Prospects for new antitubercular drugs.


:The inexorable rise in cases of tuberculosis worldwide, fuelled by the HIV epidemic, highlights the need for new drugs and particularly those that can shorten the duration of treatment. Clinical trials of existing broad-spectrum agents such as the fluoroquinolone moxifloxacin are proceeding, on the basis of efficacy in models of infection and preliminary clinical data. These may provide a stopgap, but the real breakthrough will come when novel agents with potent sterilising activity are discovered. Few such novel pre-clinical drug candidates exist and therefore considerable effort is being exerted to employ new tools to identify drug targets essential for survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


Curr Opin Microbiol


Duncan K,Barry CE 3rd




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2004-10-01 00:00:00














  • Emerging views on integrin signaling via Rac1 during invasin-promoted bacterial uptake.

    abstract::Enteropathogenic Yersinia species encode invasin, which promotes uptake into host cells by binding beta1 integrins. Invasin may cluster integrin heterodimers extracellularly and cause the integrin alpha and beta chains to splay apart in the cytoplasm. Cdc42 signaling is not essential for Yersinia uptake, whereas invas...

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  • Auxiliary phosphatases in two-component signal transduction.

    abstract::Signal termination in two-component systems occurs by loss of the phosphoryl group from the response regulator protein. This review explores our current understanding of the structures, catalytic mechanisms and means of regulation of the known families of phosphatases that catalyze response regulator dephosphorylation...

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  • Inhibition of host cell signal transduction by Leishmania: observations relevant to the selective impairment of IL-12 responses.

    abstract::Leishmania parasites are able to delay the onset of cell-mediated immunity by selectively impairing the ability of infected macrophages to produce interleukin (IL)-12. Leishmania infection arrests the JAK/STAT-mediated signal transduction involved in activation of the IL-12 p40 promoter; the phosphorylation defects ma...

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  • Shared epigenetic mechanisms control virulence factors in protozoan parasites.

    abstract::Protozoan pathogens have evolved countermeasures to avoid immune clearance and prolong the period of infection in their vertebrate hosts. The type and degree of immune escape strategies depends on the in vivo 'lifestyle' the pathogen has adopted. Here we describe how parasites use different strategies to coordinate th...

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  • Intestinal organoid/enteroid-based models for Cryptosporidium.

    abstract::Cryptosporidium is a leading cause of diarrhea and death in young children and untreated AIDS patients in resource-poor settings, and of waterborne outbreaks of disease in developed countries. However, there is no consistently effective treatment for vulnerable populations. Progress towards development of therapeutics...

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  • Genomic sequencing of single microbial cells from environmental samples.

    abstract::Recently developed techniques allow genomic DNA sequencing from single microbial cells [Lasken RS: Single-cell genomic sequencing using multiple displacement amplification. Curr Opin Microbiol 2007, 10:510-516]. Here, we focus on research strategies for putting these methods into practice in the laboratory setting. An...

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  • Modulation of natural killer cell activity by viruses.

    abstract::Since their discovery, our understanding of NK cells has evolved from branding them marginal innate immunity cells to key players in anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity. Importance of NK cells in control of various viral infections is perhaps best illustrated by the existence of plethora of viral mechanisms aimed to mo...

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    authors: Lisnić VJ,Krmpotić A,Jonjić S

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  • Collaborative signaling by bacterial chemoreceptors.

    abstract::Motile bacteria seek optimal living habitats by following gradients of attractant and repellent chemicals in their environment. The signaling machinery for these chemotactic behaviors, although assembled from just a few protein components, has extraordinary information-processing capabilities. Escherichia coli, the be...

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  • Connections between transcriptional regulation and type III secretion?

    abstract::Type III secretion is a mechanism of protein export in bacteria, by which proteins (termed effectors) are exported from the bacteria to the external environment. One topic that has escaped much attention is the potential link between the secretion of effectors and transcriptional regulation of genes encoding the effec...

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  • Functional requirements of cellular differentiation: lessons from Bacillus subtilis.

    abstract::Successful execution of differentiation programs requires cells to assess multitudes of internal and external cues and respond with appropriate gene expression programs. Here, we review how Bacillus subtilis sporulation network deals with these tasks focusing on the lessons generalizable to other systems. With feedfor...

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    authors: Narula J,Fujita M,Igoshin OA

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  • Toxins from anaerobic bacteria: specificity and molecular mechanisms of action.

    abstract::Major advances have been made in the past five years in the identification of cellular targets of toxins produced by anaerobic bacteria. These targets include the vesicular membrane docking and fusion apparatus, the actin cytoskeleton, the signal transduction machinery and the cell membrane. The recent discovery that ...

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  • Controlling mRNA stability and translation with small, noncoding RNAs.

    abstract::Recent studies have led to the identification of more than 50 small regulatory RNAs in Escherichia coli. Only a subset of these RNAs has been characterized. However, it is clear that many of the RNAs, such as the MicF, OxyS, DsrA, Spot42 and RyhB RNAs, act by basepairing to activate or repress translation or to destab...

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    authors: Storz G,Opdyke JA,Zhang A

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  • Genomics of parasitic and symbiotic fungi.

    abstract::Complete and partial genome sequence information is underway in several parasitic and symbiotic fungi that infect humans, other animals and plants. Comparative analyses of these sequences will provide new insights into the genomic plasticity and evolution of parasitism and mutualism in fungi. ...

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    authors: Tunlid A,Talbot NJ

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  • How important is the phosphatase activity of sensor kinases?

    abstract::In two-component signaling systems, phosphorylated response regulators (RRs) are often dephosphorylated by their partner kinases in order to control the in vivo concentration of phospho-RR (RR approximately P). This activity is easily demonstrated in vitro, but these experiments have typically used very high concentra...

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    authors: Kenney LJ

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  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines - implications for community antibiotic prescribing.

    abstract::Infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the pediatric population worldwide. Development of increasing resistance to multiple classes of antibiotics is making treatment of infections caused by this organism much more difficult. In order to prevent disease, a 23-vale...

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  • The moving junction, a key portal to host cell invasion by apicomplexan parasites.

    abstract::One defining feature of apicomplexan parasites is their special ability to actively invade host cells. Although rapid, invasion is a complicated process that requires coordinated activities of host cell attachment, protein secretion, and motility by the parasite. Central to this process is the establishment of a struc...

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    authors: Shen B,Sibley LD

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  • Staphylococcus aureus toxins.

    abstract::Staphylococcus aureus is a dangerous pathogen that causes a variety of severe diseases. The virulence of S. aureus is defined by a large repertoire of virulence factors, among which secreted toxins play a preeminent role. Many S. aureus toxins damage biological membranes, leading to cell death. In particular, S. aureu...

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  • Striking a balance: fungal commensalism versus pathogenesis.

    abstract::The environment is suffused with nearly countless types of fungi, and our immune systems must be tuned to cope with constant exposure to them. In addition, it is becoming increasingly clear that many surfaces of our bodies are colonized with complex populations of fungi (the mycobiome) in the same way that they are co...

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    authors: Iliev ID,Underhill DM

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  • Peptidoglycan plasticity in bacteria: emerging variability of the murein sacculus and their associated biological functions.

    abstract::The peptidoglycan (PG) sacculus once thought to be just a reinforcing, static and uniform structure, is fast becoming recognized as a dynamic cell constituent involved in every aspect of bacterial physiology. Recent advances showed that in addition to 'classical' tasks-as an essential element to define bacterial shape...

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    authors: Cava F,de Pedro MA

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  • Noncoding RNAs as emerging regulators of Plasmodium falciparum virulence gene expression.

    abstract::The eukaryotic unicellular pathogen Plasmodium falciparum tightly regulates gene expression, both during development and in adaptation to dynamic host environments. This regulation is evident in the mutually exclusive expression of members of clonally variant virulence multigene families. While epigenetic regulators h...

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    authors: Vembar SS,Scherf A,Siegel TN

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  • Sustained sensing as an emerging principle in second messenger signaling systems.

    abstract::Bacteria utilize a diverse set of nucleotide second messengers to regulate cellular responses by binding macromolecular receptors (RNAs and proteins). Recent studies on cyclic di-GMP (c-di-GMP) have shown that this signaling molecule binds multiple receptors to regulate different steps in the same biological process. ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Orr MW,Galperin MY,Lee VT

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  • How Toxoplasma and malaria parasites defy first, then exploit host autophagic and endocytic pathways for growth.

    abstract::Infections caused by the apicomplexan parasites Plasmodium and Toxoplasma are wide-spread, life-threatening and therapeutically challenging. These pathogens are obligate intracellular microorganisms that invade mammalian cells by forming a self-made niche, the parasitophorous vacuole that is impervious to host lysosom...

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    authors: Coppens I

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  • Fighting the oxidative assault: the Trypanosoma cruzi journey to infection.

    abstract::Activation of professional phagocytes with the concomitant generation of oxidant species is a medullar innate immune process for the control of acute Trypanosoma cruzi infection. Recent data reinforce the hypothesis that parasites more prepared to deal with the host-oxidative assault are more efficient for the establi...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Piacenza L,Alvarez MN,Peluffo G,Radi R

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  • Wax ester production by bacteria.

    abstract::The enzymological and genetic aspects of microbial metabolism of hydrocarbons have been extensively revealed. Such molecular information is useful for understanding the bioremediation of oil spill environments and production of hydrocarbon-specific fine chemicals. ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Ishige T,Tani A,Sakai Y,Kato N

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  • Epidemiology and clinical relevance of microbial resistance determinants versus anti-Gram-positive agents.

    abstract::Gram-positive pathogens are a major cause of community-acquired and hospital-acquired infections, and exhibit a remarkable ability to develop antibiotic resistance. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), glycopeptide-resistant enterococci (GRE) and multidrug-resistant pneumococci are currently the major r...

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    authors: Rossolini GM,Mantengoli E,Montagnani F,Pollini S

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  • Interactions of Bartonella henselae with vascular endothelial cells.

    abstract::The emerging human pathogen Bartonella henselae has the remarkable capacity to colonise vascular tissues and to stimulate vasoproliferative tumour growth. Although the molecular principle of bacterium-induced neovascularisation (angiogenesis) is still unclear, recent studies have indicated a novel mechanism of endothe...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Dehio C

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  • Genome archeology leading to the characterization and classification of transport proteins.

    abstract::In the study of transmembrane transport, molecular phylogeny provides a reliable guide to protein structure, catalytic and noncatalytic transport mechanisms, mode of energy coupling and substrate specificity. It also allows prediction of the evolutionary history of a transporter family, leading to estimations of its a...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Saier MH

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  • Marine nitrogen fixation: what's the fuss?

    abstract::Biological nitrogen fixation is a much more important process in the nitrogen cycle of the oceans than previously thought. Further, nitrogen fixation may have an influence on the capacity of the oceans to sequester carbon. A greater diversity of marine nitrogen fixers has also been uncovered but their quantitative sig...

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    authors: Capone DG

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  • Rational engineering of synthetic microbial systems: from single cells to consortia.

    abstract::One promise of synthetic biology is to provide solutions for biomedical and industrial problems by rational design of added functionality in living systems. Microbes are at the forefront of this biological engineering endeavor due to their general ease of handling and their relevance in many potential applications fro...

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    authors: Bittihn P,Din MO,Tsimring LS,Hasty J

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  • From motility to virulence: Sensing and responding to environmental signals in Vibrio cholerae.

    abstract::Sensing its changing environment is key for Vibrio cholerae when making the transition from an aquatic lifestyle to one more suited to a human host. An inverse correlation between motility and virulence gene expression has been reported, with the NADH : ubiquinone oxidoreductase system which powers motility by generat...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Krukonis ES,DiRita VJ

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