Advances in optical detection strategies for reporter signal measurements.


:Many recent advances in bioreporter technology focus on challenges related to bioengineering, yet in many applications implementation of optical signal measurement is equally susceptible to improvement. For bioluminescent bioreporters, one area of effort lies in the development of semiconductor chip-based detector modules; this holds great promise for ultra-compact and field-deployable instrumentation, but has not yet had a palpable impact on improved detection limits. Regarding lower detection limits, single-molecule detection techniques have seen their first application to bioreporters, and preliminary results serve as an indication of future promise. Another technique applicable to fluorescent bioreporters is fluorescence flow cytometry, which is rapid, suitable for high-throughput screening, and lends itself to increased analytical specificity through simple algorithmic approaches to data treatment.


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  • Gene expression monitoring in soils by mRNA analysis and gene lux fusions.

    abstract::Two methods recently developed to monitor the gene expression of microbial communities in soil are the extraction and detection of messenger RNA from soil microorganisms and the construction and use of lux-based bioreporter strains. The goal of these approaches is to assess microbial activity in natural and impacted s...

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  • DNA nanotechnology with one-dimensional self-assembled nanostructures.

    abstract::The information encoded in the base sequence of DNA provides substantial structural and functional information for the instructive self-assembly of one-dimensional (1D) functional DNA nanostructures. The hybridization chain reaction (HCR) and the formation of HCR-stimulated DNAzyme nanochains are presented, as a means...

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  • Biocatalytic synthesis of oligosaccharides.

    abstract::Tremendous advances in biocatalytic approaches to oligosaccharide synthesis have taken place in the past two years. The use of isolated enzymes, both glycosyltransferases and glycosidases, or engineered whole cells allows the preparation of natural oligosaccharides and analogs required for glycobiology research. ...

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  • Directed evolution: new parts and optimized function.

    abstract::Constructing novel biological systems that function in a robust and predictable manner requires better methods for discovering new functional molecules and for optimizing their assembly in novel biological contexts. By enabling functional diversification and optimization in the absence of detailed mechanistic understa...

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  • Atomic force microscopy for the study of membrane proteins.

    abstract::Fundamental biological processes such as cell-cell communication, signal transduction, molecular transport and energy conversion are performed by membrane proteins. These important proteins are studied best in their native environment, the lipid bilayer. The atomic force microscope (AFM) is the instrument of choice to...

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  • Ethanol production by engineered thermophiles.

    abstract::We compare a number of different strategies that have been pursued to engineer thermophilic microorganisms for increased ethanol production. Ethanol production from pyruvate can proceed via one of four pathways, which are named by the key pyruvate dissimilating enzyme: pyruvate decarboxylase (PDC), pyruvate dehydrogen...

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    authors: Olson DG,Sparling R,Lynd LR

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  • Nanotechnology: convergence with modern biology and medicine.

    abstract::The worldwide emergence of nanoscale science and engineering was marked by the announcement of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) in January 2000. Recent research on biosystems at the nanoscale has created one of the most dynamic science and technology domains at the confluence of physical sciences, molecula...

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  • Proteomics approaches for the analysis of enriched microbial subpopulations and visualization of complex functional information.

    abstract::Advances in the separation of microbial subpopulations and in proteomics technologies have paved the way for the global molecular characterization of microbial cells that share common functional characteristics. Quantitative characterization of the dynamics of microbial proteomes enables an unprecedented view of the a...

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  • The Silicon Cell initiative: working towards a detailed kinetic description at the cellular level.

    abstract::The Silicon Cell initiative aims to understand cellular systems on the basis of the characteristics of their components. As a tool to achieve this, detailed kinetic models at the network reaction level are being constructed. Such detailed kinetic models are extremely useful for medical and biotechnological application...

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    authors: Snoep JL

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  • Antisense technology in molecular and cellular bioengineering.

    abstract::Antisense technology is finding increasing application not only in clinical development, but also for cellular engineering. Several types of antisense methods (e.g. antisense oligonucleotides, antisense RNA and small interfering RNA) can be used to inhibit the expression of a target gene. These antisense methods are b...

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    authors: Lee LK,Roth CM

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  • Gene expression using Xenopus oocytes.

    abstract::Xenopus oocytes have been used as a surrogate genetic system for the study of many facets of gene expression. Some recent salient examples where injected oocytes proved to be indispensable for the analysis of transcription, translation, RNA/protein transport, and ion channel formation are described. ...

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  • Receptor-Fc fusion therapeutics, traps, and MIMETIBODY technology.

    abstract::Fc fusion proteins are molecules in which the immunoglobulin Fc is fused genetically to a protein of interest, such as an extracellular domain of a receptor, ligand, enzyme, or peptide. Fc fusion proteins have some antibody-like properties such as long serum half-life and easy expression and purification, making them ...

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  • Trash to treasure: production of biofuels and commodity chemicals via syngas fermenting microorganisms.

    abstract::Fermentation of syngas is a means through which unutilized organic waste streams can be converted biologically into biofuels and commodity chemicals. Despite recent advances, several issues remain which limit implementation of industrial-scale syngas fermentation processes. At the cellular level, the energy conservati...

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  • High-density gridding: techniques and applications.

    abstract::Much progress has been made in the development of techniques for constructing dense grids either of ligands, such as peptides and oligonucleotides, or of cloned nucleic acids. Such arrays are finding practical applications in the analysis of sequence variation and gene expression. Methods for carrying out large number...

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    authors: Southern EM

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  • Linking marine biology and biotechnology.

    abstract::Studies of biological systems in which there is a direct link between the challenges faced by marine organisms and biotechnologies enable us to rationally search for active natural compounds and other novel biotechnologies. This approach is proving successful in developing new methods for the prevention of marine biof...

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  • Potential of industrial biotechnology with cyanobacteria and eukaryotic microalgae.

    abstract::Both cyanobacteria and eukaryotic microalgae are promising organisms for sustainable production of bulk products such as food, feed, materials, chemicals and fuels. In this review we will summarize the potential and current biotechnological developments. Cyanobacteria are promising host organisms for the production of...

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  • Technological applications arising from the interactions of DNA bases with metal ions.

    abstract::An intense interest has grown in the unique interactions of nucleic acids with metal ions, which lead to the formation of metal-base pairs and the generation of fluorescent nanomaterials. In this review, different types of metal-base pairs, especially those formed from naturally occurring nucleosides, are described wi...

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    authors: Park KS,Park HG

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  • Targets for sepsis therapies: tumor necrosis factor versus interleukin-1.

    abstract::Clinical testing of therapies for sepsis that target tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-1 is currently in progress. It is now clear from early clinical results that patients display a heterogeneous response to anti-cytokine therapies that may be related to the stage or severity of disease. Experimental results show...

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    authors: Russell DA,Thompson RC

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  • The evolution of public review and oversight mechanisms in human gene transfer research: joint roles of the FDA and NIH.

    abstract::The federal government is critically examining its responsibilities and opportunities for bringing the new field of gene therapy to fruition and for assuring public confidence in this new area of biomedicine. The evolving mechanisms for review and regulation in human gene transfer studies in the United States are bein...

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    authors: Friedmann T,Noguchi P,Mickelson C

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  • Recent trends in metabolic engineering of microbial chemical factories.

    abstract::Microbe-mediated chemical production can replace traditional fossil-dependent production and hereby ensure sustainable production of chemicals that are important for our society. Significant success in economical chemical bioproduction has been accomplished by improving the cellular properties of microbial cells throu...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Liu Y,Nielsen J

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  • Receptor-based assays.

    abstract::Recombinant DNA technology has expanded the potential of the targeted screening approach in drug discovery. The use of cloned and expressed receptors as targets for the evaluation of novel compounds can significantly simplify the structure affinity/activity process. However, the patenting of cloned receptors, as well ...

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  • Strategies for extended serum half-life of protein therapeutics.

    abstract::With a growing number of protein therapeutics being developed, many of them exhibiting a short plasma half-life, half-life extension strategies find increasing attention by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Extension of the half-life can help to reduce the number of applications and to lower doses, thus are ben...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Kontermann RE

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  • Opportunities toward hydrogen production biotechnologies.

    abstract::Hydrogen is already a major commodity and process intermediate for fertilizer production, petroleum processing, and chemical synthesis. It also offers unrealized potential for energy storage. While biological production offers an expandable and sustainable source, enthusiasm has been dampened by slow research progress...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Swartz J

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  • Industrial microbial enzymes: their discovery by screening and use in large-scale production of useful chemicals in Japan.

    abstract::The application of microbial enzymes to large-scale organic synthesis is currently attracting much attention, and has been uniquely developed especially in Japan. The discovery of new microbial enzymes through extensive and persistent screening has brought about many new and simple routes for synthetic processes. The ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Ogawa J,Shimizu S

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  • Use of cell wall-less bacteria (L-forms) for efficient expression and secretion of heterologous gene products.

    abstract::In spite of many efforts and achievements to optimize the prokaryotic expression systems, there are still general and specific problems in obtaining sufficient yields of the functionally active gene products. The main problems concern the formation of inclusion bodies, incorrect folding, toxicity for the producer cell...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Gumpert J,Hoischen C

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  • Stable isotope probing of carbon flow in the plant holobiont.

    abstract::Microbial communities associated with a plant host, constituting a holobiont, affect the physiology and growth of the plant via metabolites that are mainly derived from their photosynthates. The structure and function of active microbial communities that assimilate root exudates can be tracked by using stable isotope ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Haichar FEZ,Heulin T,Guyonnet JP,Achouak W

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  • Leveraging microbial biosynthetic pathways for the generation of 'drop-in' biofuels.

    abstract::Advances in retooling microorganisms have enabled bioproduction of 'drop-in' biofuels, fuels that are compatible with existing spark-ignition, compression-ignition, and gas-turbine engines. As the majority of petroleum consumption in the United States consists of gasoline (47%), diesel fuel and heating oil (21%), and ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Zargar A,Bailey CB,Haushalter RW,Eiben CB,Katz L,Keasling JD

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  • Selection of biologically active peptides by phage display of random peptide libraries.

    abstract::Random peptide libraries displayed on phage are used as a source of peptides for epitope mapping, for the identification of critical amino acids responsible for protein-protein interactions and as leads for the discovery of new therapeutics. Efficient and simple procedures have been devised to select peptides binding ...

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  • Emerging protein delivery methods.

    abstract::The efficient and safe delivery of therapeutic proteins is the key to commercial success and, in some cases, the demonstration of efficacy in current and future biotechnology products. Numerous delivery technologies and companies have evolved over the past year. To critically evaluate the available options, each metho...

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    authors: Cleland JL,Daugherty A,Mrsny R

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  • Silent constraints: the hidden challenges faced in plant metabolic engineering.

    abstract::Metabolic engineering is embraced as a method to sustainably enhance production of valuable phytochemicals with beneficial properties. However, successful production of these compounds in plants is not always predictable even when the pathways are fully known, frequently due to the lack of comprehensive understanding ...

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    authors: Lynch JH,Huang XQ,Dudareva N

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