Phosphatidylserine exposure is required for ADAM17 sheddase function.


:ADAM17, a prominent member of the 'Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase' (ADAM) family, controls vital cellular functions through cleavage of transmembrane substrates. Here we present evidence that surface exposure of phosphatidylserine (PS) is pivotal for ADAM17 to exert sheddase activity. PS exposure is tightly coupled to substrate shedding provoked by diverse ADAM17 activators. PS dependency is demonstrated in the following: (a) in Raji cells undergoing apoptosis; (b) in mutant PSA-3 cells with manipulatable PS content; and (c) in Scott syndrome lymphocytes genetically defunct in their capacity to externalize PS in response to intracellular Ca(2+) elevation. Soluble phosphorylserine but not phosphorylcholine inhibits substrate cleavage. The isolated membrane proximal domain (MPD) of ADAM17 binds to PS but not to phosphatidylcholine liposomes. A cationic PS-binding motif is identified in this domain, replacement of which abrogates liposome-binding and renders the protease incapable of cleaving its substrates in cells. We speculate that surface-exposed PS directs the protease to its targets where it then executes its shedding function.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Sommer A,Kordowski F,Büch J,Maretzky T,Evers A,Andrä J,Düsterhöft S,Michalek M,Lorenzen I,Somasundaram P,Tholey A,Sönnichsen FD,Kunzelmann K,Heinbockel L,Nehls C,Gutsmann T,Grötzinger J,Bhakdi S,Reiss K




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    abstract::Although the chemistry of uranium-ligand multiple bonding is burgeoning, analogous complexes involving other actinides such as thorium remain rare and there are not yet any terminal thorium nitrides outside of cryogenic matrix isolation conditions. Here, we report evidence that reduction of a thorium-azide produces a ...

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  • Origin of pressure-induced crystallization of Ce75Al25 metallic glass.

    abstract::Phase transitions in amorphous alloys under pressure are an important fundamental problem. Here we report on a first-principles study that reproduces the recently discovered pressure-induced crystallization of amorphous Ce100-xAlx (x<25) alloys and reveals an atomistic transformation mechanism. Contrary to common beli...

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  • HIV envelope V3 region mimic embodies key features of a broadly neutralizing antibody lineage epitope.

    abstract::HIV-1 envelope (Env) mimetics are candidate components of prophylactic vaccines and potential therapeutics. Here we use a synthetic V3-glycopeptide ("Man9-V3") for structural studies of an HIV Env third variable loop (V3)-glycan directed, broadly neutralizing antibody (bnAb) lineage ("DH270"), to visualize the epitope...

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  • Alkaline earth metal vanadates as sodium-ion battery anodes.

    abstract::The abundance of sodium resources indicates the potential of sodium-ion batteries as emerging energy storage devices. However, the practical application of sodium-ion batteries is hindered by the limited electrochemical performance of electrode materials, especially at the anode side. Here, we identify alkaline earth ...

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  • Multiplexed imaging of nucleome architectures in single cells of mammalian tissue.

    abstract::The three-dimensional architecture of the genome affects genomic functions. Multiple genome architectures at different length scales, including chromatin loops, domains, compartments, and lamina- and nucleolus-associated regions, have been discovered. However, how these structures are arranged in the same cell and how...

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  • Asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of heterocycles via Rhodium-catalysed allylic arylation of racemates.

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