Use of exogenous specialised bacteria in the biological detoxification of a dump site-polychlorobiphenyl-contaminated soil in slurry phase conditions


:The possibility of biologically detoxifying a contaminated soil from an Italian dump site containing about 1500 mg/kg (in dry soil) of polychlorinated biphenyls was studied in the laboratory in this work. The soil, which contained indigenous aerobic bacteria capable of growing on biphenyl or on monochlorobenzoic acids at concentration of about 300 CFU per g of air-dried soil, was amended with inorganic nutrients, saturated with water and treated in aerobic 3-L batch slurry reactors (soil suspension at 20% w/v). Either Pseudomonas sp. CPE1 strain, capable of cometabolising low-chlorinated biphenyls into chlorobenzoic acids, or a bacterial co-culture capable of aerobically dechlorinating polychlorobiphenyls constituted by this bacterium and the two chlorobenzoic acid degrading bacteria Pseudomonas sp. CPE2 strain and Alcaligenes sp. CPE3 strain, were used as inocula (final concentration of about 10(8) CFU/mL for each bacterium), in the absence and in the presence of biphenyl (4 g/kg of air dried soil). Significant soil polychlorobiphenyl depletions were observed in all the reactors after 119 days of treatment. The soil inoculation with the sole CPE1 was found to slightly enhance the polychlorobiphenyl depletions (about 20%) and the soil detoxification; the effect was higher in the presence of biphenyl. The use of the polychlorobiphenyl mineralising bacterial co-culture as inoculum resulted in a strong enhancement of the depletions of both the soil polychlorobiphenyls (from 50 to 65%) and of the original soil ecotoxicity. The bacterial biomass inoculated was found to implant into the soil; the higher specialised biomass availability thus reached in the inoculated soil was probably responsible of a more extensive biodegradation of polychlorobiphenyls and therefore of the higher detoxification yields observed in the inoculated reactors. The soil ecotoxicity, measured through two different soil contact assays, i.e., the Lepidium sativum germination test and the Collembola mortality test, was often found to decrease proportionally with the soil polychlorobiphenyl concentration. Copyright 1999 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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Fava F,Bertin L




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