The yield of DNA double-strand breaks produced intracellularly by ionizing radiation: a review.


:The mechanisms of radiation damage production are used to examine the following premises: (1) the number of DNA double-strand breaks per unit dose increases with dose; (2) cell type to cell type variations in yield of DNA dsb per dose occur. Two stages of damage production are identified as possible sources of damage yield modulation; numbers of OH. free radicals reacting with the target, and amount of chemical repair occurring on the target radicals. These factors are discussed in the light of the structures within which cellular DNA is packaged and the known rate constants for the reactions involved. It is concluded from our current knowledge that, in the presence of oxygen: (a) the number of DNA dsb is linearly related to dose, and (b) the yields of DNA damage per dose among cell types are constant. There is a caveat to the latter conclusion: the chromatin structure may be different in radiosensitive cell lines. In the absence of such a difference, variations in radiosensitivity with dose or with cell type are assigned to differences in repair speed and/or accuracy.


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  • Twenty years of FISH-based translocation analysis for retrospective ionizing radiation biodosimetry.

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  • Effects of 50 Hz extremely low frequency sinusoidal magnetic fields on the apoptosis of the hearts of preincubated chicken embryos at different levels of developments.

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  • Integration of new biological and physical retrospective dosimetry methods into EU emergency response plans - joint RENEB and EURADOS inter-laboratory comparisons.

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  • Chronic exposure to bryostatin-1 increases the radiosensitivity of U937 leukaemia cells ectopically expressing Bcl-2 through a non-apoptotic mechanism.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Ionizing radiation (IR) produced a dose-dependent increase in apoptosis in U937/pCEP4 cells which was attenuated by the stable over expression of Bcl-2 (U937/Bcl-2). A dose of 2 Gy IR was selected for further analyses to determine if subsequent exposure to 10nM bryostatin- would overcome the resistance to IR-in...

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  • Reaction of guanyl radicals in plasmid DNA with biological reductants: chemical repair of DNA damage produced by the direct effect of ionizing radiation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:It has been previously argued that the use of the one-electron oxidants (SCN)2(*-) and Br2(*-) with plasmid DNA leads to the formation of DNA guanyl radicals. These guanyl radical species are intermediates in the DNA damage produced by processes such as photo-ionization and ionizing irradiation. The present pap...

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  • Ultra-low dose beta-irradiation induces constriction of rabbit carotid arteries via the endothelium.

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  • Late effects of radiation on the human immune system: an overview of immune response among the atomic-bomb survivors.

    abstract::The studies of the late effects of atomic-bomb (A-bomb) radiation on the immune system were started about 20 years after the bombings in 1945. The most remarkable late effects of radiation are the functional and quantitative abnormalities of T and B cells in survivors exposed to high doses (> or = 1.0 Gy). Abnormaliti...

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  • Hypersensitivity of a human tumour cell line to very low radiation doses.

    abstract::Survival of HT29 cells was measured after irradiation with single doses of X-rays (0.05-5 Gy) and neutrons (0.025-1.5 Gy), using a Dynamic Microscopic Imaging Processing Scanner (DMIPS) with which individual cells can be accurately located in tissue culture flasks, their positions recorded, and after an appropriate in...

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  • Interaction between gene repair and mobile elements-induced activity systems after low-dose irradiation.

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  • The effects of gamma rays on the regeneration of hair follicles are carried over to later hair cycles.

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  • Experimental anti-tumor therapy in 3-D: spheroids--old hat or new challenge?

    abstract:PURPOSE:To give a state-of-the-art overview on the promise of three-dimensional (3-D) culture systems for anticancer drug development, with particular emphasis on multicellular tumor spheroids (MCTS). RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS:Cell-based assays have become an integral component in many stages of routine anti-tumor drug ...

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  • Liposome-based delivery of a boron-containing cholesteryl ester for high-LET particle-induced damage of prostate cancer cells: a boron neutron capture therapy study.

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  • A procedure for estimating the dose modifying effect of chemotherapy on radiation response.

    abstract::A procedure based on a logistic regression model was used to estimate the dose-modifying effect of chemotherapy on the response of normal tissues to radiation. The magnitude of this modifying effect is usually expressed as a dose-effect factor (DEF). Values > 1.0 indicate an enhancing effect of chemotherapy while valu...

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  • The shape of DNA elution dose-response curves under non-denaturing conditions: the contribution of the degree of chromatin condensation.

    abstract::We have re-examined the effect of detergent type, pH and temperature of lysis on the shape of the DNA elution dose response under non-denaturing conditions using plateau-phase CHO cells. Results practically identical to those previously published (Okayasu and Iliakis, 1989) were obtained, with a 1 h incubation at 60 d...

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  • DNA strand-break yields after post-irradiation incubation with base excision repair endonucleases implicate hydroxyl radical pairs in double-strand break formation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the increases in SSB and DSB yields after post gamma-irradiation incubation of plasmid DNA with the Escherichia coli base excision repair endonucleases formamidopyrimidine-DNA N-glycosylase (FPG) and endonuclease III (endo III). MATERIALS AND METHODS:Aqueous solutions of plasmid DNA were irradiate...

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  • Comet Assay analysis of DNA strand breaks after exposure to the DNA-incorporated Auger Electron Emitter Iodine-125.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Ionizing radiation causes various types of DNA damage e.g. single strand breaks (SSB) and double strand breaks (DSB), whereby the SSB/DSB ratio is shifted toward the DSB with increasing LET. For the DNA-incorporated Auger electron emitter Iodine-125 a SSB/DSB ratio of 5.4:1 is calculated based on computer simul...

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  • Characterization of radiation-induced damage in d(TpApCpG).

    abstract::The radiation chemistry of the oligomer d(TpApCpG) X-irradiated in aqueous solution containing glutathione was studied. Four products were isolated by HPLC and characterized by NMR spectroscopy. Two of the major products are isomers of a 5-hydroxy-5,6-dihydrothymine modification of d(TpApCpG). A dihydrothymine modific...

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  • Protection of pig epidermis against radiation-induced damage by the infusion of BW12C.

    abstract::BW12C, which was developed as an agent for the treatment of sickle cell anaemia, increases the binding of oxygen to haemoglobin and hence reduces the availability of oxygen to tissues. Due to these changes in oxygen availability BW12C could act as a protector against radiation-induced injury to normal tissues. In this...

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  • Putative determinants of the cellular response to hyperthermia.

    abstract::Recently, it has been demonstrated that two different thermal resistant states found in Chinese hamster cells, one transient, associated with thermotolerance, and the other permanent, associated with the increased expression of the cognate member of the hsp 70 family, are characterized by faster recovery from heat-ind...

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  • Evaluation and optimization of radioprotective activity of Coronopus didymus Linn. in gamma-irradiated mice.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate and optimize the radioprotective ability of the most potent fraction of an aqueous extract of Coronopus didymus in whole body gamma-irradiated Swiss albino mice and to evaluate the antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation of the livers of the surviving mice. To correlate the free radical scavenging...

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  • Desferrithiocin analogue uranium decorporation agents.

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  • DNA damages processed by base excision repair: biological consequences.

    abstract::Base damages, sugar damages, and single-strand breaks produced by free radicals are the preponderant lesions produced in DNA by ionizing radiation. These lesions have been individually introduced into substrate, template, and biologically active DNA molecules and enzymatic processing and biological consequences determ...

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  • Cell-cycle variation in DNA migration in pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.

    abstract::Pulsed-field electrophoresis is being used extensively in the gene mapping studies and in the analysis of DNA strand breakage by ionizing radiation. We have evaluated the relationship between the fraction of S phase DNA in a cell population and its ability to modify the migration of DNA in pulsed-field gel electrophor...

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  • Chromosome painting of radiation-induced micronuclei.

    abstract::In this report, in situ hybridization with whole chromosome painting probes was used to paint radiation-induced micronuclei (MN) in three lymphoblastoid cells lines to investigate the frequency of radiation-induced MN. The results obtained for four different chromosomes showed that there was a significant deviation of...

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  • Similarities in the repair kinetics of sublethal and potentially lethal X-ray damage in log phase Chinese hamster V79 cells.

    abstract::We have compared the repair kinetics of X-ray-induced sublethal damage (SLD) and potentially lethal damage (PLD) in V79 cells during postirradiation incubation in growth medium at 37 degrees C. Kinetics of SLD repair were studied by dose fractionation (D1 + D2 = 2 + 2, 4 + 2, 4 + 4, 10 + 4 and 10 + 7 Gy). Kinetics of ...

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    authors: Reddy NM,Lange CS

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  • Radioprotection of C3H mice by recombinant human interleukin-1 alpha.

    abstract::High doses of rHIL-1 protected C3H/HeN mice against lethal radiation damage. The optimum time of radioprotection was found when this cytokine was administered at 4 h and at 20 h before irradiation. The dose reduction factors when the IL-1 was administered at those times were about 1.30. The radioprotection at the opti...

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    authors: Wu SG,Tuboi A,Miyamoto T

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  • Does incomplete repair explain the apparent failure of the basic LQ model to predict spinal cord and kidney responses to low doses per fraction?

    abstract::Recent evidence indicates that isoeffect doses for spinal cord and kidney may be overestimated for fraction sizes as small as 1 or 2 Gy when calculated from a linear-quadratic (LQ) model fitted to data obtained for fraction sizes larger than 2 Gy. Reasons for this are unknown, but possible interpretations include exha...

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  • Topoisomerase activities and levels in irradiated Chinese hamster AA8 cells and in its radiosensitive mutant EM9.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate possible variations in topoisomerase (topo) I and II activities and levels after X-ray treatment in the radiation repair proficient AA8 Chinese hamster cell line for comparison with the radiation sensitive mutant EM9. MATERIALS AND METHODS:AA8 and EM9 cells were irradiated with 5 Gy of X-rays an...

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