Griffithsin carrageenan fast dissolving inserts prevent SHIV HSV-2 and HPV infections in vivo.


:Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) strategies with proven in vivo efficacy rely on antiretroviral drugs, creating the potential for drug resistance and complicated treatment options in individuals who become infected. Moreover, on-demand products are currently missing from the PrEP development portfolio. Griffithsin (GRFT) is a non-antiretroviral HIV entry inhibitor derived from red algae with an excellent safety profile and potent activity in vitro. When combined with carrageenan (CG), GRFT has strong activity against herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2) and human papillomavirus (HPV) in vitro and in vivo. Here, we report that GRFT/CG in a freeze-dried fast dissolving insert (FDI) formulation for on-demand use protects rhesus macaques from a high dose vaginal SHIV SF162P3 challenge 4 h after FDI insertion. Furthermore, the GRFT/CG FDI also protects mice vaginally against HSV-2 and HPV pseudovirus. As a safe, potent, broad-spectrum, on-demand non-antiretroviral product, the GRFT/CG FDI warrants clinical development.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Derby N,Lal M,Aravantinou M,Kizima L,Barnable P,Rodriguez A,Lai M,Wesenberg A,Ugaonkar S,Levendosky K,Mizenina O,Kleinbeck K,Lifson JD,Peet MM,Lloyd Z,Benson M,Heneine W,O'Keefe BR,Robbiani M,Martinelli E,Grasperg




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    abstract::Microbial symbiosis is integral to plant growth and reproduction, but its contribution to global patterns of plant distribution is unknown. Legumes (Fabaceae) are a diverse and widely distributed plant family largely dependent on symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, which are acquired from soil after germination. ...

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  • The 3.3 Å structure of a plant geminivirus using cryo-EM.

    abstract::Geminiviruses are major plant pathogens that threaten food security globally. They have a unique architecture built from two incomplete icosahedral particles, fused to form a geminate capsid. However, despite their importance to agricultural economies and fundamental biological interest, the details of how this is rea...

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    authors: Hesketh EL,Saunders K,Fisher C,Potze J,Stanley J,Lomonossoff GP,Ranson NA

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  • Phylogenomic analysis sheds light on the evolutionary pathways towards acoustic communication in Orthoptera.

    abstract::Acoustic communication is enabled by the evolution of specialised hearing and sound producing organs. In this study, we performed a large-scale macroevolutionary study to understand how both hearing and sound production evolved and affected diversification in the insect order Orthoptera, which includes many familiar s...

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  • Origin and structure of polar domains in doped molecular crystals.

    abstract::Doping is a primary tool for the modification of the properties of materials. Occlusion of guest molecules in crystals generally reduces their symmetry by the creation of polar domains, which engender polarization and pyroelectricity in the doped crystals. Here we describe a molecular-level determination of the struct...

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