Chorioretinal involvement in primary systemic nonfamilial amyloidosis.


PURPOSE:To report a case of primary systemic nonfamilial amyloidosis studied by fluorescein angiography and indocyanine green angiography. METHODS:Case report. A 59-year-old woman with primary systemic nonfamilial amyloidosis presented bilateral diffuse deep hemorrhages and pigmentary mottling at the posterior pole. RESULTS:On fluorescein angiography bilateral diffuse areas of hypofluorescence were present. Indocyanine green angiography showed large hypofluorescent areas with hypofluorescent lines in the midperiphery and hyperfluorescent streaks in the peripapillary area. CONCLUSIONS:In this case of primary systemic nonfamilial amyloidosis, diffuse bilateral chorioretinal abnormalities included hemorrhages and pigmentary mottling at the posterior pole, with hypofluorescent areas on fluorescein angiography and indocyanine green angiography, as well as hypofluorescent lines in the midperiphery.


Am J Ophthalmol


Pece A,Yannuzzi L,Sannace C,Scassellati Sforzolini B,Brancato R




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