Intron retention is regulated by altered MeCP2-mediated splicing factor recruitment.


:While intron retention (IR) is considered a widely conserved and distinct mechanism of gene expression control, its regulation is poorly understood. Here we show that DNA methylation directly regulates IR. We also find reduced occupancy of MeCP2 near the splice junctions of retained introns, mirroring the reduced DNA methylation at these sites. Accordingly, MeCP2 depletion in tissues and cells enhances IR. By analysing the MeCP2 interactome using mass spectrometry and RNA co-precipitation, we demonstrate that decreased MeCP2 binding near splice junctions facilitates IR via reduced recruitment of splicing factors, including Tra2b, and increased RNA polymerase II stalling. These results suggest an association between IR and a slower rate of transcription elongation, which reflects inefficient splicing factor recruitment. In summary, our results reinforce the interdependency between alternative splicing involving IR and epigenetic controls of gene expression.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Wong JJ,Gao D,Nguyen TV,Kwok CT,van Geldermalsen M,Middleton R,Pinello N,Thoeng A,Nagarajah R,Holst J,Ritchie W,Rasko JEJ




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  • Publisher Correction: Parent of origin genetic effects on methylation in humans are common and influence complex trait variation.

    abstract::In the original version of this Article, the legend in the upper panel of Figure 2 incorrectly read 'paternal imprinting' and should have read 'maternal imprinting'. This has been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the Article. ...

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