Quantitative proteomics to study a small molecule targeting the loss of von Hippel-Lindau in renal cell carcinomas.


:Inactivation of the tumor suppressor gene, von Hippel-Lindau (VHL), is known to play an important role in the development of sporadic clear cell renal cell carcinomas (ccRCCs). Even if available targeted therapies for metastatic RCCs (mRCCs) have helped to improve progression-free survival rates, they have no durable clinical response. We have previously shown the feasibility of specifically targeting the loss of VHL with the identification of a small molecule, STF-62247. Understanding its functionality is crucial for developing durable personalized therapeutic agents differing from those available targeting hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-) pathways. By using SILAC proteomics, we identified 755 deregulated proteins in response to STF-62247 that were further analyzed by ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA). Bioinformatics analyses predicted alterations in 37 signaling pathways in VHL-null cells in response to treatment. Validation of some altered pathways shows that STF-62247's selectivity is linked to an important inhibition of mTORC1 activation in VHL-null cells leading to protein synthesis arrest, a mechanism differing from two allosteric inhibitors Rapamycin and Everolimus. Altogether, our study identified signaling cascades driving STF-62247 response and brings further knowledge for this molecule that shows selectivity for the loss of VHL. The use of a global SILAC approach was successful in identifying novel affected signaling pathways that could be exploited for the development of new personalized therapeutic strategies to target VHL-inactivated RCCs.


Int J Cancer


Bouhamdani N,Joy A,Barnett D,Cormier K,Léger D,Chute IC,Lamarre S,Ouellette R,Turcotte S




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  • Apigenin inhibits endothelial-cell proliferation in G(2)/M phase whereas it stimulates smooth-muscle cells by inhibiting P21 and P27 expression.

    abstract::Apigenin is a plant flavonoid that is thought to play a role in the prevention of carcinogenesis. However, its mechanism of action has not yet been elucidated. Because of the importance of angiogenesis in tumor growth, we investigated the effect of apigenin on endothelial and smooth-muscle cells in an in vitro model. ...

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  • Increased levels of 5-fluorouracil-induced DNA lesions in Bloom's syndrome.

    abstract::In Bloom's syndrome (BS) the regulation of uracil-DNA glycosylase, an enzyme involved in the repair of DNA containing 5-FU, is altered. 5-FU induces higher levels of DNA fragmentation in BS cells than in non-BS cells. The increase in DNA fragmentation is connected to the cytotoxic mechanism where 5-FU is incorporated ...

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  • Evidence of involvement of CD44 in endothelial cell proliferation, migration and angiogenesis in vitro.

    abstract::Angiogenesis is essential for tumor growth and metastasis. In the process of angiogenesis, the interaction between adhesive proteins of endothelial cells and extracellular matrix components plays an important role by mediating cell attachment, which is indispensable for their motility, and by transmitting the regulato...

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    更新日期:1996-05-29 00:00:00

  • An immunoregulatory factor associated with spleen cells from tumor-bearing animals. I. Effect on tumor growth and antibody production.

    abstract::An immunopotentiating factor associated with spleen cells of C57BL/6J mice bearing the 3LL tumor is described. Supernatants of cultured spleen cells from tumor-bearing mice (TBM) augmented the generation of both 19S and 7S antibody-producing cells, when injected with sheep erythrocytes into syngeneic C57BL/6J mice. Th...

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  • Diosgenin targets Akt-mediated prosurvival signaling in human breast cancer cells.

    abstract::In recent years, Akt signaling has gained recognition for its functional role in more aggressive, therapy-resistant malignancies. As it is frequently constitutively active in cancer cells, several drugs are being investigated for their ability to inhibit Akt signaling. The purpose of this study is to determine effect ...

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  • Mapping and analysis of HPV16 integration sites in a head and neck cancer cell line.

    abstract::Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a circular double-stranded DNA virus implicated in at least 90% of cervical and anogenital cancers and has been observed in approximately 20% of squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (SCCHN). Transcription of the viral oncogenes E6 and E7 is regulated by expression of the E2 prote...

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