle, CNI (cyclosporine A 5.0 or 7.5, or tacrolimus 0.5 mg/kg/day) or hydralazine (20 mg/kg twice a day) for 14 days, starting on the day of surgery. Creatinine clearance was significantly lower and blood pressure significantly higher in Nx rats when compared with controls. Morphological and echocardiographic analyses revealed increased left ventricular hypertrophy and decreased number of capillaries in Nx rats. Treatment with CNI affected neither the renal function nor the blood pressure, but prevented the development of cardiac hypertrophy and improved vascularization. In addition, regional blood volume improved as confirmed by contrast agent-based echocardiography. Hydralazine treatment did not avoid heart remodelling in this model. Gene expression analysis verified a decrease in hypertrophic genes in the heart of CNI-treated rats, while pro-angiogenic and stem cell-related genes were upregulated. Moreover, mobilization of stem/progenitor cells was increased through manipulation of the CD26/SDF-1 system. CONCLUSION:We conclude from our studies that CNI-treatment significantly prevented cardiac remodelling and improved heart function in Nx rats without affecting renal function and blood pressure. This sheds new light on possible therapeutic strategies for renal patients at high cardiovascular risk.


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European heart journal


Di Marco GS,Reuter S,Kentrup D,Ting L,Ting L,Grabner A,Jacobi AM,Pavenstädt H,Baba HA,Tiemann K,Brand M




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    abstract::The impulses coming from the sinus node synchronically penetrate the AV node via the crista terminalis and inter-atrial septum. Studies in superfused rabbit AV preparations suggest that the crista terminalis is a more effective input than the inter-atrial septum, and that the summation of both inputs facilitates AV no...

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  • Pathophysiology of re-entrant dysrhythmias.

    abstract::Re-entry was demonstrated as a self-perpetuating mechanism as early as 1906. It may lead to single-cycle electrocardiographic phenomena as well as reciprocating tachycardias. Factors favouring re-entry are as follows. Unidirectional or temporary local block of conduction, a mechanism always involved in initiation of r...

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    abstract::An investigation was undertaken to assess the value of adding streptokinase therapy to standard penicillin treatment of artificially induced infective endocarditis due to Streptococcus sanguis. In pigs a low-grade infection could be induced which closely simulated streptococcal endocarditis in man, but for technical r...

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