QTL analysis of body weight and conformation score in commercial broiler chickens using variance component and half-sib analyses.


:The aim of the study was to investigate quantitative trait loci (QTL) in previously identified regions of chicken chromosomes 1, 4 and 5 relating to 40-day body weights and conformation scores. Half-sib (HS) and variance component analyses were implemented and compared using QTL Express software. Data were from a two-generation design and consisted of 100 dam families nested in 46 sire families with trait values for 2,708 offspring. Chicken chromosome 4 showed nominal significance for QTL affecting body weight and conformation, and linkage was confirmed for both traits on chromosome 5. Results varied according to method of analysis and with common parent in the HS method.


Anim Genet


Animal genetics


Rowe SJ,Windsor D,Haley CS,Burt DW,Hocking PM,Griffin H,Vincent J,De Koning DJ




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2006-06-01 00:00:00














  • The European sea bass: a key marine fish model in the wild and in aquaculture.

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  • Definition of the USDA103 strain of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus).

    abstract::Although there are differences in performance between genetic groups of channel catfish, identification and management of these groups is difficult because catfish strains look alike and individuals cannot be tagged efficiently. Thus, US catfish producers have not been able to objectively identify fish from different ...

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  • Two insertion/deletion variants in the promoter region of the QPCTL gene are significantly associated with body weight and carcass traits in chickens.

    abstract::Glutaminyl-peptide cyclotransferase-like (QPCTL) is an isoenzyme of glutaminyl-peptide cyclotransferase (QPCT). QPCTL and QPCT catalyze the formation of N-terminal modified pyroglutamate-fractalkine and the chemokine CCL2. The objective of this study was to investigate the association between insertions/deletions in t...

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  • Genetic characterization of biodiversity in highly inbred chicken lines by microsatellite markers.

    abstract::Forty-two microsatellite loci were analysed in 23 highly inbred chicken lines derived from Leghorn, Jungle Fowl, Fayoumi and Spanish breeds. Line-specific alleles among breeds and lines were detected. The band-sharing (BS) values were calculated and the proportion of shared alleles distances (Dps) were estimated. The ...

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  • Association analysis of adiponectin and somatostatin polymorphisms on BTA1 with growth and carcass traits in Angus cattle.

    abstract::This study tested positional candidate genes adiponectin (ADIPOQ) and somatostatin (SST) for effects on carcass traits in a commercially relevant cattle population. Both genes are located within a region of BTA1 previously reported to harbour quantitative trait loci (QTL) that affect marbling, quality grade, yield gra...

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  • Ligneous membranitis in Scottish Terriers is associated with a single nucleotide polymorphism in the plasminogen (PLG) gene.

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  • Estimations of the efficacy and reliability of paternity assignments from DNA microsatellite analysis of multiple-sire matings.

    abstract::It is important for bovine DNA testing laboratories to provide the cattle industry with accurate estimates of the efficacy and reliability of DNA tests offered so that end users of this technology can adequately assess the cost-benefits of testing. To address these issues for bovine paternity testing, paternity exclus...

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  • Evaluation of the genetic diversity and population structure of Chinese indigenous horse breeds using 27 microsatellite markers.

    abstract::We determined the genetic diversity and evolutionary relationships among 26 Chinese indigenous horse breeds and two introduced horse breeds by genotyping these animals for 27 microsatellite loci. The 26 Chinese horse breeds come from 12 different provinces. Two introduced horse breeds were the Mongolia B Horse from Mo...

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  • Diagnostic value of a microsatellite DNA marker for copper toxicosis in West-European Bedlington terriers and incidence of the disease.

    abstract::Recently, linkage of a DNA microsatellite marker to inherited copper toxicosis has been reported in American Bedlington terrier families. Due to the fact that there is little exchange of breeding stock between the USA and Europe, it remains to be investigated whether in Europe the marker is informative and is linked w...

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  • Quantitative trait loci for resistance to infection in sheep using a live Salmonella Abortusovis vaccine.

    abstract::Quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping for susceptibility to a Salmonella Abortusovis vaccinal strain was performed using an experimental design involving 30 Romane sheep sire families (1216 progenies). Nine QTL corresponding to bacterial load, weight variations and antibody response criteria were mapped on eight chrom...

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  • Quantitative trait loci for chemical body composition traits in pigs and their positional associations with body tissues, growth and feed intake.

    abstract::In this study, quantitative trait loci (QTL) for chemical and physical body composition, growth and feed intake in pigs were identified in a three-generation full-sib population, developed by crossing Pietrain sires with a commercial dam line. Phenotypic data from 315 F(2) animals were available for protein and lipid ...

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  • Next generation semiconductor based sequencing of bitter taste receptor genes in different pig populations and association analysis using a selective DNA pool-seq approach.

    abstract::Taste perception in animals affects feed intake and may influence production traits. In particular, bitter is sensed by receptors encoded by the family of TAS2R genes. In this research, using a DNA pool-seq approach coupled with next generation semiconductor based target resequencing, we analysed nine porcine TAS2R ge...

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  • Phylogenetic analysis of Sicilian goats reveals a new mtDNA lineage.

    abstract::The mitochondrial hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) sequence of 67 goats belonging to the Girgentana, Maltese and Derivata di Siria breeds was partially sequenced in order to present the first phylogenetic characterization of Sicilian goat breeds. These sequences were compared with published sequences of Indian and Pakist...

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  • Linkage disequilibrium over short physical distances measured in sheep using a high-density SNP chip.

    abstract::The extent of linkage disequilibrium (LD) between genetic loci has implications for both association studies and the accuracy of genomic prediction. To characterise the persistence of LD in diverse sheep breeds, two SNP genotyping platforms were used. First, existing SNP genotypes from 63 breeds obtained using the ovi...

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    authors: Kijas JW,Porto-Neto L,Dominik S,Reverter A,Bunch R,McCulloch R,Hayes BJ,Brauning R,McEwan J,International Sheep Genomics Consortium.

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  • Phylogenetic relationships of Cheju horses to other horse breeds as determined by mtDNA D-loop sequence polymorphism.

    abstract::Historical records suggest that horses inhabiting the island of Cheju in Korea are descendants of Mongolian horses introduced in 1276. Other studies, however, suggest that horses may have been present on the island prior to the Mongolian introduction. To determine the origin of the Cheju horses we used a phylogenetic ...

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  • A search for associations between major histocompatibility complex restriction fragment length polymorphism bands and resistance to Haemonchus contortus infection in sheep.

    abstract::Polymorphic bands were detected within the DQB and DRB regions of the ovine major histocompatibility complex by probing TaqI digested DNA from three large sheep half-sib families derived from a highly resistant ram. All animals were phenotypically assessed for Haemonchus contortus resistance by faecal egg counts and a...

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  • Large-scale potential RNA editing profiling in different adult chicken tissues.

    abstract::RNA editing is a post-transcription maturation process that diversifies genomically encoded information and can lead to transcriptome diversity. Thanks to next-generation sequencing technologies, a large number of editing sites have been identified in different species. Although this mechanism is well described in mam...

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  • Genetic variation in the bovine myostatin gene in UK beef cattle: allele frequencies and haplotype analysis in the South Devon.

    abstract::Work on Belgian Blue cattle revealed that an 11 base pair (bp) deletion within the bovine myostatin gene (GDF8) is associated with the double-muscled phenotype seen in this breed. Investigations focusing on other European breeds known to show double-muscling identified several mutations within the coding region of the...

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  • Identification of the myostatin locus (MSTN) as having a major effect on optimum racing distance in the Thoroughbred horse in the USA.

    abstract::One hundred and eighty-nine Thoroughbred horses that had won Graded Stakes races in North America were genotyped with the Illumina Equine SNP50 bead chip. Association tests using PLINK to determine whether any SNPs were associated with optimum racing distance (7 furlongs and under compared to 8-10 furlongs) identified...

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  • Linkage between amylase-1 locus and a major gene for milk fat content in cattle.

    abstract::Linkage between the amylase-1 (Am-1) locus and a quantitative trait locus influencing fat content in milk was studied in offspring from heterozygous sires of the Swedish Red and White dairy breed. The effect on bull breeding values for fat content was estimated as interactions between sire and paternal Am-1 allele usi...

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  • Associations of GH gene variants with performance traits in F2 generations of European wild boar, Piétrain and Meishan pigs.

    abstract::The role of the porcine GH gene was investigated in 292 F2 animals of mating Wild Boar x Piétrain and in 310 F2 animals of mating Meishan x Piétrain. Forty-three traits of fattening, carcass composition, meat quality and stress resistance were recorded. For the analysis of associations between GH gene variants and qua...

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  • The albinism of the feral Asinara white donkeys (Equus asinus) is determined by a missense mutation in a highly conserved position of the tyrosinase (TYR) gene deduced protein.

    abstract::A feral donkey population (Equus asinus), living in the Asinara National Park (an island north-west of Sardinia, Italy), includes a unique white albino donkey subpopulation or colour morph that is a major attraction of this park. Disrupting mutations in the tyrosinase (TYR) gene are known to cause recessive albinisms ...

    journal_title:Animal genetics

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    authors: Utzeri VJ,Bertolini F,Ribani A,Schiavo G,Dall'Olio S,Fontanesi L

    更新日期:2016-02-01 00:00:00

  • A QTL affecting milk yield and composition maps to bovine chromosome 20: a confirmation.

    abstract::As part of a whole genome scan undertaken to detect quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting milk yield and composition, we have genotyped a granddaughter design comprising 1152 sons for six microsatellite markers spanning bovine chromosome 20. An analysis performed across families provided strong evidence (experiment-...

    journal_title:Animal genetics

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    authors: Arranz JJ,Coppieters W,Berzi P,Cambisano N,Grisart B,Karim L,Marcq F,Moreau L,Mezer C,Riquet J,Simon P,Vanmanshoven P,Wagenaar D,Georges M

    更新日期:1998-04-01 00:00:00

  • Extending the chicken-human comparative map by placing 15 genes on the chicken linkage map.

    abstract::To increase the number of type I loci on the chicken linkage map, chicken genes containing microsatellite sequences (TAn, CAn, GAn, An) were selected from the nucleotide sequence database and primers were developed to amplify the repeats. Initially, 40 different microsatellites located within genes were tested on a pa...

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    authors: Groenen MA,Crooijmans RP,Dijkhof RJ,Acar R,van der Poel JJ

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