Attenuated regenerative properties in human periodontal ligament-derived stem cells of older donor ages with shorter telomere length and lower SSEA4 expression.


:Periodontal ligament (PDL) stem cell properties are critical in the periodontal tissue regeneration for periodontitis. Previously, we have demonstrated that cigarette smoking attenuates PDL-derived stem cell (PDLSC) regenerative properties. Here, we report the findings on the regenerative properties of human PDLSCs with different donor ages and the underlying mechanisms. Human PDLSCs from 18 independent donors were divided into different age groups (≤ 20, 20-40, and > 40 years old). The proliferation of PDLSCs with donor age of ≤ 20 years old was significantly higher than that of the 20-40- and > 40-years-old groups, whereas the migration of PDLSCs with donor age of ≤ 20 and 20-40 years old was significantly higher than that of the > 40-years-old group. Moreover, the mesodermal lineage differentiation capabilities of PDLSCs were also higher in the donor age group of ≤ 20 years old than the donor age of > 40 years old. In addition, shorter telomere length and lower expression of SSEA4 were found in PDLSCs with donor age of > 40 years old, compared with those with donor age of ≤ 20-years-old group. Besides, PDLSCs with donor age of 20-40 and > 40 years old had higher IL6 and CXCL8 gene expressions. In summary, results from this study revealed the attenuated proliferation, migration, and mesodermal lineage differentiation properties in human PDLSCs with older donor ages. Donor age of PDLSCs should be considered as the selection criteria for the periodontal tissue regeneration treatment.


Cell Tissue Res


Cell and tissue research


Ng TK,Chen CB,Xu C,Xu Y,Yao X,Huang L,Liang JJ,Cheung HS,Pang CP,Huang Y




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