Endometrial antigens involved in the autoimmunity of endometriosis.


:Serum and peritoneal fluid from five fertile women without endometriosis and serum (n = 23) and peritoneal fluid (n = 12) from infertile women with endometriosis were tested for the presence of antibodies against endometrial tissue antigens by a Western blot analysis. Antigens with molecular weights (MW) of 19, 31, 38, and 42 kd reacted with antibodies in the serum and peritoneal fluid from both fertile and infertile women. Antibodies in 20 of 23 (87%) sera and all 12 (100%) peritoneal fluid samples from endometriosis patients reacted against endometrial antigens with molecular weights (MW) of 26 kd and/or 34 kd. Serum from 10 patients (43%) and peritoneal fluid from 6 patients (50%) also had antibodies to an endometrial antigen with MW of 21.5 kd. Reactivity to other endometrial antigens with MW 16, 24, 48, and 75 kd was also noted in patients with endometriosis. Antibodies in the serum and peritoneal fluid from fertile women failed to react against these antigens. It is concluded that the humoral and local endometrial autoimmunity detected in patients with endometriosis is primarily directed against antigens with MW of 26 and 34 kd.


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Fertility and sterility


Mathur S,Chihal HJ,Homm RJ,Garza DE,Rust PF,Williamson HO




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