Effects of prenatal propofol exposure on postnatal development in rats.


:Preclinical studies suggest that propofol may cause damage to immature neurons. However, the effect of maternal propofol exposure on the neuronal development of the offspring is largely unknown. In this study, pregnant rats were assigned to receive continuous infusion of saline (control) or propofol for 1 h (1HP) or 2 h (2HP) on gestational day 18. An additional group (lipid) was assigned to receive continuous infusion of intralipid fat emulsion (vehicle of propofol) for 2 h. Pups were then tested on the appearance and progression of sensory and physical motor abilities between postnatal day 1 (P1) and P28. The brain and body weights of pups from 2HP group on P10 were significantly lower than those from the saline control group, although they were the same in all four groups at birth (P0). Pups from 1HP and 2HP groups, but not lipid group, showed slower maturation of eyes (delayed opening) and several neurological reflexes (hindlimb reflex, righting reflex); they also showed delayed improvement in execution on gait reflex and inclined board tests. The forelimb reflex and negative geotaxis were also delayed in 2HP group. All parameters examined except body weight of 2HP pups recovered to normal levels by P28. We conclude that administration of propofol to pregnant rats leads to retardation in physical and neurological reflex development in their offspring.


Neurotoxicol Teratol


Li J,Xiong M,Alhashem HM,Zhang Y,Tilak V,Patel A,Siegel A,Ye JH,Bekker A




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  • Neurobehavioral evaluation of rhesus monkey infants fed cow's milk formula, soy formula, or soy formula with added manganese.

    abstract::The possible neurobehavioral effects of excess manganese in soy formula were studied. Male rhesus monkeys (n=8/group) were fed a commercial cow's milk based formula (Control), a commercial soy protein based formula (Soy), or the soy formula with added manganese (Soy+Mn) from birth to 4 months of age. Soy formulas natu...

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  • Toxic exposure to ethylene dibromide and mercuric chloride: effects on laboratory-reared octopuses.

    abstract::The effects of acute and chronic exposure to either ethylene dibromide (EDB) or mercuric chloride (MC) were studied in laboratory-reared Octopus joubini, O. maya and O. bimaculoides. The advantages of using octopuses were that the responses were immediate, highly visible and sensitive. All species demonstrated signs o...

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