Long-term effects of lanthanum intake on the neurobehavioral development of the rat.


:The effects of subchronic exposure to lanthanum on rats' physical and neurobehavioral development were investigated. Wistar rats were exposed to lanthanum through oral administration at 0, 0.1, 2, and 40 mg/kg concentrations from gestation day 0 through 5 months of age. Prior to weaning of the pups, physical parameters and neurobehaviors were assessed, including body weight gain, pinna detachment, eye opening, surface righting reflex and swimming endurance. At 30 days of age, DNA concentration and protein/DNA ratio of the whole brain were determined. At 150 days of age, the Morris water maze test was carried out to study the memory and learning abilities of the rats. Differences were found in the body weight gain, surface righting reflex and swimming endurance. Moreover, lanthanum exposure significantly altered the DNA concentration and Protein/DNA in brain. The Morris water maze test showed that lanthanum exposure at 40 mg/kg significantly impaired memory and learning abilities. These findings indicate that lanthanum is a potential behavior teratogen. The information provided by this work should be considered in future applications of lanthanides.


Neurotoxicol Teratol


Feng L,Xiao H,He X,Li Z,Li F,Liu N,Chai Z,Zhao Y,Zhang Z




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    abstract::Pregnant albino rats received 2 IP injections, spaced by 4 h, of either ethanol (2.9 g/kg in 24% v/v saline solution) or saline, on gestational day (GD) 8. During adulthood, male rats prenatally exposed to alcohol exhibited an increased stereotyped behavioral response to 12 mg/kg of amphetamine (AMPH) or 1 mg/kg of ap...

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