Correlation between karyotypic pattern and clincopathologic features in 125 breast cancer cases.


:A correlation analysis was performed on 125 cytogenetically characterized breast cancer cases to assess the relationship between the tumor karyotype and clinicopathologic features. The carcinomas of young women had a higher modal chromosome number than those of older women. The number of chromosomal aberrations and modal chromosome number were also found to correlate with the histologic type, grade and mitotic activity of the tumor. Whereas all lobular carcinomas were karyotypically normal or near-diploid, more than 3 aberrations and sometimes near-triploid or near-tetraploid karyotypes were common findings in ductal carcinomas, especially in grade-III tumors and in tumors showing high mitotic activity in vivo. Karyotypes with cytogenetically unregulated clones and unbalanced structural chromosomal rearrangements were more frequent in infiltrating than in in situ carcinomas but, at least as far as the second of these 2 characteristics is concerned, especially in infiltrating carcinomas that also had an in situ component. The presence of cytogenetic polyclonality correlated with tumor grade. Although recurrent chromosome aberrations were significantly more common in ductal than in lobular carcinomas, none of these breast cancer-associated anomalies seemed to be specific for any particular clinicopathologic parameter. The associations between modal chromosome number and mitotic activity and between cytogenetic polyclonality and tumor grade were found to be statistically significant in multivariate models. No correlations was seen between the karyotypic findings and tumor size or the presence of axillary-lymph-node metastases.


Int J Cancer


Pandis N,Idvall I,Bardi G,Jin Y,Gorunova L,Mertens F,Olsson H,Ingvar C,Beroukas K,Mitelman F,Heim S




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  • Pharmacological and small interference RNA-mediated inhibition of breast cancer-associated fatty acid synthase (oncogenic antigen-519) synergistically enhances Taxol (paclitaxel)-induced cytotoxicity.

    abstract::The relationship between breast cancer-associated fatty acid synthase (FAS; oncogenic antigen-519) and chemotherapy-induced cell damage has not been studied. We examined the ability of C75, a synthetic slow-binding inhibitor of FAS activity, to modulate the cytotoxic activity of the microtubule-interfering agent Taxol...

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  • Mixed lymphocyte/tumor-cell interaction in a murine sarcoma virus (Moloney)-induced tumor system. Comparison between lymphoproliferation and lymphocyte cytotoxicity.

    abstract::Studies of the MLTI were performed in a primary MSV-induced tumor system. Reactivity against mitomycin-C-treated RBL-5 cells could be detected during a limited period at about 14 days after virus injection. The degree of reactivity of MSV 14 spleen cells was quite variable; stimulation indices ranged from 2.2 to 9.4. ...

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  • Binding of some metastatic tumor cell lines to fibrous elastin and elastin peptides.

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  • DNA ploidy and clonal selection in ras + myc-induced mouse prostate cancer.

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  • Reduced expression of retinoblastoma gene product (pRB) and high expression of p53 are associated with poor prognosis in ovarian cancer.

    abstract::Paraffin sections (n = 168, 27 benign, 16 low malignant potential [LMP] and 125 malignant tumours) from epithelial ovarian tumours were evaluated immunohistochemically for expression of retinoblastoma gene product (pRB) and p53 protein, and the relationship among pRB, p53 and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2 (CDKN2...

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  • Osteopontin expression in a group of lymph node negative breast cancer patients.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to examine the cellular distribution of osteopontin (OPN) protein [by immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis] and mRNA [by in situ hybridization (ISH)] in the primary tumors of lymph node negative (LNN) breast cancer patients and to determine whether the level of immunodetectable OPN may be assoc...

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  • Laboratory determination of chemotherapeutic drug resistance in tumor cells from patients with leukemia, using a fluorometric microculture cytotoxicity assay (FMCA).

    abstract::An automated fluorometric microculture cytotoxicity assay (FMCA) based on the measurement of fluorescence generated from cellular hydrolysis of fluorescein diacetate (FDA) to fluorescein was employed for chemotherapeutic-drug-sensitivity testing of tumor-cell suspensions from patients with leukemia. Fluorescence was l...

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  • A portion of the feline leukaemia virus genome is not endogenous in cat cells.

    abstract::Although viral sequences closely related to feline leukaemia virus are represented in multiple copies in cellular DNA of all domestic cats, a specific fraction was present only in the virus-infected cells. This fraction was detected by viral cDNA enriched by a prior absorption of a total complementary DNA (cDNA) trans...

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  • Down-regulation of BiP/GRP78 sensitizes resistant prostate cancer cells to gene-therapeutic overexpression of REIC/Dkk-3.

    abstract::We have recently shown that an adenovirus carrying REIC/Dkk-3 (Ad-REIC) exhibits a potent tumor-specific cell-killing function for various human cancers. It has also become evident that some human cancers are resistant to Ad-REIC-induced apoptosis. The aim of the present study was to determine the molecular mechanisms...

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  • Multiplicity of abnormal promoter methylation in lung adenocarcinomas from smokers and never smokers.

    abstract::The prevalence of methylation of the p16, DAPK and RASSF1A genes was investigated in lung adenocarcinoma from smokers, former uranium miners and never smokers. The association between a common genetic alteration in adenocarcinoma, mutation of the K-ras gene and methylation of these genes, as well as survival was exami...

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  • Preferential expression of novel MUC1 tumor antigen isoforms in human epithelial tumors and their tumor-potentiating function.

    abstract::The human MUC1 gene expresses at least 2 type 1 membrane proteins: MUC1/REP, a polymorphic high m.w. MUC1 glycoprotein often highly expressed in breast cancer tissues and containing a variable number of tandem 20 amino acid repeat units, and the MUC1/Y protein, which lacks this repeat array and, therefore, is not poly...

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  • Detection of integrated papillomavirus sequences by ligation-mediated PCR (DIPS-PCR) and molecular characterization in cervical cancer cells.

    abstract::Human papillomavirus (HPV) genomes usually persist as episomal molecules in HPV associated preneoplastic lesions whereas they are frequently integrated into the host cell genome in HPV-related cancers cells. This suggests that malignant conversion of HPV-infected epithelia is linked to recombination of cellular and vi...

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  • Tumor-specific exon creation of the HELLS/SMARCA6 gene in non-small cell lung cancer.

    abstract::To identify tumor-suppressor genes on chromosome 10 in non-small cell lung cancers, we isolated 10 types of splicing variant of the HELLS/SMARCA6 gene transcripts. HELLS/SMARCA6 is a novel member of SNF2 family, which is implicated in cellular functions like chromatin remodeling. Variant 1 was an alternatively spliced...

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  • PDGF B mRNA variants in human tumors with similarity to the v-sis oncogene: expression of cellular PDGF B protein is associated with exon 1 divergence, but not with a 3'UTR splice variant.

    abstract::While platelet-derived growth factor, PDGF, is not regularly expressed in mesenchymal tissues, PDGF B mRNA is often found in tumors derived from these tissues. PDGF B protein is also present, but the protein levels in individual tumors do not appear to correlate well with those of the mRNA. PDGF B is homologous to the...

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  • Metabolic perturbations prior to hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis: Findings from a prospective observational cohort study.

    abstract::Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development entails changes in liver metabolism. Current knowledge on metabolic perturbations in HCC is derived mostly from case-control designs, with sparse information from prospective cohorts. Our objective was to apply comprehensive metabolite profiling to detect metabolites whose se...

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  • Breast cancer survival in sub-Saharan Africa by age, stage at diagnosis and human development index: A population-based registry study.

    abstract::Breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis and second most common cause of cancer deaths in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Yet, there are few population-level survival data from Africa and none on the survival differences by stage at diagnosis. Here, we estimate breast cancer survival within SSA by area, stage and count...

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  • Inhibition of protein kinase C-dependent protein phosphorylation correlates with increased polarity and locomotion in Walker 256 carcinosarcoma cells.

    abstract::Signal transduction pathways controlling tumor cell locomotion are not yet well understood. We have studied the role of protein kinase C (PKC)-dependent protein phosphorylation associated with changes in cell shape and locomotor activity of Walker carcinosarcoma cells in culture. We show that the inhibitory effect of ...

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  • Association between circulating concentrations of 25(OH)D and colorectal adenoma: a pooled analysis.

    abstract::The relationship between the biomarker of vitamin D status, 25(OH)D, and the risk for colorectal neoplasia is suggestive but equivocal. Questions remain regarding whether there are differential associations between 25(OH)D and colorectal adenoma by gender, colorectal subsite or features of baseline and recurrent adeno...

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  • Several genes encoding ribosomal proteins are over-expressed in prostate-cancer cell lines: confirmation of L7a and L37 over-expression in prostate-cancer tissue samples.

    abstract::A cDNA library specific for mRNA over-expressed in prostate cancer was generated by subtractive hybridization of transcripts originating from prostatic hyperplasia and cancer tissues. cDNA encoding ribosomal proteins L4, L5, L7a, L23a, L30, L37, S14 and S18 was found to be present among 100 analyzed clones. Levels of ...

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  • Biodistribution of 111In-labelled SCN-bz-DTPA-BC-2 MAb following loco-regional injection into glioblastomas.

    abstract::We analyzed the biodistribution of the 111In-labelled murine anti-tenascin-C MAb BC-2 after intralesional injection in 15 glioblastoma patients. The activated ligand DTPA was conjugated via the isothiocyanato-benzyl group onto BC-2. Conjugates were labelled with 111In, displaying immunoreactivity greater than 90% and ...

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  • The dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor PI-103 promotes immunosuppression, in vivo tumor growth and increases survival of sorafenib-treated melanoma cells.

    abstract::Melanoma is the most lethal human skin cancer. If metastatic, it becomes very aggressive and resistant to standard modalities of anticancer treatment. During the last 10 years, several therapeutic strategies have been tested including the use of single and combined small drugs. Experimental results indicate that RAS a...

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  • X-ray-induced chromatid damage in relation to DNA repair and cancer incidence in family members.

    abstract::The cytogenetic response to G2-phase X-irradiation was examined in phytohemagglutinin-stimulated peripheral-blood lymphocytes from 69 individuals, a few of whom were cancer patients. The cancer patients had not received radiation or chemotherapy. The responses of cells arrested by Colcemid 30 to 90 min after X-irradia...

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  • The prevalence and concordance of human papillomavirus infection in different anogenital sites among men and women in Liuzhou, China: A population-based study.

    abstract::Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the pathogenesis of anogenital cancers and genital warts in both men and women, whereas there is a scarcity of large studies focused on HPV prevalence in different anogenital sites of both sexes in the same population. From May to July 2014, 2,309 men and 2,378 women aged 18-55 ...

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  • Inverse regulation of neuronal cellular adhesion molecule (NCAM) by IFN-gamma in melanoma cell cultures established from CNS lesions.

    abstract::In advanced stages of malignant melanoma (MM), metastases to the CNS are frequently observed. Few results are available on trophic factors and immunological features involved in the process of invasion and adhesion of circulating metastatic cells into the CNS. A direct comparison of remote metastases found in differen...

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  • Application of differential display to identify genes for lung cancer detection in peripheral blood.

    abstract::A blood assay for detection of lung cancer biomarkers could significantly improve cancer patient prognosis and survival rates. Amplified fragment length polymorphism-differential display (AFLP-DD) was used to identify gene transcripts found in lung cancer tissue and the peripheral blood of lung cancer patients. The cl...

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  • Geospatial barriers to health care access for breast cancer diagnosis in sub-Saharan African settings: the African Breast Cancer - Disparities in Outcomes (ABC-DO) Cohort Study.

    abstract::We examined the geospatial dimension of delays to diagnosis of breast cancer in a prospective study of 1541 women newly diagnosed in the African Breast Cancer - Disparities in Outcomes (ABC-DO) Study. Women were recruited at cancer treatment facilities in Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia. The baseline interview in...

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    authors: Togawa K,Anderson BO,Foerster M,Galukande M,Zietsman A,Pontac J,Anele A,Adisa C,Parham G,Pinder LF,McKenzie F,Schüz J,Dos-Santos-Silva I,McCormack V

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  • Mammographic screening after the age of 65 years: evidence for a reduction in breast cancer mortality.

    abstract::We evaluated whether regular mammographic screening of women aged 65 years or older affected breast cancer mortality. In Nijmegen, a population-based screening program for breast cancer was started in 1975, with biennial mammography for women aged 35-64 years. Since 1977, elderly women have also been participating. Fo...

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  • Steroid hormone receptors in human squamous carcinoma cell lines.

    abstract::Specific estrogen, progesterone and androgen receptors were determined in 19 well-characterized squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC) cell lines. Ten of the lines were derived from patients with SCC of the larynx and nine were from patients with SCC originating in other areas of the head and neck. Estrogen receptors (ER) were...

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  • Expression of CYP1A1, CYP1B1 and CYP3A, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA adduct formation in bronchoalveolar macrophages of smokers and non-smokers.

    abstract::Variability in the expression of enzymes metabolizing carcinogens derived from cigarette smoke may contribute to individual susceptibility to pulmonary carcinogenesis. This study was designed to determine the effects of smoking and 3 major cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, i.e., CYP1A1, CYP1B1 and CYP3A, which metabolize...

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  • Loss of heterozygosity and tumor suppressor activity of Bin1 in prostate carcinoma.

    abstract::The genetic events underlying the development of prostate cancer are poorly defined. c-Myc is often activated in tumors that have progressed to metastatic status, so events that promote this process may be important. Bin1 is a nucleocytoplasmic adaptor protein with features of a tumor suppressor that was identified th...

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