Bleaching kinetics of artificial visual pigments with modifications near the ring-polyene chain connection.


:Absorbance difference spectra were recorded at 20 degrees C from 30 ns to milliseconds after photolysis of lauryl maltoside suspensions of artificial visual pigments derived from 9-cis isomers of 5-ethylretinal, 8,16-methanoretinal (a 6-s-trans-bicyclic analogue), or 5-demethyl-8-methylretinal. In all three pigments, the earliest intermediate that was detected had the characteristics of a mixture of bathorhodopsin and a blue-shifted intermediate, BSI, which is the first decay product of bathorhodopsin in bovine rhodopsin. The first decays resolved on the nanosecond time scale were the formation of the lumirhodopsin analogues. Subsequent decays were able to be fit with a mechanistic scheme which has been shown to apply to both membrane and detergent suspensions of rhodopsin. Large increases were seen in the amount of metarhodopsin I which appeared after photolysis of 5-ethylisorhodopsin and the bicyclic isorhodopsin analogue, while 5-demethyl-8-methylisorhodopsin more closely followed native rhodopsin in decaying through meta I380, a 380 nm absorbing precursor to metarhodopsin II. In addition to forming more metarhodopsin I, the bicyclic analogue stabilized the metarhodopsin I-metarhodopsin II equilibrium similarly to what has been previously reported for 9-demethylrhodopsin in detergent, introducing the possibility that the bicyclic analogue could similarly be defective in transducin activation. These observations support the idea that long after initial photolysis, structural details of the retinylidene chromophore continue to play a decisive role in processes leading to the activated form, metarhodopsin II.






Szundi I,de Lera AR,Pazos Y,Alvarez R,Oliana M,Sheves M,Lewis JW,Kliger DS




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  • Solution-state structure of the Dewar pyrimidinone photoproduct of thymidylyl-(3'----5')-thymidine.

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  • A new pathway for transmembrane electron transfer in photosynthetic reaction centers of Rhodobacter sphaeroides not involving the excited special pair.

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  • Chimeric human calcitonin and glucagon receptors reveal two dissociable calcitonin interaction sites.

    abstract::Two chimeric receptors were constructed by transposing the coding regions for the putative N-terminal domains of the human calcitonin (hCTR) and glucagon (hGGR) receptors. These receptors were stably expressed as glycosylated proteins with molecular masses of 80 kDa for the calcitonin receptor N-terminus chimera (NtCT...


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  • Mechanism of the quorum-quenching lactonase (AiiA) from Bacillus thuringiensis. 2. Substrate modeling and active site mutations.

    abstract::The N-acyl- l-homoserine lactone hydrolases (AHL lactonases) have attracted considerable attention because of their ability to quench AHL-mediated quorum-sensing pathways in Gram-negative bacteria and because of their relation to other enzymes in the metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily. To elucidate the detailed cataly...


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  • Chromatin-bound protease: degradation of chromosomal proteins under chromatin dissociation conditions.

    abstract::A chromatin-bound protease, active in 2 M NaCl-5 M urea or 5 M urea alone, was demonstrated in rat liver, kidney, testes, brain, rabbit bone marrow, chicken reticulocyte, and Ehrlich ascites chromatin. Chicken erythrocyte chromatin did not possess any detectable proteolytic activity in salt and urea. The proteolytic a...


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  • S-state dependence of the calcium requirement and binding characteristics in the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II.

    abstract::The functional role of the Ca (2+) ion in the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II is not yet clear. Current models explain why the redox cycle of the complex would be interrupted after the S 3 state without Ca (2+), but the literature shows that it is interrupted after the S 2 state. Reinterpretation of the lite...


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  • Structure-based understanding of ligand affinity using human thrombin as a model system.

    abstract::Kinetic study of a series of compounds containing the thrombin-directed peptide D-Phe-ProboroArg-OH had indicated that the structure of the N-terminal blocking group may be correlated with binding [Kettner, C., Mersinger, L., & Knabb, R. (1990) J. Biol. Chem. 265, 18289-18297]. In order to further study this phenomeno...


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  • Molecular modeling of the multidomain structures of the proteoglycan binding region and the link protein of cartilage by neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering.

    abstract::The interaction of proteoglycan monomers with hyaluronate in cartilage is mediated by a globular binding region at the N-terminus of the proteoglycan monomer; this interaction is stabilized by link protein. Sequences show that both the binding region (27% carbohydrate) and the link protein (6% carbohydrate) contain an...


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  • Purification and properties of nuclease SP.

    abstract::Single-strand-specific nucleases are a diverse and important group of enzymes that are able to cleave a variety of DNA structures present in duplex molecules. Nuclease SP, an enzyme from spinach, has been purified to apparent homogeneity, allowing for the unambiguous characterization of a number of its physical proper...


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  • Separation and quantitation of intracellular forms of poliovirus RNA by agarose gel electrophoresis.

    abstract::Intracellular poliovirus-specific RNA species can be measured directly by electrophoresis of total cytoplasmic nucleic acids through 1% agarose gels, resulting in the separation of single- and double-stranded forms of poliovirus RNA from each other and from HeLa cell 28S ribosomal RNA. Single-stranded RNA molecules di...


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  • Rapid interaction of FRCRCFa with the cytosolic side of the cardiac sarcolemma Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger blocks the ion transport without preventing the binding of either sodium or calcium.

    abstract::Positively charged cyclic hexapeptide Phe-Arg-Cys-Arg-Cys-Phe-CONH2 (FRCRCFa) represents a group of conformationally constrained peptides that block the cardiac sarcolemma Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger [Khananshvili et al. (1995b) J. Biol. Chem. 270, 16182-16188]. Here, we study the kinetic mechanisms of FRCRCFa-induced inhibi...


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  • Quantitative analysis of lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions in membranes by use of pyrene-labeled phosphoinositides.

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  • Interactions between nucleotide binding sites on chloroplast coupling factor during ATP hydrolysis.

    abstract::The initial hydrolysis of CaATP by chloroplast coupling factor 1 was studied with the quenched-flow method. The time course of hydrolysis can be described as a first-order conversion of the enzyme to an active form followed by steady-state formation of product. The rat constant for the first-order process is independe...


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  • Carboxymethylated liver alcohol dehydrogenase: kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of reactions with substrates and inhibitors.

    abstract::Liver alcohol dehydrogenase (LADH) carboxymethylated at Cys-46 (CMLADH) forms two different ternary complexes with 4-trans-(N,N-dimethylamino)cinnamaldehyde (DACA). The complex with reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) is characterized by a 38-nm red shift of the long-wavelength pi, pi* transition to 436 n...


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  • Hydrolysis of proteins using dipeptidyl aminopeptidases: analysis of the N-terminal portion of spinach plastocyanin.

    abstract::The exopeptidases dipeptidyl aminopeptidases I and IV were used to hydrolyze the N-terminal portion of spinach plastocyanin to dipeptides. The enzymes were used individually as well as in a mixture and the dipeptides were analyzed by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Data are presented for native plastocy...


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  • The N-terminus of the fragile X mental retardation protein contains a novel domain involved in dimerization and RNA binding.

    abstract::Fragile X syndrome, the most common cause of inherited mental retardation, is caused by the absence of the fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP). The emerging picture is that FMRP is involved in repression of translation through a complex network of protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions. Very little struc...


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  • Organization of clusters and internal electron pathways in CO dehydrogenase from Clostridium thermoaceticum: relevance to the mechanism of catalysis and cyanide inhibition.

    abstract::Cyanide inhibits the CO oxidation activity of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase from Clostridium thermoaceticum by binding tightly to the form of the C-cluster yielding the gav = 1.82 signal (the C1.82 form). CN- dissociates and the enzyme reactivates upon addition of CO, CO2 plus dithionite, or CS2 plus dithionite. Dithi...


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  • Real-time measurement of multiple intramolecular distances during protein folding reactions: a multisite stopped-flow fluorescence energy-transfer study of yeast phosphoglycerate kinase.

    abstract::Understanding the set of rules which dictate how the primary amino acid sequence determines tertiary structure is an unsolved problem in biophysics. If it were possible to simultaneously measure all of the intramolecular distances in a protein (in real time) during a folding reaction, the "second" genetic code problem...


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  • Subunit topography of RNA polymerase from Escherichia coli. A cross-linking study with bifunctional reagents.

    abstract::The quaternary structures of Escherichia coli DNA-dependent RNA polymerase holenzyme (alpha 2 beta beta' sigma) and core enzyme (alpha 2 beta beta') have been investigated by chemical cross-linking with a cleavable bifunctional reagent, methyl 4-mercaptobutyrimidate, and noncleavable reagents, dimethyl suberimidate an...


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  • Sequence context- and temperature-dependent nucleotide excision repair of a benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide-guanine DNA adduct catalyzed by thermophilic UvrABC proteins.

    abstract::The influence of DNA base sequence context on the removal of a bulky benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide-guanine adduct, (+)-trans-B[a]P-N2-dG (G*), by UvrABC nuclease from the thermophilic organism Bacillus caldotenax was investigated. The lesion was flanked by either T or C in otherwise identical complementary 43-mer duplex...


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  • Overexpression and functional characterization of the extracellular domain of the human alpha1 glycine receptor.

    abstract::A novel truncated form (residues 1-214, with a randomized C-terminal tail) of the ligand-binding extracellular domain (ECD) of the human alpha1 glycine receptor (GlyR), with amino acids from the corresponding sequence of an acetylcholine binding protein (AChBP) substituted for two relatively hydrophobic membrane-proxi...


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  • Phosphoryl oxime inhibition of acetylcholinesterase during oxime reactivation is prevented by edrophonium.

    abstract::Reactivation of organophosphate (OP)-inhibited acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is a key objective in the treatment of OP poisoning. This study with native, wild-type, and mutant recombinant DNA-expressed AChEs, each inhibited by representative OP compounds, establishes a relationship between edrophonium acceleration of ox...


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  • The multifunctional protein nucleophosmin (NPM1) is a human linker histone H1 chaperone.

    abstract::Linker histone H1 plays an essential role in chromatin organization. Proper deposition of linker histone H1 as well as its removal is essential for chromatin dynamics and function. Linker histone chaperones perform this important task during chromatin assembly and other DNA-templated phenomena in the cell. Our in vitr...


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    authors: Gadad SS,Senapati P,Syed SH,Rajan RE,Shandilya J,Swaminathan V,Chatterjee S,Colombo E,Dimitrov S,Pelicci PG,Ranga U,Kundu TK

    更新日期:2011-04-12 00:00:00

  • Cytochrome c peroxidase mutant active site structures probed by resonance Raman and infrared signatures of the CO adducts.

    abstract::Vibrational frequencies associated with FeC and CO stretching and FeCO bending modes have been determined via resonance Raman (RR) and infrared (IR) spectroscopy for cytochrome c peroxidase (CCP) mutants prepared by site-directed mutagenesis. These include the bacterial "wild type", CCP(MI), and mutations involving gr...


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    authors: Smulevich G,Mauro JM,Fishel LA,English AM,Kraut J,Spiro TG

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  • Slow rate of phosphodiester bond formation accounts for the strong bias that Taq DNA polymerase shows against 2',3'-dideoxynucleotide terminators.

    abstract::Taq and T7 DNA polymerases have become basic molecular biology "tools" for DNA sequence analysis. However, Taq, unlike T7 DNA polymerase, is strongly biased against the incorporation of 2',3'-dideoxynucleotide triphosphates (ddNTPs) indicating very different substrate selectivities. Equilibrium binding and rate consta...


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