Microbial biocatalyst developments to upgrade fossil fuels.


:Steady increases in the average sulfur content of petroleum and stricter environmental regulations concerning the sulfur content have promoted studies of bioprocessing to upgrade fossil fuels. Bioprocesses can potentially provide a solution to the need for improved and expanded fuel upgrading worldwide, because bioprocesses for fuel upgrading do not require hydrogen and produce far less carbon dioxide than thermochemical processes. Recent advances have demonstrated that biodesulfurization is capable of removing sulfur from hydrotreated diesel to yield a product with an ultra-low sulfur concentration that meets current environmental regulations. However, the technology has not yet progressed beyond laboratory-scale testing, as more efficient biocatalysts are needed. Genetic studies to obtain improved biocatalysts for the selective removal of sulfur and nitrogen from petroleum provide the focus of current research efforts.


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  • Natural products of commercial potential as medicines.

    abstract::Recent advances in research on natural products (of both low and high molecular weight) of plant origin and their commercial potential as medicines are discussed. Substances with immunomodulating, antiviral, antimicrobial, antiparasite, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, tranquillizer and antifeedant activiti...

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  • Ultrafast laser nanosurgery in microfluidics for genome-wide screenings.

    abstract::The use of ultrafast laser pulses in surgery has allowed for unprecedented precision with minimal collateral damage to surrounding tissues. For these reasons, ultrafast laser nanosurgery, as an injury model, has gained tremendous momentum in experimental biology ranging from in vitro manipulations of subcellular struc...

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  • Stable isotope probing of carbon flow in the plant holobiont.

    abstract::Microbial communities associated with a plant host, constituting a holobiont, affect the physiology and growth of the plant via metabolites that are mainly derived from their photosynthates. The structure and function of active microbial communities that assimilate root exudates can be tracked by using stable isotope ...

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  • Engineered minichromosomes in plants.

    abstract::Genetic engineering for complex or combined traits requires the simultaneous expression of multiple genes, and has been considered as the bottleneck for the next generation of genetic engineering in plants. Minichromosome technology provides one solution to the stable expression and maintenance of multiple transgenes ...

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  • Advances in synthetic biology: on the path from prototypes to applications.

    abstract::Synthetic biology combines knowledge from various disciplines including molecular biology, engineering, mathematics and physics to design and build novel proteins, genetic circuits and metabolic networks. Early efforts aimed at altering the behavior of individual elements have now evolved to focus on the construction ...

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  • High-throughput system-wide engineering and screening for microbial biotechnology.

    abstract::Genetic engineering and screening of large number of cells or populations is a crucial bottleneck in today's systems biology and applied (micro)biology. Instead of using standard methods in bottles, flasks or 96-well plates, scientists are increasingly relying on high-throughput strategies that miniaturize their exper...

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  • Pathway elucidation and engineering of plant-derived diterpenoids.

    abstract::Plant-derived diterpenoids are indispensable to plant development, stress-resistance and interaction with environmental microorganisms. Besides significant roles in plant fitness and adaption, many bioactivities beneficial to human beings are also found in diterpenoids from terrestrial plants. However, these high-valu...

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  • Bacterial persistence from a system-level perspective.

    abstract::In recent years, our understanding about bacterial persistence has significantly advanced: we comprehend the persister phenotype better, more triggers for persistence entry have been found, and more insights in the involvement and role of toxin-antitoxin systems and other molecular mechanisms have been unravelled. In ...

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  • Computational methods for evaluation of cell-based data assessment--Bioconductor.

    abstract::Recent advances in miniaturization and automation of technologies have enabled cell-based assay high-throughput screening, bringing along new challenges in data analysis. Automation, standardization, reproducibility have become requirements for qualitative research. The Bioconductor community has worked in that direct...

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  • The Hox gene family in transgenic mice.

    abstract::Evidence is accumulating which suggests that the vertebrate Hox homeobox gene family plays an important role in pattern formation, particularly in the specification of regional diversity. In the last year important advances in the understanding of their regulation and function have been provided using transgenic mice....

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    authors: Krumlauf R

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  • The microbe electric: conversion of organic matter to electricity.

    abstract::Broad application of microbial fuel cells will require substantial increases in current density. A better understanding of the microbiology of these systems may help. Recent studies have greatly expanded the range of microorganisms known to function either as electrode-reducing microorganisms at the anode or as electr...

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    authors: Lovley DR

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  • Crosslinking of enzymes for improved stability and performance.

    abstract::Stabilization of enzymes without diminishing and diluting their activity is crucial for their use as industrial catalysts. One practically proven approach involves crystallization of the enzyme (size 1-200 microm) followed by subsequent crosslinking. In many cases, the resulting crosslinked enzyme crystals exhibit inc...

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    authors: Govardhan CP

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  • Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) as model systems for human cancer.

    abstract::Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) are obtained by transplanting fragments of a patient's tumour into immunodeficient mice. Growth and propagation of PDXs allows correlating therapeutic response in vivo with extensive, multi-dimensional molecular annotation, leading to identification of predictive biomarkers. PDXs are ...

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  • Biocatalytic synthesis of oligosaccharides.

    abstract::Tremendous advances in biocatalytic approaches to oligosaccharide synthesis have taken place in the past two years. The use of isolated enzymes, both glycosyltransferases and glycosidases, or engineered whole cells allows the preparation of natural oligosaccharides and analogs required for glycobiology research. ...

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    authors: Palcic MM

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  • Predicting phenotypic variation from genotypes, phenotypes and a combination of the two.

    abstract::A central challenge for medicine is to predict disease risk and treatment outcomes for individuals. But what kind of information should be used to make useful predictions in biology? One important cause of phenotypic variation is of course genetics. However genetic predictions have both practical and fundamental limit...

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    authors: Burga A,Lehner B

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  • Nature's recyclers: anaerobic microbial communities drive crude biomass deconstruction.

    abstract::Microbial communities within anaerobic ecosystems have evolved to degrade and recycle carbon throughout the earth. A number of strains have been isolated from anaerobic microbial communities, which are rich in carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZymes) to liberate fermentable sugars from crude plant biomass (lignocellulose...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Lillington SP,Leggieri PA,Heom KA,O'Malley MA

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  • Nucleic acids in the environment.

    abstract::The past year has witnessed several excellent advances in basic and applied research on nucleic acids in the environment. Improved methods for extracting nucleic acids from environmental samples have been published, as well as information on the use of reporter genes in bacteria, natural genetic transformation in soil...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Trevors JT

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  • Use of cell wall-less bacteria (L-forms) for efficient expression and secretion of heterologous gene products.

    abstract::In spite of many efforts and achievements to optimize the prokaryotic expression systems, there are still general and specific problems in obtaining sufficient yields of the functionally active gene products. The main problems concern the formation of inclusion bodies, incorrect folding, toxicity for the producer cell...

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  • Functional genomics in Arabidopsis: large-scale insertional mutagenesis complements the genome sequencing project.

    abstract::The ultimate goal of genome research on the model flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana is the identification of all of the genes and understanding their functions. A major step towards this goal, the genome sequencing project, is nearing completion; however, functional studies of newly discovered genes have not yet ke...

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  • Customised nucleic acid libraries for enhanced aptamer selection and performance.

    abstract::Aptamers are short single-stranded oligo(deoxy)nucleotides that are selected to bind to target molecules with high affinity and specificity. Because of their sophisticated characteristics and versatile applicability, aptamers are thought to become universal molecular probes in biotechnological and therapeutic applicat...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Pfeiffer F,Rosenthal M,Siegl J,Ewers J,Mayer G

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  • Microfabricated reaction and separation systems.

    abstract::Over the past year there have been a number of recent advances in the fields of miniaturized reaction and separation systems, including the construction of fully integrated 'lab-on-a-chip' systems. Microreactors, which initially targeted DNA-based reactions such as the polymerase chain reaction, are now used in severa...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Krishnan M,Namasivayam V,Lin R,Pal R,Burns MA

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  • Dynamic resolution and stereoinversion of secondary alcohols by chemo-enzymatic processes.

    abstract::To overcome the maximum 50% yield limitation of classical resolution methods, deracemization processes involving a racemization step (dynamic resolution) or a prochiral intermediate (stereoinversion) have been developed. The use of transition metal complexes as racemizing agents, in combination with an enzymatic react...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Azerad R,Buisson D

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  • Impact of microbial transformation of food on health - from fermented foods to fermentation in the gastro-intestinal tract.

    abstract::Fermentation of food components by microbes occurs both during certain food production processes and in the gastro-intestinal tract. In these processes specific compounds are produced that originate from either biotransformation reactions or biosynthesis, and that can affect the health of the consumer. In this review,...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: van Hylckama Vlieg JE,Veiga P,Zhang C,Derrien M,Zhao L

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  • Functional foods and strategies contrasting bacterial adhesion.

    abstract::Antibacterial strategies targeting bacterial adhesion to substrates are considered a valuable alternative to traditional antibiotic therapy, in view of the great advantage they bring in combating the infectious process at the very early stage without selecting for drug resistant cells. Amongst bioactive compounds with...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Signoretto C,Canepari P,Stauder M,Vezzulli L,Pruzzo C

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  • Polyphenols as antimicrobial agents.

    abstract::Polyphenols are secondary metabolites produced by higher plants, which play multiple essential roles in plant physiology and have potential healthy properties on human organism, mainly as antioxidants, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antihypertensive, and antimicrobial agents. In the present review the a...

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    authors: Daglia M

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  • New strategies to generate induced pluripotent stem cells.

    abstract::Direct reprogramming of somatic cells to a pluripotent state, substantiated only three years prior, is one of the most rapidly developing areas of stem cell research. The generation of patient-derived pluripotent cells applicable to disease modelling, drug screening, toxicology tests and, ultimately, autologous cell-b...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: O'Malley J,Woltjen K,Kaji K

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  • Protein electrophoresis.

    abstract::Many significant advances have occurred recently in the field of protein electrophoresis and related technologies. Improvements have been made in capillary electrophoresis in apparatus design, detection, and capillary modification with coatings and fillers. The transfer of proteins to a blot, the capacity to analyze a...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Zewert TE,Harrington MG

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  • Membrane protein structures: the known world expands.

    abstract::The structure determinations of the cytochrome bc1 complex and the prokaryotic potassium channel demonstrate that a wider range of membrane proteins are now amenable to study by X-ray crystallography. Furthermore, the structures of porins and interfacial membrane proteins show that membrane structural biology is becom...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Garavito RM

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  • Strategies for extended serum half-life of protein therapeutics.

    abstract::With a growing number of protein therapeutics being developed, many of them exhibiting a short plasma half-life, half-life extension strategies find increasing attention by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Extension of the half-life can help to reduce the number of applications and to lower doses, thus are ben...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Kontermann RE

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  • Metabolic engineering of the plant primary-secondary metabolism interface.

    abstract::Plants synthesize a myriad of secondary metabolites (SMs) that are derived from central or primary metabolism. While these so-called natural products have been targets for plant metabolic engineering attempts for many years, the immense value of manipulating the interface between committed steps in secondary metabolis...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Aharoni A,Galili G

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