The five-factor model of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale I: confirmatory factor analysis fails to confirm 25 published five-factor solutions.


OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to test the goodness-of-fit of all previously published five-factor models of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS). METHODS:We used confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with a large data set (N = 5769). RESULTS:The different subsamples were tested for heterogeneity and were found to be homogeneous. This indicates that despite variability in age, sex, duration of illness, admission status, etc., in the different subsamples, the structure of symptoms is the same for all patients with schizophrenia. Although previous research has shown that a five-factor model fits the data better than models with three or four factors, no satisfactory fit for any of the 25 published five-factor models was found with CFA. CONCLUSIONS:Variability in age, sex, admission status and duration of illness has no substantial effect on the structure of symptoms in schizophrenia. The lack of fit can be caused by ill-defined items that aim to measure several properties in a single rating. Another explanation is that well-defined symptoms can have two or more causes. Then a double or triple loading item should not be discarded, but included because the complexity of symptoms in schizophrenia is represented by these multiple loadings. Such a complex model not only needs confirmation by CFA, but also has to be proven stable. A 10-fold cross-validation is suggested to develop a complex and stable model.


Schizophr Res


Schizophrenia research


van der Gaag M,Cuijpers A,Hoffman T,Remijsen M,Hijman R,de Haan L,van Meijel B,van Harten PN,Valmaggia L,de Hert M,Wiersma D




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  • The aprosody of schizophrenia: Computationally derived acoustic phonetic underpinnings of monotone speech.

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  • Cortical gray matter deficit in patients with bipolar disorder.

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  • Prevalence of psychosis among the Hutterites: a reanalysis of the 1950-53 study.

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  • Correlates of insight and insight change in schizophrenia.

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  • Schizotypal dimensions in normals and schizophrenic patients: a comparison with other clinical samples.

    abstract::Schizotypy is usually referred to as a "liability" to schizophrenia, but it could also be more generally referred to as nonspecific "psychosis-proneness". This study examined the structure of schizotypy in a normal sample and in a sample of schizophrenics through the administration of the Schizotypal Personality Quest...

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  • The internal structure of the phenomenology of auditory verbal hallucinations.

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  • Measuring theory of mind in schizophrenia research: Cross-cultural validation.

    abstract::Theory of mind (ToM) is the ability to understand mental states of others and it is crucial for building sensitivity to other persons or events. Measuring ToM is important for understanding and rehabilitating social cognitive impairments in persons with schizophrenia. The Social Attribution Task-Multiple Choice (SAT-M...

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  • Delusions in the general population: A systematic review with emphasis on methodology.

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  • An overview of medical risk factors for childhood psychosis: Implications for research and treatment.

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  • Abnormal white matter microstructure in schizophrenia: a voxelwise analysis of axial and radial diffusivity.

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  • Subjective wellbeing under quetiapine treatment: effect of diagnosis, mood state, and anxiety.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the effect of diagnosis, mood state, and anxiety on subjective wellbeing in patients with affective and non-affective psychotic disorders treated with quetiapine IR. METHODS:2175 patients with schizophrenia-spectrum (SZ, n=1681), schizoaffective (SA, n=249), and bipolar disorder (BPD, n=245) were ...

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  • The occurrence of cancer in first admitted schizophrenic patients.

    abstract::The incidence of cancer was studied in a cohort of all first admitted 9156 patients in Denmark with a diagnosis of schizophrenia in the period 1970-1987. The overall incidence of cancer was reduced particularly in the males. Adjustment for the smoking habits of psychiatric patients enhanced this risk reduction. Fewer ...

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  • Measuring cognitive insight in middle-aged and older patients with psychotic disorders.

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  • Reduced fractional anisotropy and axial diffusivity in white matter in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: a pilot study.

    abstract::Individuals with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11.2DS) evince a 30% incidence of schizophrenia. We compared the white matter (WM) of 22q11.2DS patients without schizophrenia to a group of matched healthy controls using Tract-Based-Spatial-Statistics (TBSS). We found localized reduction of Fractional Anisotropy (FA) an...

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  • Cognitive deficits in clinical and familial high risk groups for psychosis are common as in first episode schizophrenia.

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  • Trajectories of change in self-reported psychotic-like experiences in childhood and adolescence.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Psychotic-like experiences (PLEs) during adolescence are not uncommon and potentially represent a clinical and public health concern. A greater understanding of their aetiology and patterns of change over time is needed. We aimed to describe trajectories of PLEs during adolescence, and examine their associat...

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  • DNA hypermethylation of serotonin transporter gene promoter in drug naïve patients with schizophrenia.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Dysfunctional serotonin signaling has been linked to the pathogenesis of autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, mood disorders and schizophrenia. While the hypo-activity of serotonin signaling is involved in the pathogenesis of depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder; LSD, an agonist of serot...

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  • Deficits in GABAA receptor function and working memory in non-smokers with schizophrenia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although altered gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurotransmission has been implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia, it is unclear whether the influence of GABA on working memory processes is confounded by nicotine use in this population. It is therefore crucial to evaluate working memory and its u...

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  • Self-esteem moderates affective and psychotic responses to social stress in psychosis: A virtual reality study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Higher liability to psychosis is associated with low self-esteem and increased sensitivity to social stress. Recently, we reported a positive relation between liability to psychosis and affective and psychotic responses to social stress. This study investigated how self-esteem moderates paranoia, peak subjec...

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  • Bone mineral density as a marker of cumulative endogenous estrogen exposure: relationship to background genetic risk of psychotic disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Alterations in bone mineral density (BMD) in patients with psychotic disorder may reflect the effect of treatment (disease effect observed in patients but not their siblings) or, as an intermediate marker of cumulative endogenous estrogen exposure, alterations in the neuroprotective effect of estrogen in the...

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  • The relationship between clinical and biochemical changes following neuroleptic treatment in schizophrenia.

    abstract::Clinical improvement in psychotic symptoms is not immediate when neuroleptic treatment is commenced. Previous studies have demonstrated the development of biochemical tolerance to the effects of neuroleptics on the dopamine system. This study demonstrates a relationship between this biochemical change and the clinical...

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    abstract::Three-channel actometry was used to study neuroleptic-induced akathisia (NIA), a common and often serious disorder in association of traditional neuroleptic therapy. The aim was to explore the diagnostic possibilities of actometry in NIA and to examine in detail the motor phenomenology of the disorder in detail. The a...

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  • Further evidence for an association between schizophrenia and the HLA DQB1 gene locus.

    abstract::A case-control study was conducted in Singapore, in order to examine a proposed association between schizophrenia and the HLA DQB1 gene locus. The probands were male inpatients of Chinese ethnicity with schizophrenia (ICD-10 criteria, n = 102) and the controls were adults matched for gender and ethnicity (n = 111). Po...

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  • A polymorphism in the glutamate metabotropic receptor 7 is associated with cognitive deficits in the early phases of psychosis.

    abstract::Schizophrenia is an illness characterized by positive symptoms, negative symptoms, and cognitive impairments. Cognitive impairments occur before the onset of psychosis and could reflect glutamatergic dysregulation. Thus, identifying associations between genetic variations in genes coding for glutamatergic receptors an...

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  • Risk factors for completed suicide in schizophrenia and other chronic psychotic disorders: a case-control study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Despite an increased risk for suicide among individuals diagnosed with psychotic disorders, risk factors for completed suicide remain largely unexamined in this population. Using a case-control design, this study aimed to investigate clinical and behavioural risk factors for suicide completion in schizophreni...

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  • Trends in psychiatric hospitalisation of people with schizophrenia: a register-based investigation over the last three decades.

    abstract::The number of psychiatric beds has declined considerably in many countries over the past decades. Long-term studies on the impact of these health care changes for the severely mentally ill, however, are still scarce. This epidemiological study investigates the use of inpatient psychiatric services by people with schiz...

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  • Attention shaping as a means to improve emotion perception deficits in outpatients with schizophrenia and impaired controls.

    abstract::Deficits in emotion perception are common in people with schizophrenia and current research has focused on improving these deficits. In our previous research, we demonstrated that directing attention to salient facial features via attention shaping can improve these deficits among inpatients. In this study, we examine...

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  • A single dose of oxytocin nasal spray improves higher-order social cognition in schizophrenia.

    abstract::Schizophrenia is associated with significant impairments in both higher and lower order social cognitive performance and these impairments contribute to poor social functioning. People with schizophrenia report poor social functioning to be one of their greatest unmet treatment needs. Recent studies have suggested the...

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